21 Amazing Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan (Travel Guide)

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This blog post will tell you all the Vigan tourist spots and things to do in Vigan that you can try.  Vigan is a city in the Philippines located in Ilocos Sur. It’s known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture.

And because of its beauty and its well-preserved Spanish-era streets, Vigan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vigan is one of the oldest towns in the Philippines, so if you go there, you will experience the ancient feels of the city. You can not just enjoy the view, but Vigan can also make your tummy happy with the delicacies they have!

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How to get to Vigan

Getting to Vigan by plane from Manila

If you are getting to Vigan via plane, you can book a flight from Manila to Laoag thru Cebu Pacific. After arriving in Laoag, you can take a bus with Laoag-Vigan route or buses heading to Manila then drop off at Vigan. This trip will take about 2 hours and will cost 100 PHP.

Getting to Vigan by bus from Manila

If you are getting to Vigan from Manila by bus. There are buses that are en-route directly to Vigan like Viron, Ancieto and Partas bus. The ride will take at least 8 hours on the road and will costs around 700 PHP. This is perfect if you want to enjoy the sight seeing on the way to Vigan.

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Getting to Vigan by bus from Clark

If you are getting to Vigan from Clark Pampanga, you can ride the shuttle or jeepney going to Dau Integrated Bus Terminal. Look for a bus going to Vigan or Laoag. Travel time can take up to 8-9 hours depending on the traffic. From Dau to Vigan there are Parta buses going there and it costs 600 PHP one way.

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Getting to Vigan by bus from Baguio

If you are getting to Vigan from Baguio, the trip will take 3-4 hours. You can take a bus going to Laoag and drop off at Vigan along the way. Fare is about 400 PHP one way. Read here how to get from Baguio to Vigan.

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Transportation around Vigan

The main transportation around Vigan is tricycle. There’s also a calesa, or a carriage that will be pulled by a horse. You can ride a calesa while exploring and sight seeing around Vigan. Prices for an hour around Vigan can be 200-300 PHP and it can fit until 4 people maximum. There are jeepneys vans or buses for longer distances.

Vigan isn’t a big city and you can go walking to most of the places.

ATM’s in Vigan

There are a number of ATM Machines in Vigan, but most are in the town area. There are different banks as well. There are also hotels that has ATM machines nearby the vicinity but it is still advisable to always bring cash for emergencies. There are also exchange offices if you are bringing cash.

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Internet and Wifi connection in Vigan

Hotels and other establishments in Vigan offers free wifi for guests and tourists. The internet in Vigan used to be pretty slow, but recently it become pretty reliable but can still experience slowness at times. Luckily the connection improved and you can get LTE with Globe and Smart around Vigan.

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Best time to visit Vigan

Vigan enjoys two kinds of seasons, the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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Daily budget to visit Vigan

For budget or DIY travelers, you’ll surely choose cheaper options especially when it comes to accommodation. before, Vigan used to be expensive to go to, but since the place began one of the best destination for travelers, foreign or local, DIY or budget travel is now very possible. Including accommodation, food, transportation and some entrance fees on the side, you can go around Vigan for a day for 1500 PHP or even less!

With 1500 PHP can be a good budget with food, transportation and accommodation plus entrance fees to some spots since msot of them are with donation or free of charge. You can go for local food for 50-70 PHP in local carenderias and around 150 PHP in local restaurants in Vigan where you will find Filipino and Western food.

For accommodation a budget room would cost minimum 1000 PHP ($20 USD) and you can go up to 5000 PHP. There are Airbnb options starting from $15-25.

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Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan

If you want to explore Vigan and its charming colonial beauty, there are a lot things to do in Vigan. You can either book a tour package but of course, a DIY trip is also possible! Here are the activities and things you can try to do while you are in the beautiful place of Vigan.

1. Explore Plaza Salcedo (Vigan Plaza)

Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan, Vigan Plaza, Plaza Salcedo

The first in the list of Vigan tourist spots is Plaza Salcedo. The Main Plaza is Vigan is the first thing that we saw. It’s really beautiful for waking around. Next to Vigan Plaza you will find a few places to eat street food and restaurants around.

2. Saint Paul Cathedral (Vigan Cathedral)

Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan, Vigan Cathedral

Vigan Cathedral is also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle. Vigan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral and it’s located closed to Crisologo Street and Plaza Burgos.

3. Plaza Salcedo​ Fountain Show

Dancing Fountain Show at Plaza Salcedo​,  Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan
Image from Flickr

Dancing Fountain Show at Plaza Salcedo​ at 7 pm during weekdays and during the weekends there is a second show qt 8 30 pm. It;s so beautiful and is one of the Vigan tourist spots that you can’t skip.

