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Top 4 Mediterranean Places to Visit

Are you planning to go to Europe this summer? Include the top Mediterranean places to visit in your itinerary now!

There are a lot of countries surrounding the almost-completely-landlocked Mediterranean Sea. These countries enjoy the strategic location and shipping route of the sea, as well as its breathtaking natural wonders.

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Top Mediterranean Places to Visit

1.    Corsica, France

Citadels, clear waters, beautiful forests and sturdy mountains create Corsica. This island is known mostly because of its inviting blue waters. Beaches like Loto Beach, Palombaggia Beach, and Bodri Beach are just some of the gorgeous beaches here. Also, the sand on these beaches are soft that’s why once you’ve stepped on it, there’s no turning back.

Since Corsica is surrounded by stunning landscapes, they have amazing hilltop villages. One example of a town that has lots of hilltop villages is La Balagne. One of the many reasons tourists love Corsica is because of the views from the hilltop villages.

It is best to visit Corsica in September because of a balance in temperature but if you adore the sun so much you could visit from May- June

Mediterranean Places to Visit

( Citadel at Corte, Corsica)

2. Greece

Greece is stuffed with stunning architecture ruins and turquoise beaches. The ruins take you back to the past vividly and going to the museums like Acropolis Museum help bridge imaginations more easily before going to the ancient Acropolis of Athens. If you’re fan of mythology, you’ll surely love Greece.

However, if you fancy the beaches with unbeatable vibes, then you’ll still love Greece. One example is Navagio Beach or the Shipwreck beach, prides itself with clear greenish blue waters and an isolated vibe because of the surrounding high white cliffs. Another example of a beach with party vibes is the Paradise beach, in Mykonos. The party and the people are on the next level!

Mediterranean Places to Visit

(Navagio beach)

3. Turkey

Turkey is an intercontinental country sitting between Europe and Asia that has a rich culture. It may be underappreciated but this country is indeed gifted! From food to architecture and natural landscapes- everything is beautiful!

One example of a place with beautiful landscape is Cappadocia. It’s mostly known because of caves, underground cities and hot air ballooning. Another interesting landscape is Pamukkale, a beautiful rock formation catching spilling hot waters from the hillside.

Mediterranean Places to Visit

4. Sardinia, Italy

Main reason to go in Sardinia is to go beach hunting. The beaches are just unarguably seductive. Spiaggia del Principe, a beach with fine sand and enchanting clear water is one of the beaches you should hunt in Sardinia.

Another beach that is famous is Spiaggia Capriccioli because of it scenic location and blue waters. Sardinia is home of the world’s best beaches not just in Mediterranean Sea. It’s really a must-visit especially if you like movies set in Italy.

Mediterranean Places to Visit

(Sardinia, Italy)

Did you love the top Mediterranean places to visit we listed? Let us know your favorite Mediterranean spots!

Happy travels! x

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!