Budget Travel Taiwan: How Much do you need per day

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Taiwan is located in Eastern Asia, off the Southeast coast of China. There are many Taiwan tourist spots, beautiful tourist attractions, festivals to enjoy all year round and Taiwan has the best friendly people, too. Today we will write about budget travel Taiwan and how much do you need per day on your trip. Taiwan is a budget-friendly trip and also great country to take pictures in Taiwan!

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Taiwan isn’t a popular destination like Thailand and the Philippines. However those who visit Taiwan can have fun from the beautiful architecture, to unexplored beaches and awesome national parks.

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Best time to visit in Taiwan

There are 4 seasons in Taiwan. We believe that the best time to visit Taiwan is Spring and Autum.

Spring and Autumn: It’s warm during the day and little bit cold at night. It’s not suually rainy that’s why can be great choice for visiting Taiwan.

Summer and Winter: In Summer the weather is hot and humid and there are occasional thunderstorms and typhoons. In Winter is little bit cold the weather especially in the North of the country.

Travel Tip: Be careful with Chinese New Year since Taiwan is a popular destination for Chinese. It can be crowded and difficult to get accommodation. Make sure you book your accommodation in advance. Prices will be higher since is peak season.

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Is it Safe/Difficult to travel in Taiwan

Traveling to Taiwan is very safe, so that’s not a problem! Make sure you keep your belongings on your guard  when traveling in crowded spaces.

It’s not difficult traveling in Taiwan since a few people can speak English and they are so friendly. Just in case you can’t read any sign or you need any help. Most of the touristic places have signs translated to English.

Visa in Taiwan

First time traveling Taiwan, make sure that you don’t have any visa concerns. If you are from the US or from Europe, don’t forget that you need to have a passport with at least 6 months before expiry. For traveling Taiwan, you are eligible for 90 days visit, visa free.

Taiwan is a free visa country for Filipinos until 31th of July 2020. It’s been renovated every year lately. You can get 14 Days free Visa. You have to show your flight out ticket and book your accommodation before the trip.

Currency and ATM in Taiwan

The official currency of Taiwan is the Taiwanese Dollar 1 USD= 31 (TWD). If you are bringing cash, I recommend that you exchange only a small amount in the airport. You will find better rates in the banks, once you get to the city.

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Internet and Wifi Connection in Taiwan

Wifi is everywhere you should be able to connect everywhere: in 7-Eleven convenience stores, in the bus or train station or even in museums. You just need to buy a Taiwanese SIM Card. You can get a SIM Card in Taiwan for $10-12 USD with unlimited internet connection for 10 days. And you can add load in 7-Eleven that you can find everywhere. Read here best Taiwan tourist sim card.

Almost all the hotels, hostels and Airbnb will provide free Wifi. Also you can find internet connection in coffee shops just in case you have to catch up with work online. For the adapter will be fine for you if you are coming from United States or Canada.

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Food Budget Travel Taiwan

Budget travel in Taiwan

For food budget travel in Taiwan we have to say that’s affordable. You can get meals in popular night market in every city. You can spend $4-5 USD per person trying different choices like tofu, dumplings, oyster omelette and tasty soups. Milk tea si the most popular in Taiwan and it costs $2 USD. For decent meals expect to pay $7-10 USD per person in a restaurant. Apart from Milk Tea smelly tofu is a popular meal to try in Taiwan.

You can always get meals and snacks in 7-Eleven that you can find everywhere. It costs $2-3 USD and you will not have to be worried of cooking!

Accommodation Budget Travel Taiwan

Budget travel in Taiwan, How to get to Tainan by Bus and Train, Budget Travel Taiwan

A lot of budget option is available for accommodation in Taiwan. Where you can sleep in a dorm room or a room from $15-25 USD while you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as $40-60 USD. There are so many to choose from depending on what type and how luxurious you want your stay to be starting from $100 USD.

If you are traveling in Taiwan outside the peak season prices will be much cheaper. Places like Taipei will be the most expensive and you will find great deals in not so touristic cities.  There are AirBnB options in Taiwan where you can have a budget accommodation and a local experience at the same time.

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Tour/Entrance Fees in Taiwan

Budget Travel Taiwan, Budget travel in Taiwan, Jiufen Old Street. how to get to Jiufen, Pingxi Old Street

There are many places for hiking in Taiwan free of charge. There are tourist spots in Taiwan that you can’t miss like 101 in Taipei costs $20 USD. Click here to book online your ticket for Taipei 101 Observatory with Klook. Also Taroko National Park is free of charge you just need to many your transportation. You can rent a motorbike to go around. Most of the temples are free in Taiwan. You will have to pay around $3-5 USD for entrance tickets in museums in Kaohsiung and Taipei.

If you go to Alishan the entrance to the park is $5 USD per person. Click here if you want to book a day tour from Taichung with Klook!

Local Transportation in Taiwan

For transportation in the cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung you can move around by metro and bus. Prices are affordable $1-2 USD for a ride. You can get tickets for a few days to get a great discount in Taipei. If you get taxis or Uber prices are expensive.

To move around the country if you go on a budget there are local trains moving around the country. And also buses are affordable to move around Taiwan. You can pay around $15 USD one way Taipei- Hualien, Taipei Taichung $17 USD.

There are also high speed trains to move around the country and prices are around $30-40 USD. It’s so comfortable and you will get to your destination in a couple of hours.

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Budget Travel Taiwan per day

If you want to know how much budget travel Taiwan per day you need. Let’s say for a room for two people you can get a good deal $15-25 USD in Taipei is always more expensive than the other places.

For food you can get meals $4-5 USD in local restaurants and same price at night market per person. In transportation you can spend around $15-20 USD per person for a local train ticket or bus. Double price if you decide to travel in a high speed train.

For activities the most expensive will be Taipei if you visit Museums and 101 which entrance fee is $20 USD. Taroko National Park will be free of charge. You have to rent a motorbike $10-12 USD good enough for two people plus petrol to move around the park. Coffee, milk tea and beers are affordable $2-3 USD.

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Hope you liked our budget travel Taiwan guide. Let us know in the comments below if we are missing something or you would like us writing about other travel guides in the blog.

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