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Escape with friends with the International Rail

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023 at 09:28 am

There’s no better way to spend quality time with your friends than to go on a digital detox holiday and discover a new place. Switch off the Wi-Fi, switch on the storyteller within, throw a dart on the map and pack your suitcases. Don’t worry about the destination or budget as International Rail (IR) is here to help you.

IR allows travelers to make train reservations for the International rail for over 40 countries across the world. You can choose from a wide range of affordable rail passes that would give you access to unlimited intercity & intra-city travel in and around the country or region. Are you under 27 or over 60? If so, then you can make the best use of the Youth and Senior passes that are available at discounted rates.

With the budget and mode of commute taken care of, are you now looking for inspiring travel destinations? Take a look at the options mentioned below:

Africa – A continent carved out of glory

Africa is “decked with bronze, embedded with gold, crowned with ivory”, as best described by Ibukun Abraham Lawore. You could start your African safari by discovering South Africa, the southernmost country of the continent. International Rail offers 3 special train passes that are complete holidays on their own with respect to transport, stay, meals and sightseeing included in the package.

Australasia – A region within Oceania

Have an amazing time and travel with your friends on your next holiday with the International Rail.

It is a region made up of Australia, and New Zealand, besides few other regions like New Guinea. If you love beaches, wildlife and sunshine, then buy IR rail passes for Australia. If you love remote places packed with rainforests, fiery mountains and emerald lakes, then you and your friends should head out to New Zealand with Scenic Rail Pass in your hand.

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Europe – The artistic, surreal and breezy side of Eurasia

From the fascinating Spain to the uber-chic France, from the eclectic Germany to the captivating Italy, visiting Europe is every globetrotter’s dream. Make yours come true by going on an epic rail journey across this continent.  With the InterRail Global Pass, you get the opportunity to discover 30 European countries.

There are BritRail passes available as well, if you wish to explore the Great Britain exclusively. One of our favorite countries was Greece and their islands Mykonos and Santorini.

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Asia – Earth’s largest continent, full of magic and mystery

Travel with friends with the International Rail on your next holiday.

If unexpected experiences make your travel worthwhile, then reserve train tickets for Asia and get ready to be blown away! Your constant travel companions in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam or Malaysia would be good food, modern architecture, ancient marvels, and mesmerising landscapes. From experiencing the after-life in Osorezan, Japan to renting traditional Korean clothing Hanbok in Seoul, each of these countries offers off-beat experiences that are unique and thrilling.