Sohoton Cove National Park in Siargao Island

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Siargao Island is amazing and there are many things to do, and we will tell you about our island hopping in Sohoton Cove National Park, and how to get to Sohoton Cove which was the most difficult part for us. Since it’s far from General Luna prices are expensive and if you want to go on your own is lttel bit complicated. Read here 7 Days Siargao itinerary!

Read here best beaches in Siargao! Sohoton Cave National Park was one of our last activities in Siargao Island. And we didn’t have enough time to go on our own, that’s why we chose to join an organized Island hopping from General Luna, that time around.

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How to get to Sohoton Cove organized tour

The easiest option is joined to an organized tour from General Luna. It costs 1800 PHP for locals and 2000 PHP for foreigners as it includes lunch and the fees. We were traveling with a 6 years old kid and he didn’t pay anything for the tour 🙂 Sohoton Cove tour includes the classic island hopping in Siargao is Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island.

The tour’s departure time was at 7 am from General Luna port and it takes 2 hours to get to the first stop  Sohoton Cove. The journey was not that tough and we were able to get there easily since the waves were calm . Once you are in Sohoton Cove, we first took a small tour with boatmen around the jellyfish sanctuary for about 20 minutes. We didn’t see any jellyfish. However, it was cool going around the area. And you can go down and do snorkeling but we were in a tight schedule.

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How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island

After this we took a motor boat going to different caves. They provide you a guide and a helmet. The caves aren’t big and it’s crowded but it looks cool to take underwater shots and admire the caves. One of the caves finish with a high jump into the water.

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island

Once you are done with the small tours they will provide an amazing lunch. They were in a hurry due to the busy schedule. For our included lunch pork, shrimps, fish, rice and great fruits like mango, banana and pineapple, awesome as always you have a island hopping tour in the Philippines. Before lunch we flew our drone and we took amazing shots of Sohoton Cove, the water is so clear.

After lunch you go back to the other islands Naked, Daku and Guyam in a 2 hour trip which is so wavy and not very comfortable.

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Naked Beach

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Naked Beach

First stop after 2 hours journey was Naked Island for 30 minutes. It’s so beautiful and it’s called Naked Island because there is nothing around the whole island but the fine sand, not because you have to go naked ha! It’s a perfect palace to take pictures and swimming. It’s the most beautiful of the three islands near General Luna.

Second stop is Daku Island for other 30 minutes where you can swim, walk around, there are tables if you want to eat or drink something too.

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Daku Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Daku Island

Last stop of the say was Guyam Island for 45 minutes and we left just before sunset since the tour was finished 5 pm.

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Guyam Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Guyam Island

How to get to Sohoton Cove, Siargao Island, Guyam Island

For 2000 PHP you have your lunch included and you can see 4 of the best tourist spots in Siargao. It’s a decent price but we will tell you the steps below to do on your own if you want to save a few dollars.

Sohoton Cove National Park on your own

If you want to get to Sohoton Cove National Park on your own is little bit more difficult than the organized tour. But it’s more authentic and you will save a few dollars. First of all  you have to go to Dapa to get a ferry at 7 30 am and it costs 100 PHP each person to get to Socorro. You have to get this ferry to get on time to Sohoton.

Once you are around the area you have to rent a boat and it costs 2000 PHP for maximum 10 people. To the boat you have to add 200 PHP taxes and 100 PHP for docking fees.  As it’s not organized, you have to pay for permits, guides boats which can be around 200 PHP (sharing between all of the passengers) per guide and 20 PHP per entrance in the caves. It’s more complicated but cheaper. You will be able to visit more places than with the organized tour since they are in a tight schedule. Lake Tiktikan, Crystal Cave, Hagukan Cave, Magkukuob Cave are the options that you can visit on your own. You can include Tojoman Lagoon to see the jellyfish the best season is March to May. As we mentioned above we went off season and we didn’t see jellyfish but the place was pretty cool.

From General Luna and Dapa you can negotiate a boat and it costs 3500-4500 PHP maximum 4 people and it will not include lunch, permits, guides. It will be still cheaper than the organized tour.

The problem that you have to sleep around the area in Bucas Grande that’s why we didn’t take it since we wanted to go back to Siargao for sleeping.

So your choices will be an organized tour 1800 PHP for locals and 2000 PHP for foreigners or DIY which can cost half of the price but it will allow you to enjoy Sohoton Cove with more time, and you can also stay overnight in Bucas Grande as there is no ferry to go back to Dapa in the evening. If we had more time, I guess we would chose doing in our own but if you are in a tight schedule in one day you can enjoy 4 different places: Sohoton Cove, Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam.

Where to sleep in Siargao Island?

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