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AirBnB Coupon Code – Get Free $40 USD Discount

Do you have an idea how we save a lot from our accommodation expenses on our travels? Sure, there’s plenty of ways we’re able to save like partnering with hotels, sleeping in our local friends’ places, and even staying in airports or in 24/7 cafés! But, one thing that helps us save the most from accommodation expenses is using AirBnB through the AirBnB coupon code.

AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Hosted by: Ruben (not Ruben of Gamintraveler, haha!)

You see, every time someone uses our AirBnB Coupon Code, it helps us save money and it will give you a discount on your first AirBnB booking too! In this blog post, let’s talk about what is an AirBnB Coupon Code and where you can use it for your travels.

What is AirBNB?

AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Hosted by: Eva

If you’re new from using online booking sites like Agoda and Booking, it would be helpful to have an idea of what AirBnB is too. In a nutshell, it’s an online booking website where you can book your accommodation anywhere in the world. The variety of places you can stay at is wide! From small rooms, lofts, whole apartments, villas, tree houses, and resorts, you can find them in AirBnB. The choices are countless! You can find many places to stay at depending on your budget and preferences. It ranges from super cheap rooms to luxurious houses, to the most unique ones you couldn’t find anywhere but AirBnB!

AirBnB Coupon Code: Basic Info You Need to Know

AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Photo from AirBnB (【SUASANA】Kobe Suite by RentRadise〖City Square〗, Singapore)
Hosted by: Bryce

What is AirBnB Coupon Code

To help their customers save a lot from their travels, AirBnB gives any person the chance to refer a friend and both parties can save. In our case, you can use our link by clicking this! It will give you a €35 discount on your FIRST booking with AirBnB. There’s no limit as to how many can use our AirBnB coupon code, so sign up now using our link to save money on your first booking! 🙂 

Also don’t forget to share with your friends and family! If your family members will not use an account sign up them with the link and you will get a pretty sweet discount in your next trip 🙂

Where to use AirBnB Coupon Code

Basically, you can use our AirBnB Coupon Code anywhere in the world, as long as there’s a listing in that country. Don’t worry because almost all cities already have listings in AirBnB, meaning you won’t have a hard time looking for a place to stay, especially for cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, and most especially in expensive European countries such as France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and many more! The accommodation in those places is in wide variety, so it won’t be difficult to find one for your stay.

How to use Gamintraveler AirBnB Coupon Code

Like what we said, readers who use our AirBnB coupon code will help us save money for our accommodation expenses and it also helps us to fulfill our dreams of traveling the world and sharing it with you guys. 🙂 Using our AirBnB coupon code is easy! Just click this link and it will lead you to a page like this.

Then, you have to sign up using an unregistered email address so you can be qualified for a €35 discount on your FIRST booking with AirBnB. Easy right? If you already have an existing AirBnB account, make sure that you have logged out first before clicking our referral link. Register with a new email address so you can avail the discount. 🙂

Benefits of using AirBnB (that you should experience too!)

Helps save money

Photo from AirBnB (New & cosy modern 1BR 4pax 1min walk MTR, Hong Kong)
Hosted by: Zoé

AirBnB is one of the few ways you can book cheap places to stay whenever you travel, and it helps us a lot too! Aside from the AirBnB credits we earn from every successful referral, we also save a lot of money from booking our accommodation here instead of booking our stay in luxury hotels.

The units here are affordable, and you can always negotiate with the host. It’s indeed one of the top choices a backpacker like us should not forget. That’s why we also shared with you how the AirBnB coupon code helps us, so it can help you too! 🙂


AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Photo from AirBnB (AMAZING LOFT NEAR PARIS OPERA 4/5 P, Paris)
Hosted by: Patricia

Unlike in a shared accommodation, the rooms you can book in AirBnB will give you much privacy and more time for work while living in a local area. It’s like the private version of Couchsurfing where you live with the hosts and you can’t really have the privacy that you need.

Also, it’s a good choice if you’re traveling with a group. You can rent a whole house or a unit with a lot of rooms so you can all have privacy.

Best local experience

In our opinion, staying in an AirBnB is always a great idea to stay in contact with locals, because you’ll usually live in a local neighborhood when staying in an AirBnB. You won’t really feel that in a luxury hotels, in our opinion. Since you’ll be engaging with locals, it will be easy to get recommendations from them for places to visit and food to eat. 


For us, staying in an AirBnB is more convenient than staying in a hotel. AirBnB’s are most likely near establishments like stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars. Given that fact, you’ll save not just money for transportation but also time. You can just use that time for other leisure activities or relaxing.

How to save more money with AirBnB

Plan your accommodation 

For every trip, planning is the key to make it hassle-free. One of the most important things to plan for is your accommodation. With AirBnB, you can easily book your stay as long as you have considered the following things:

How many are you in the group? Are you going alone or as a couple? Knowing these things beforehand will help you save a lot of time and money. There are AirBnB’s that you can book that are couple-friendly or group-friendly. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s better to rent a whole house with a few rooms so each of you can have your own privacy.

How much is your budget? Make sure you know how much your budget is for accommodation, food, transportation, and other travel expenses. This will help you pick the best AirBnB for your trip depending on your budget.

What is your preferred AirBnB? Would you prefer a simple, luxury, or a unique one? There’s plenty of AirBnB’s to choose from. It’s very important to READ REVIEWS so you know what to expect.

Where and when do you want to stay exactly? Choose the AirBnB’s that are in the city center so it’s located near establishments. You can also choose the ones that are near your target spots so it would be easier for you to go back and forth or go around. Also, don’t forget to consider how many nights you’ll be staying in the AirBnB. Usually, longer nights mean you can negotiate with the host for a cheaper price.

Cook your own food

Photo from AirBnB (City Center: 1BR Scandinavian Flat with balcony, Manila)
Hosted by: Vonn

As a backpacker, this is an essential tip for budget travelers out there. It will indeed help you save a lot of bucks, compared to buying your food outside or in restaurants where food can be so expensive. Just consider picking an AirBnB with a kitchen that has basic kitchen appliances that you need like stove, pots, fridge, and kettle.

Haggle with the host

AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Photo from AirBnB (Luxurious stone villa in Crete, Greece)
Hosted by: Evangelia

Also, you can haggle or negotiate prices with the host. You can do this by directly contacting the host in AirBnB. There’s a high chance that you can get the price that you want if you are staying at their place for a long period of time. Just be respectful enough and don’t go super low with your rates, haha! You can always choose the most inexpensive ones if you don’t have the budget. 🙂

Don’t forget to use AirBnb Coupon Code!

AirBnB Coupon Code - Get Free $40 USD Discount
Photo from AirBnB (Hector Cave House, Greece)
Hosted by: Giannis

And the last but not the least, don’t forget to use our AirBnB Coupon Code! Just like what we said a few times before, using our AirBnB Coupon Code through this link will give you a €35 discount for your first trip! Just register using a new or unregistered email address, book your accommodation, and you’re good to go!

After using our referral link, did you know that you can also create your very own AirBnB coupon code? You can use your own AirBnB coupon code to refer your family and friends so you can both have discounts and credits for your next trips. Just repeat the steps above and you’ll be enjoying the discounts. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Register now on AirBnB and get your €35 discount! It will help us with our travels so we can share more about our trips with you guys. 🙂

If you have some questions regarding AirBnB, don’t hesitate to send us an email or comment below! Happy travels! 🙂

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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