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Making the Most of Your Macau Mini-Break

So you’ve made up your mind and you’re heading to Macau? We’re lucky enough to be slowly making our way around Asia and, whilst we’ve stayed in some truly beautiful spots, our dream holiday destination is still Macau.

We’ve spent plenty of time in this little paradise and want to share our secrets with everyone. Even if you’ve got just a small trip booked, a couple of nights in Macau is more than enough to fall in love. Read on to find out our favourite spots in Macau, from people watching to poolside lounging, it’s all here. Read here Macau travel tips, Macau tourist sim card, how to get fromMacau airport to city center and Macau itinerary!

Stay at Grand Coloane Macau

If you’re a lover of the resort holiday then the Grand Coloane is the place for you. Most hotels in Macau are just that, hotels, but the Grand Coloane is arguably the only true resort experience in Macau. This beautiful building is a piece of the heritage of Coloane Island.

Treat yourself to a room overlooking either the South China Sea or the 150 acres of lush gardens, either way you’ll fall in love with the views. Better still, the resort is only 10 minutes from the Cotai Strip; so if all that relaxation gets a little bit too much, you can be right in the thick of it in a matter of minutes. The food here is good and there’s plenty of choice, from Cantonese delicacies at the Kwun Hoi Heen restaurant to something a little more international at the Panorama Cafe. However, we have a couple of food spots that you really should try coming up, so don’t fill up too much before you leave the resort!

Visit the Ruins of Saint Pauls

Whilst many tourists like to stay away from the ‘tourist traps’, there are some that are too good to miss and The Ruins of St. Paul’s is one of them. One of the most famous tourist spots in Macau, this grand facade (also known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik) is right next to the Macau Museum. Its location means that once you’ve finished marveling at the remains of this magnificent church, you can pop into the museum or Mount Fortress and continue your day of sightseeing.

The ruin itself is a recognized heritage site and although much of it was burnt down over the course of not just one, but three fires, it’s not difficult to imagine the previous grandeur of this church.

Eat Egg Tarts

Photo by Matt Spurr, Attribution CC BY 2.0

Macau was originally colonized by the Portuguese and as such, much of their influence is still visible in the cuisine. Perhaps the most quintessential snack to try whilst you’re in Macau is the Egg Custard Tart.

It’s hotly disputed just which bakery does the best tart in Macau, but Koi Kei Bakery is the king in our opinion. Expect a long queue when you arrive, but you will be surprised at how quickly it moves. The nice thing about this is that everyone gets to enjoy their tarts hot out of the oven, which is how they’re at their best. The pastry should be crisp and flaky on the bottom, with a slightly runny texture to the custard on the top. The tarts from Koi Kei are beautifully caramelized on the surface, giving a slight bite that, to at least, puts them ahead of the competition. 

Eat Bak Kwa at Senado Square

Bak Kwa is a more unusual treat than Egg Tarts that has quite the polarizing reputation. You will either love it or absolutely hate it! This snack is a smoky, sweet and salty pork jerky, with a crisp but fatty texture. It is definitely not a health food, but grabbing a couple of pieces to eat is a must do whilst you’re visiting.

A good place to find it is at Senado Square, where there are many street vendors. Once you’ve got your bak kwa, sit back and take in the surroundings at this grand square. The square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the architecture here is very beautiful. Of course, being the senate square, it is bustling with city life, so there’s something for the people watchers too.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!