How to get wifi when traveling the world

Last updated on March 31st, 2021 at 02:25 pm

It’s nice to think that we travel everyday without worrying about anything in the world, but in reality, we do think seriously about a number of things.  How to get wifi when traveling? A life of continuous travel actually requires a lot of serious planning in other areas of your life, and one of that is your work. Rachel and I are lucky to be working online and doing client work, which allows us to travel while we are working.

One hiccup is that even if you move a lot, you’ll have to find wifi everywhere, which, let’s face it, can become a bit of a nuisance especially in a road trip to Algarve. And luckily, after much research, we found out about the Tep Wireless Hotspot.

The Tep Wireless Hotspot is a portable data device which allows you to get internet connection in 100 countries around the world. So far, we have tested the device in Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, Malta and Greece. And it has worked well in all areas we’ve traveled to in these countries. We were actually surprised that all throughout our ferry ride in Malta and Greece we were able to connect to internet and do some work. How’s that for productive?

How to get wifi when traveling

Tep Wireless, wifi traveling the world

How Does Tep Wireless Hotspot work?

As we work full time online, we are in constant need of connecting online. It can be a bit of a challenge if you move to many countries a lot. Changing of sim cards, activating sim cards and getting data credits, or the endless search of coffee shops and other establishments which allow you to connect to the internet for a long time.

With the Tep Wireless Hotspot with you all the time, all these problems are easily gone to get wifi when traveling. You’ll have access to internet in your hands anytime. What you need is just have a day pass available, turn it on, and you’ll get internet for the next 24 hours.

Tep Wireless, wifi traveling the world,  wifi when traveling

The device doesn’t need any simcard. The advantage of having a day pass is that you can control the internet that you have. If you’ll be staying on the road, or mostly outside on a particular day, and will need to be connected online (whether for work, for social media, or just to be available for any emergency messages), you’ll just need to turn on your Tep Wireless, and wala! You’ll be connected for the whole day. On days that you’ll be staying in your hotel or hostel or any host, or if you’re sure to stay in a place where you’ll get hours of internet, then simply just don’t turn on any day pass. You’ll reserve your credits for another day. You can also choose the option or having your own internet while exploring the city if you need this option and when moving around and changing your location during your trip.

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The device password can easily be found in the settings of Tep Wireless. Browse to settings to get the password. You’ll be able to connect to up to 5 devices with unlimited internet connection. Data supports connection of 802.11b/g/n. Connection starts with 4G, and with the use of data is goes down to 3G, successively. But not to worry. Even with the lowest connection, you can get messages and reply to them.

 wifi when traveling

For us, we’ve been using our Tep Wireless to get wifi when traveling in Europe and Southeast Asia. It can connect to up to 5 devices at the same time. 3 phones and 2 laptops. We mainly use it for Instagram and blogging, too.

The battery lasts around 10-12 hours and there are two of them. That means you will be able to get almost 24 hours since you can charge the USB almost everywhere in case you need internet straight 24 hours. Plus, it’s so small that you can carry it with you everywhere, even in your pocket.

How much Tep Wireless Hotspot doest cost?

Tep Wireless, wifi traveling the world, wifi when traveling

The price is €7.95 to get wifi when traveling and it includes truly unlimited internet, which is never cut off, regardless how much you use with unlimited wifi and can connect up to 5 devices. If you use more than 1GB in a day, your connection speed will get slowed to 256kbs. The connection speed will return to normal the next day. Click here, to buy your Tep Wireless Hotspot now. If you add the promo code GAMINTRAVELER you will get 10% discount!

In which countries does the Tep Wireless Hotspot work?

The device works in over 100 countries in the world: The Americas, in Europe, in Asia, countries in South Pacific, countries in Africa. If you want to read the full list of the countries included, click here for more details.

Do we recommend you to get one yourself?

Oh, definitely! And this is not just about advertisement. Having a hotspot like this with you all the time, has solved many of our challenges when traveling. For days that we need to be connected all the time, we don’t have to stop to look for a place, or to get sim cards, meaning we don’t waste our time.

We can focus on the travel itself, whether that day is spent traveling on the road, or enjoying the new location. Also, any downtime you have, whether you’re in a train or bus, driving your own car, you can easily get work done, or get connected online. Less hassle.

All you need to do is make sure you charge properly at night! Tep Wireless Hotspot is definitely a must in your travel gear – make sure you get one for yourself or gift someone who has been bitten by the travel bug!

Happy travels everyone! x

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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