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InLinx: Finally, a Social Media Platform run in your Own Terms

Whether we agree to say it or not, social media is now a big part of our day to day. People everywhere, both young and old, is now widely using social media – whether it’s the way we consume news or how we enjoy our entertainment.

But in exchange of this so-called sharing platforms, do we really have to give up our full control over these sites when it comes to our privacy online? They said when a platform is free, YOU are the product. Is there really something we can do to take some control back on our online and social media conversations to make sure we are only sharing what we consciously agree to share? And to who we share them?

Insert: InLinx. An emerging social media platform, launched in Dublin, that promises to put back social media on your own terms. We are yet to see if this new player in the game will live up to its promises.

Today, we’ll try to get to know the Inlinx platform better. Let’s see what Inlinx is planning to offer the social media space.

What to expect with InLinx in a nutshell

As a first impression, InLinx feels like a hybrid of social media networks. It tries to be something for everybody. Whereas Facebook is mostly used for connecting with friends, family and colleagues, and Linkedin is mostly for professional connections, you can actually enjoy both if not more thru InLinx. Their main differentiator is that you can customize the information you can share to specific groups of people. 

Below are some of the site’s features: 

InLinx is a customised social media network where you are in the driving seat.

First on the list would be the feature wherein you can choose to close or hide any of your family/friends groups or the Chatroom tab with just a simple click. Through the three dedicated tabs, one each for Family, Linx/Public and Chatroom, you can be engaged across all three at any one time by simply switching between the tabs. You also have the option of closing or hiding any of the three tabs, allowing you to spend your time where you like, helping you to balance your time more efficiently. This feature needs a bit of getting used to as it can be confusing which tab to open or to close.

InLinx is socially and culturally acceptable.

Most social media platform that gets banned in different countries and places because of certain reasons. InLinx might be the only social media platform to break the record as it has many customizations. These customizations available could make InLinx be acceptable to different cultures and religions all over the world. One example is that a country might not allow dating website but because InLinx is customizable, that feature can be blocked but the platform itself can still be accessed. If this would be the case, InLinx might really change the game but we will still see it in the long run.

Here are the customization features that InLinx offers:

  1. InLinx lets you create virtual families – Just like your own family, you can be part of several families where you can have full control over which families see what.
  2. InLinx helps you to stay connected with close friends, family and the outside world.
  3. InLinx lets you discover and meet new people through its chatrooms where you just have to enter search for contacts based on gender, age and country.
  4. InLinx use an algorithm that helps businesses to be found on Google search, mostly on the first page. Take advantage of the SEO friendly, free business listing and create a page in under 30 seconds through just a couple of simple clicks.

InLinx introduces the first of its kind – The ‘Treat as’  feature!

‘Treat as’ option allows you to treat friends and family pretty much as you would do in real life. You have the option to treat an individual as either family or Linx. If you choose to treat someone as family, they can only see the posts for the family they belong to. If you decide to treat someone as a Linx, this means that they can see both the family as well as the Linx posts. This is one of the features that Rachel and I liked the most aside from the fact that they can promote businesses for free and put it at the top of google search. This is a customized feature that can benefit most people especially the ones who have a large network online as a friend can be ‘treat as’ family and so on and so forth.

InLinx can get your business page at the top of Google.

Getting your business page listed on the first page of Google can be quite challenging, and Rachel and I know the struggle a little by experience. It is said that their SEO friendly algorithm can help entrepreneurs,  small and medium sized businesses get themselves heard free of charge on Google, often on the first page. And since Rachel and I are doing businesses online, this can greatly help us if this would really work!

You can search for e.g, search for Rami Arts and Crafts or Van Tol-Heraud EIRL as their sample.

InLinx is GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. They take your privacy seriously. InLinx not only lets you select what information your family, Linx/friends and the rest of the world can see, but it even subcategorises the family tab into 4 separate family groups. This means you can choose what information you share with which particular family group or none at all. After all, being secured online is a very important thing to be aware of.

InLinx revived the 90’s chatroom

If you’re like us who are already alive in the 90’s, you’d probably remember how chat-rooms were famous at those times. Although the chat rooms before were very tacky and not easy to the eyes, InLinx put it back in the radar.

Just like in the 90’s, you can join the main chat room or select who you want to chat with by selecting their age, gender and the country in which they live. It can be an ideal way of dating online or making new friends. You can either join the chat-room and engage in conversation using your real profile or if you prefer you can create a nickname – it’s entirely up to you.

InLinx created not one, but multiple timelines.

In other social media websites where there is only one timeline, inLinx permits you to have up to 5 timelines, enabling you to post what you like, where you want. Choose to create and follow all 5 timelines, or just stick with the one – the choice is all yours! 

InLinx also has an app, so you can comfortably use it in your phone or other devices. The app is available for iOS and Android. All you need to do is download the app from Google Play or the App store today.

There you go! If you want to create your account and give it try, you can go to As far as we’ve seen, this platform definitely has some promises it needs to live up to however there is really some good potential in it. Especially with the emerging security and privacy concerns of people using social media online, we can say a platform which really gives people and their control a priority is a need to be filled in. Whether they will live up to its promise, is yet to be seen. And we’re definitely excited, as proponents of social media ourselves. 

Now that you’ve read about InLinx, would you try it? Let us know in the comments below! Keen to hear what you all think about. 


Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!