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Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao, Cebu

Last updated on August 6th, 2022 at 11:36 pm

It’s been a long stay in Cebu, and the three weeks that we spent have been incredible, topped by a very new experience we had with Danasan Eco Adventure Park. If you’re headed to Cebu, and have a day or two to spare outside the city, Danasan Eco Adventure Park is a perfect destination.

How to get to Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Cebu to Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park is located in Danao. It’s only one hour bus ride from Cebu City. You will have to go to Cebu North Bus Terminal and get the bus from Cebu to Danao. The distance from Cebu to Danasan Eco Adventure Park is 60 kilometers.

Once you get to Danao from Cebu. Danasan Eco Adventure Park has a shuttle to pick you up at 9 am and on the way back 5 pm. Prices for the shuttle are 400 PHP per person. The ride last around an hour. Make sure you are on time!

Danasan Eco Park Rates

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park is a very special place. Danasan Eco Park rates provides accommodation for 3-8 people per room. Danasan Eco Adventure Park Rates are starting from 1000 PHP per person. We were able to stay for 2 nights and 3 days in the Eco Park to enjoy all of their day activities.

The place also has their own restaurant where you get served breakfast, lunch or dinner. The sleeping accommodation of Danasan Eco Park is very cozy and cute, very simple but very beautiful.

Danasan Adventure Eco Park is a very huge place and it has a few rooms and many hectares of land.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Activities 

The first activity that we tried was the zipline. Across the property of the park you can do the zip line and it’s very fun and such a beautiful experience because you will be surrounded by still much greenery.

It’s a relaxing thing to do and really fun and if you are not into very adventurous activities. It is actually right in the middle where it’s adrenaline pump but not too much.

Next thing that right after this applying is the words right We ride two horses and had each had one guides each and we were in the horses were very beautiful and well trained after that we also tried the bike in the sky which is very scary at first since we haven’t tried it before but it was actually steppers you for final once you you are really in it the next activity.

Which ride is the swing in the sky with this we actually didn’t try it but surprisingly only our 5 year old kid and this shows how exciting and safety activities we can’t say for sure how fun it is because we were still beta try but our little one is very good sign that is super duper just him because he looks like he had the time of his life there.

danasan eco park, Danao Adventure Park, danasan eco adventure park, danasan eco park ratesNext activity which is visiting the Danasan falls you will write you will ride trailer truck for about 15 to 20 minutes and it’s a very adventurous road where rough road so you have to really hold tight in the truck and take sure that your you’ll be safe but once you there then as a waterfall is a very very beautiful natural waterfalls.

There are a few activities that you can do that there is the tyrol in which is half zip line and then have tyro line there is also rappelling down the waterfalls which is very fun activities if you’re not looking for attention the waterfalls you can also have a swim which is very fun and also the walk to and from the waterfalls is very very beautiful.

Their activities is quad bike ride wish in the whole place has a nice area where you can drive by and have fun.

All we can say is that that is an echo adventure is definitely a great experience one that we highly recommend especially if you want to take a break from the city or just have a different adventure we actually appreciate the place a lot and it felt very special and many times more beautiful than a luxury accommodation in a hotel because when you’re in that as an echo park you’re surrounded by so much nature.

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And there’s just so much activities where you’re around the natural things in your environment and just feels so relaxing and natural and completely off the grid next time you are in cebu and are looking for another type of adventure Danasan Eco Adventure Park is definitely highly recommended.

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