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How to Travel Around the World with Your Significant Other

Last updated on October 5th, 2019 at 07:53 pm

They say “If you want to really get to know each other, go on a trip together” (and especially if it is a trip around the world). Travel with a girlfriend is a kind of test for strength. Here are tips and rules for a joint trip that you should adhere to.

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  1.      Plan and discuss every detail

When you are going to travel with someone, not only dates and destinations should be discussed but the culture program as well: what kind of places you want to visit, how much time to spend on the beach, where to walk, and so on. Agree on everything in advance: you will understand everything when you will see a reaction of a partner.

  1.      Play the game “My perfect vacation”

Let each of you write a script of the desired vacation and then compare your variants. Read a partner version and try to combine two scripts into a single one, turning it into a romantic comedy not in a thriller with a dramatic ending.

  1.      Share responsibilities

Probably at the planning stage, you will realize that some of you can better cope with certain tasks. For example, someone better monitors the tickets at a bargain price and someone can find interesting and unusual sights. If you share responsibilities, it will be much easier to organize a journey. When you travel with a girlfriend, ensure that one of you controls everything considering the interests of both – this, alas, happens very often and one of you can be very disappointed at the end of your journey.

  1.      Discuss the budget

Another important element of any trip that you need to discuss before you find yourself in another country is the budget. This conversation can be very awkward and unpleasant but it is necessary because something that seems absolutely normal to you may seem too luxury and expensive to your partner. And vice versa – if you are ready to live in a hostel and eat sandwiches from a supermarket, your partner may not accept this idea. Find out what and how much you are willing to spend, talk about living and where you will eat – in local restaurants or cook by yourselves. Set the rules and decide where you can make concessions. It will help avoid many problems.

  1.      Be ready to change plans

Every trip involves compromises when you travel with someone you love. But if you can’t choose from the two options, this means that you need to look for a third one, less exciting, that can satisfy both of you. Try to be more open-minded: it is possible that the museum, where you companion wants to get so much, can be interesting for you as well. And don’t forget to thank your woman, if she agrees to do something that is interesting to you.

  1.      Say if you don’t like something

If you are not satisfied with something, it is better to tell your partner about it and not to hold grudges: honest, open and respectful discussion will help solve many problems. Listen to yourself: for example, if you know that you become irritable when tired, you should tell your partner that you need to relax.

  1.      Be attentive to your woman and pay attention to her mood

If you are going to travel with someone you love, try to be careful in stressful situations in order not to tell something bad in the heat of emotion: a lost baggage, a delayed flight, and even the most unsuccessful trips are not worth of a ruined relationship.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to find a good companion in a person we love. Even if you love each other very much, there is no guarantee that you will feel comfortable when you travel together. People always reveal in a new way in stressful situations and unfamiliar surroundings. So the choice of a companion for a trip around the world should be thought over very carefully.