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Fluid + Form Action Camera 4K: A Review

This blog post is about our new acquisition: Fluid + Form Action Camera 4K. We just got the package and the first thing that we did was to plan a small trip to take pictures. Where was the planned place? One of our favorites and one of the closest places from Pampanga– Subic.

We have to say that the price for Fluid + Form Action Camera is very affordable. For travelers, it has been a trend to buy cameras that costs a fortune for taking photos or videos to share with their audience. However, what we received is the best affordable camera so far. Fluid + Form Action Camera 4K costs under $100 USD only which was a real deal for us! We thought that there is no possibility of getting a camera under $100 which you can use as an action camera, underwater camera and the most important thing, an easy to carry camera. Well we thought wrong when we found out about this.


The camera comes with a waterproof case to make shots underwater easily. There are different attachments you can use for the camera that come with the package like Waterproof housing, remote control, 2 batteries, 1 protective case, 1 bicycle mount, 2 straps, 2 adhesive mounts, 1 back clamp, 2 fixed bases, 4 cable ties, and 1 charging cable. What a catch, right?

Let’s talk about the specs of Fluid + Form Action Camera 4K quickly. Yes, just a short list to include here for you guys to see.

– It has a 4K Ultra HD & LCD Screen for easy recording and viewing of photos and videos.

– It has WiFi and iSmart app for easy sharing and transferring of photos and videos.

– It only weighs approximately 64 Grams and is just a few inches wide for an easy to carry camera.

– It has a sleek design that looks like an expensive camera.

Our favorite feature of the camera is it’s easy to use. There is one button in the front for taking a video and if you press it, you can use it for taking pictures. We loved that start using without reading instructions, ha!

We mostly used the camera to take underwater shots and videos. We really liked that you can take quick shots, so you will not miss different pictures swimming under the water.

The battery will not be a problem with this camera since it can stay up to two hours of filming when started with full battery. You can also have an extra battery or a power bank with you to use the camera longer. We enjoyed taking shots with the underwater case in the pool. You can use also for diving since it can take photos and videos up to 30 meters deep.

Well, after writing about the how to use Eagle 4K Camera action, let´s show our shots during our weekend, check them below:

As you can see, this camera is so versatile that it cannot only be used for underwater shots, but also for sunsets and landscapes, which we loved so much!

We were so happy with the shots and videos we have taken using the camera. The combination of its price and quality was really a great deal and we are so excited to show more of our shots in our Instagram and blog! Wait for our shots taken using this magnificent camera in our future trips to Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka and of course, the Philippines.

Overall, we liked this camera so much and as travelers who give so much value to our stuff, we can say that this Fluid + Form Action Camera 4K is a catch! You can definitely say that it is one of the best investments you can make in your journey as a traveler.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked the camera and click here if you want to purchase. And make sure that you check their website for more updates.

Happy travels!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!