4. Visit Syquia Mansion

Syquia Mansion, Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan
Image courtesy of perry aragon

The Syquia Mansion is a Majestic, 19th-century stone mansion that features grand, opulent rooms, period furnishings & art. The Syquia Mansion tour is free, but a donation may be given to the caretaker.

5. Visit Father Jose Burgos’ House

Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan, Father Burgos House
Image from Flickr

Padre Burgos House or also called National Museum, is  the ancestral house and birthplace of priest patriot Fr. Jose Burgos. It is one of the notable historic structures of Vigan, the capital of the province of Ilocos Sur. It is a two-story structure located near the Provincial Capitol and close to St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

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6. Explore Crisologo Street

Crisologo street, Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan

Calle Crisologo dominates the Mestizo district, with its cobblestone streets, malecón, horse-drawn carriages and rustic mansions, you will surely feel like you’ve been transferred to a different place, rather, to a different time!

Full of souvenirs and picturesque everywhere, you feel like walking around old towns in Spain. You can’t miss in the list of Vigan tourist spots.

7. Visit Crisologo Museum

Crisologo Museum, Vigan tourist spots, Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan
Image from Flickr

This Museum is the house of the late former politician Floro S. Crisologo. It is now turned into a museum with memorabilia & furniture. The Crisologo Museum is found along De Los Reyes Street in Vigan. 

8. Visit Baluarte Chavit Singson

Things to do in Vigan, Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan
Image from Flickr

Baluarte Chavit Singson or Baluarte Zoo is a zoological park in Vigan, Ilocos Sur Philippines that is owned by Chavit Singson Baluarte is just ten minute drive from Vigan City. It features a number of live animals like ostrich, tigers, lions, ducks, camels, kangaroos, and deers among others that lives peacefully at the zoo.

There is also a butterfly garden and a gallery which showcases the owner’s collection from his trip to Safari. There is no entrance fee. Operating hours is 6AM to 6PM.

9. Cruise Mestizo River

Mestizo River,
Image from the Ylocos Heritage

Mestizo River is a stream and is located in Province of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos, Philippines. Mestizo River has so much importance in history in Vigan. It was used to transport goods in the old times.

10. Experience Pagburnayan

Things to do in Vigan
Image courtesy of ome_one

Pagburnayan Jar Making is also a well know activity that most tourists that visits Vigan wants to experience. It is located in Brgy. Pagburnayan in Vigan. Pagburnayan is a place where they used the old and authentic methods in pottery.

The root word “burnay” is an earthenware jar crafted by potter’s hands with the aid of a potter’s wheel. It uses fine sand (anay) as a tempering material and fired at a high temperature in a huge brick-and-clay ground kiln that make it is harder and more durable than other terra cotta.

11. Abel Weaving

Abel Weavers

The Abel is the traditional woven used in Vigan. The Abel cloth is strong and colorful. Abel is made from yarns of cotton or sagut from the North Luzon where they are growing of this plant.

12. Ride a Calesa

things to do in vigan, transportation around Vigan, calesa in Vigan

Experience riding the colonial era’s way of transportation! Kalesa is a horse-drawn carriage used during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines.  Up to this day, Kalesas can be seen anywhere in Vigan City and it’s one of the must experience activity while you are there. You can ride it for 200-300 PHP for an hour to move around these Vigan tourist spots.

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13. Visit Bantay Bell Tower

Things to do in Vigan, Bantay Bell Tower
Image courtesy of Howard Koons

The Saint Augustine Parish Church, commonly known as Bantay Church, is a Roman Catholic church in Bantay, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. The church was dedicated to St. Augustine of Hippo. It is also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity. Bantay Bell Tower is one of Vigan’s most iconic structure. Built in 1951, you can see the panoramic view of Vigan in this historical tower.

Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan (Outside the City)

14. Mindoro Beach

Mindoro Beach
Images from Blank Itineraries

This beach is located in Barangay Mindoro, located five kilometers east of the town center. The beach, which faces the West Philippine Sea, has dark but fine sands. It’s also one of the favorite places to go to by the the tourists because like most places on the Philippines in west coast, it offers a beautiful view of the sunset.

There are cottages where guests can chill and rest. One of the features that grabs the attention of the people visiting is the concrete breakwaters that looked like giant jackstones.

15. Visit the Twin Bridge

Twin Bridge
Image from Tuppangala

Twin Bridge Quirino Bridge and Banaoang Bridge are located 15 kilometers far from Vigan crossing along the Abra River. Nowdays are only one of the Vigan tourist spots but it’s not used since it was damaged with the typhoon.

If you like adventure you can try the zip line in Vigan for 300 PHP one way. And there are also kayaks and you can climb and do rappeling.

Vigan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Vigan Food to Try in Vigan

16. Try Longaniza

things to do in Vigan, things to do in Pagudpud, food to try in Pagudpud, where to eat in Pagudpud, evangeline beach resort

Vigan longanisa is an Ilocano sausage delicacy with plenty of garlic and spices in the mixture.

