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Tips for Travelling to the Philippines

I know you are planning on travelling to the Philippines one of these fine days. However, do you know about the Philippines? For many people Philippines is one of the best destinations for holidays. This is because of its magnificent islands and beaches that you cannot find anywhere. In addition, the culture of the Philippines is wonderful.

Nevertheless, before travelling to the Philippines you need to know some tips for you to enjoy your travel in the beautiful country. Therefore, in this article you find the best tips you need to know before you travel to Philippines.

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Reserve for a Rental Car Before Arrival

When you are travelling to a new country or city you need to reserve for a rental car before arrival. This is no different for Philippines, when travelling to Philippines you need to rent a car before arrival. This is because cities in the Philippines usually have traffic problems. Hence, renting a car may help you avoid traffic congestions in the cities of Philippines.

If you have challenges reserving for a rental car in the Philippines you can reserve one when you visit easy rent cars to get one. Booking for a rental car will enable you avoid

Change Your Currency to Pesos

Once, you arrive in Philippines ensure you don’t leave the airport without changing your local currency to Philippines pesos. Getting an international bank outside the airport is usually stressful and for your own sake you should ensure you change your currency.

This will benefit you because if you are going to isolated islands you will be able to pay without any stress. In addition, you should check with your hotel to know if they all debit cards. Therefore, if you want a stress-free vacation to the Philippines then prioritize this tip.

You Should Carry Medicine

Being healthy is what everyone deserves, however, you cannot avoid being sick. Hence, when travelling to the Philippines you need to carry your own medication. In addition, this usually happens when you go to a new environment. So, when you are planning on travelling to the Philippines please you need to pack medicines such as pain killers that will help you when you get a headache.

Sit on the Window

Whether you are travelling by plane or road, you need to sit on the window. This will enable you to see the beautiful landscape of the Philippines. In addition, when you are travelling by plane you need to take seat near the window. This is because you will be able to see the clear blue water and the islands clearly.

Tour as Many Islands as Possible

Philippines is made up of more than seven thousand islands. Hence, you need to visit as many islands as you can. This will enable you to see and learn the culture of the Philippines people. I highly recommend you to visit Cebu, an island where you will be a chance to swim with whale sharks.

However, this doesn’t happen every time but if you are lucky you will be able to swim with them. Furthermore, you need to visit El Nido to have a lifetime experience of the most captivating islands and lagoons.

The Weather Condition is Hot

Don’t pack heavy clothes for your stay in the Philippines. This s because the weather condition in the Philippines is hot. And no time in the year the weather is cold. This is because the country is surrounded with islands that have lots of breeze.

In addition, you should have your sunscreen every time even if the sky is covered with clouds. However, if you get skin burns you can get aloe massages in some hotels.

Filipinos Are Welcoming

You don’t need to be worried with the Philippine people. This is because they are welcoming to tourists. Furthermore, I know you are worried about language barrier, however, almost everyone in the Philippines speaks in English.

Hence, you cannot find trouble asking for assistance from the local people. You also need to make friends with Filipinos this is because they are great people apart from being welcoming. However, if get trouble finding some before travelling you need search for some from social media platforms.

During Your Visit Act Civilized

Being civilized is a thing you should consider while visiting Philippines. Don’t be full of humor this is because Filipinos usually take jokes seriously. You might insult a local jokingly but he or she will take it seriously. So, before you depart for your vacation you need to learn to be civilized before you arrive in Philippines.

Poor Internet Connectivity

The internet connectivity in the Philippines is usually challenging to many tourists. This is because network connectivity is poor. However, in towns and cities the internet connectivity is great. Nonetheless, I know you will visit remote areas where internet connectivity is poor. For this reason, you need a portable wireless internet provider.

So, if you are going to the Philippines or you are planning you need to consider the above tips to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

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