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Make your loved ones feel special with MyPostcard

Traveling during special occasions can be both great and awful at the same time. It’s great because we get to spend our holidays, for example, with new people and we experience their culture and their own way of celebrating. But at the same time, feeling a little bit awful because we miss our family and friends home. Rachel is from the Philippines and as a Filipino, it is a must to celebrate special occasions with family.

We have tried many different ways to give our presents to them but recently, we just found out a new and unique way to tell them our greetings!

And yes, it is by SENDING PERSONALIZED POSTCARDS! We are really happy that we’ve discovered MyPostCard before this year’s holiday season starts. We will share in this post our top reasons why you should send postcards not just this holiday season, but anytime you want, to your loved ones if you are a traveler!

Postcards are unique so you will definitely stand out.

In this modern world where technology is dominant, sending personalized postcards is something everyone doesn’t do. E-mails are more common than postcards, so if you send a postcard, your receivers will surely think that it is a special greeting from you. In designing your postcards, you can always have your own “touch” to make it even more personalized and special.

With MyPostcard, you can find the right design for your postcards and even greeting cards from their 10,000 designs made for you for any purpose! Just simply choose your design or design your own card by uploading your photos. Add a personal message and send it to your loved ones worldwide! It doesn’t matter where your location is, your receiver will surely receive your beautiful postcard in no time!

Postcards can last a long time.

Yes, it is certain that e-mails can last forever, but you will risk having them deleted, forgotten, and even lost in thousands of e-mails your loved one receive. Postcards however, if kept properly, can last a long time! It really feels different to stumble upon a special postcard in your drawer than finding e-mails randomly in your online mail.

With Mypostcard App, sending personalized greeting cards and postcards is easier. Just download the app and design your post or greeting cards, pick your payment method, and they will do the rest! This is an awesome thing to do if you are a traveler like us. Your receiver will surely appreciate that you’ve exerted effort for greeting him/her.


Postcards are easy to do.

Sending Personalized Postcards Online is made easy by MyPostcard. They have a website and a convenient app that you can go to when you need to send a postcard or a greeting card to someone. It is affordable, too! You can send a postcard starting from $1.99!

You can visit MyPostcard’s website. You can also download their easily accessible app for Apple or for Android.

Traveling is a wonderful thing to do but we admit that there are downsides, too. One of which is that ways of expressing our love and appreciation to our loved ones is limited because we are far from each other. But with MyPostcard, we are confident enough to say that every holiday or special occasion will not be difficult to be celebrated with our loved ones anymore because we can just send a postcard for them to feel our presence.

If you are a sentimental person like us, one way you can also remember the places you’ve been to is by taking a photo of them and putting them into your postcard. What a great idea, right?

So what are you waiting for? Send a postcard or a greeting card to your loved one now to make them feel extra special especially this coming holiday season!

Oh, before we forgot, MyPostcard has a surprise for you guys! Use the code “Ruben” for getting postcards free of charge.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!