This longganisa is distinct from other native longganisa version because it is small and plump, it is not sweet unlike how the more popular longganisa tastes like. Instead, The way to describe its taste is, it is spicy, salty, tangy and garlicky. You can see longaniza everywhere as street food, in local carinderias and restaurants in Vigan.

17. Try Empanada

The Vigan empanada is much in keeping with the Vigan people’s love for vegetables in their cuisine. It is similar to a thin taco that is fried to a crisp, with vegetable and meat filling. Rice flour is used for making the crust or the shell. The galapong or rice flour dough is made a day before it is used so it is a must taste if you are in Vigan. Empanadas with meat and vegetables you can find them everywhere. For 35 PHP as street food you can taste a good ones!


sinanglao, Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan

Sinanglao is beef or carabao innards boiled in beef soup stock. The seller would then slice the innards and coagulated blood in your bowl and pour the boiling stock flavored with vinegar and kamias on it. You then add leaks and onion rings, according to your taste. The best energy for visiting all the Vigan tourist spots.

19. Cafe Leona

Cafe Leona, Vigan tourist spots, things to do in Vigan

Cafe Leona is a good place to have dinner. We liked it the pizza. They offer different cuisines with Western food and also local choices. The price was affordable. One of the Vigan tourist spots that you can find around Crisologo.


Things to do in Vigan, Bagnet
Image courtesy of Anthony SP

Bagnet is the double-fried crispy pork specialty of Ilocos. It’s a cross between chicharon and lechon kawali where the lean meat is crispy but not dry and the pork skin is fried to a crisp. You’ll taste the natural taste oh so yummy taste of the pork!


Things to do in Vigan, Tinubong
Image courtesy of [email protected]

Tinubong is another unique kakanin of the Ilocanos. They usually come from Magsingal a town up north of Vigan. Tinubong is made up of ground glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar with strips of young coconut meats sealed in bamboo tubes. Tinubong is a rice cake of sorts in Ilocos where sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk inside bamboos.

Where to stay in Vigan

From modern to colonial era style hotels to budget friendly and luxury hotels, Vigan has it all for you! You can splurge on the most luxurious stay or do a DIY and be on the budget side. No matter what you choose, Vigan will still ne enjoyable, for sure.

Hotel Felicidad

Set in a restored, colonial heritage house, Hotel Felicidad offer Spanish-inspired architecture and air-conditioned rooms and suites with free WiFi. Located in Vigan, the hotel has a 24-hour front desk. Each soundproofed room and suite features a flat-screen cable TV and safe. A seating area, dining table and private bathroom with shower and free toiletries are included.

Other facilities include a tour desk, airport and shuttle services at a surcharge. Free parking is also available. Hotel Felicidad Restaurant serves both local and international cuisine. Room price starts at 3000 PHP a night.

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Bermudez Transient Rooms

Bermudez Transient Rooms in Vigan is located in Vigan, within 1.8 km of Calle Crisologo. With free WiFi and private parking are available on site. The private bathroom is equipped with a shower. An Asian breakfast is available every morning at the guesthouse. Room starts at 1000 PHP a night.

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Paradores de Vigan

Located in Vigan, Paradores de Vigan has a fitness center. The rooms has air conditioning, a microwave, a fridge, a electric tea pot, a shower, free toiletries and a desk. Featuring a private bathroom, rooms at the hotel also have free WiFi, while some rooms also feature a balcony.

All guest rooms in Paradores de Vigan are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a hair dryer. An Asian breakfast is served at the property. Room starts at 4999 PHP a night.

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Balay Kahel

A garden and a terrace, as well as a shared lounge are offered in-house at Balay Kahel, which is located in Vigan, just one kilometer away from Bantay Bell Tower. The apartment is in an area where guests can engage in activities such as fishing and darts.

This air-conditioned apartment comes with 1 bedroom, a flat-screen TV, and a kitchen. There’s a bathroom with a bath, a bidet and free toiletries. A car rental service is available at the apartment. One night can costs 1400 PHP.

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Festivals in Vigan

Viva Vigan Festival

The Viva Vigan Festival of Arts is held during the first week of May. It includes dancing and music; and the highlight is the religious celebration on May 3 (Tres de Mayo), which starts with a Mass at Vigan’s cemetery chapel and continues with dancing in Crisologo Street and a kalesa parade.

Vigan Town Fiesta

Vigan Town Fiesta is a week-long celebration consisting of carnivals, parades, musical extravaganzas, beauty contests and nightly cultural shows. It culminates on January 25 with the celebration of the conversion of St Paul the Apostle, the town’s patron saint.

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Hope it’s useful all the things to do in Vigan that we put together in our Vigan travel guide. Are we missing Vigan tourist spots or do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below

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