Town Tours and Island Hops in Coron, Palawan

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Coron can be considered the quiter sibling of El Nido. El Nido definitely didn’t feel very urban and is still in the super island mode, but the town already has a good no. Of bars and restaurants for all kinds of tastes. Coron on the other hand is much smaller than El Nido, and we would say less no of residents and businesses. That of course doesn’t discount from the island’s beauty. Coron, Palawan definitely has its own magic! Which one you like more El Nido or Coron? It´s a really hard choice, both of them are super beautiful places to visit!

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How to get Coron from El Nido

We didn´t find so much information online before going to El Nido. There are a few options fast and slow boat with different schedules and prices. You can get the slow boat around 1300 PHP and it takes 6-7 hours. And you can get the fast boat around 3 hours for 1700 PHP. Up to you guys a few dollars for beers, smoothies or just paying for your comfort.

From El Nido, we went with Montenegro Shipping Lines which have the fast boats going to Coron. Around 3 hours of boat time to Coron’s port. We chose this option since we didn´t have so much time in Coron. The trip was great even the trip was cancelled they day before because of the storms. We have no problem and we got safe and sound to Coron.

From the port you can ride a tricycle to the town if your hotel is far from the port. We tried to haggle prices a little bit because we know prices are always a little jacked up for tourism purposes. If you’re traveling as a local (and mind you Rachel is), then you might get the lower prices. We were heading to Sophia´s Garden Resort

Town tours and island hops in Coron

It may be was a rating couple of days In Coron, however we had the most amazing time after spending it with the whole crew of Sophia’s Garden resort. We spent 3 nights in the colonial Spanish inspired properly, plus with island hops and towm tour and extremely good food and some of the fun people we’ve met made up for the last days we spent in Palawan.

Day 1: Coron Local Life

About 20 minute walk from Sophia’s Garden Resort is the local town square. Street food, gift shops, restaurants and a tour agencies. If you decide going by tricycle is 25 pesos per person and you need to schedule in advance. We were walking daily since it wasn´t raining anymore. It was a nice walk to get to the town.

First day we made sure that we got enough information for our staying. About town tours, island hops, pick up to the airport. And of course local food and meeting local people. Eating in Carinderia is very affordable in Coron around 50 pesos which is one dollar you will get rice and chicken, pork to mix.

Dinner at View Deck Point

We had dinner in a modern restaurant in Coron Town The View Deck Grill House. If you like barbecue you will love this place. There are a different kind of beers from Belgium, German and local Filipino beers. We enjoyed different dishes from barbecue, local choices like dish and meat. The food was great and we enjoyed everything but we have to say that our favorite was leche flan (Filipino dessert), it was so delicious!

Diving in Coron

We already wrote about our experience diving in Coron. During the day we spent our day diving and snorkeling around Coron. It was amazing the experience diving after a few years without doing. Rachel enjoyed snorkeling and both the boat ride in so beautiful landscape.

Mont Tapyas

In the afternoon we joined to Amika Tours in downtown in Coron. We we weren´t expecting so much since we were really happy with our diving and island hopping. But we got surprised of the views in Mont Tapyas and it was so much fun. You have to climing for 20-30 minutes to reach the top and get the views. We did at sunset time and we can recommend that 100% the experience. Check out the photos:

After a nice walk, the tour can be done in an hour, around 20-30 minutes to go up. It depends how long you want to spend on the top. We stayed half an hour taking pictures and enjoying the views. And after this you have 15 minutes going down to your pick up van.

Hot Springs

For a perfect day in Coron after diving, island hopping and climbing to Mont Tapyas nothing better that Hot Springs. It was so relaxing and if you love hot water as I do you will love relaxing. The place was full of local people mostly and also foreigners. We loved the vibe in Coron where you can see foreigners and locals visiting at the same time.

To get to the Hot Springs from Mont Tapyas you have 45 minutes van ride. You will get at night time after the sunset and it´s perfect to enjoy for at least an hour swimming or just relaxing feeling the hot water. There are different pool areas two small ones and one big one. There are many people in the Hot Springs but you can still enjoy your space!

Island Hopping

After more than two weeks traveling around Palawan: Port Barton, El Nido and Coron this one was our last Island Hopping of the trip. And it didn´t disappointed us. We loved it so much, Coron is so beautiful. It´s really hard to choice which one you like better in Palawan, Port Barton, El Nido or Coron? All of them are amazing places!


Where to sleep in Coron

Sophia´s Garden Resort

The Room

We felt in love with Sophia´s Garden Resort! It´s a quiet place 20 minutes walking to the town or just 5 minutes tricycle ride. It´s really quiet and green area. All the things remember to Spain old times and it´s so green everywhere. We loved the pool area where you can enjoy a jacuzzi. We had the opportunity to have wifi and do our online job, uploading pictures and our updates in social media.

Food at Sophia´s Garden Resort


About the food, we just focused in local food. The breakfast was perfect for starting the day, there are different chocies Filipino and Western dishes. But our favorite wasn´t breakfast, ha! We enjoyed a budo fight, whaaat? It was my first budo fight, I did similar in birthdays and partys but it was my first officcial with this name.

As you can see in the picture above a lot of food, meat, fish and a few vegetables with rice and yes the fight starts. Go fast to eat your favorite and as much as you can. Good thing that we had so much food and it was never ending! It was delicous and we also tried delicious soups and buko juice (coconut juice) which is a must in the Island in the Philippines.


We enjoyed taking pictures at Sophia´s Garden Resort. The green areas and the pool and the place is super quiet to do it! Plus the friendly staff helped us taking pictures of us always with a smile.

This is how we spent 3 amazing days in Coron, the most trickiest part was about the transportation to get there. Once you are in Coron everything was easy to book tours and going around. We left Coron by airplane, its only 40 minutes ride by van to get to the airport. And the airport in Coron is one of the smalles that we have ever seen. Good thing htere is a direct flight Coron to Clark where we are based in Pampanga.

Happy Travels!

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