Georges Rhumerie: A Wine Tasting in Siem Reap

Last updated on February 9th, 2021 at 04:00 am

As you know, we spent 9 days in Siem Reap, and did various activities. We did many different plans from visiting Angkor Temples, an adventure with the motorbikes in Siem Reap’s countryside, flying around Angkor temples, and visiting the night market everyday . 

Well, one day, we didn’t visit the night market and we decided to go to Georges Rhumerie for a rum tasting, check them here. We didn’t know anything about rum before and now we have at least the essentials of which one is our favorite.

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Rum tasting in Georges Rhumerie

We started with a coconut rum, we have to say that was our favorite one. After this one we tasted pineapple, vanilla, kaffir, passion fruit, mango, tamarind, cinnamon, coffee and ginger. While tasting rum we tried delicious Cambodian appetizers, jams and foe gras spreading in bread. The food was so delicious! Sebastian explain us step by step how they made the rum and all the ingredients.

Georges Rhumerie is very nice place for stay, whether just for a rum or for a sumptuous dinner with friends. We love the greenery are outside which is perfect when the weather isn´t raining. After the rum tasting we tried delicious cocktails before going with the main course.

So much alcohol so far and so good! Then it was time to taste the main courses. Mashed potatoes and sausages were really delicious, with vegetables and salad. But our star main course was Romazava from Madagascar. Our first food from this exotic country. Sebastien explained to us how to eat the dish. First of all you need to try the seed which makes your mouth super refreshed, and after that you go for the dish. Romazawa is made with beef, rice and shared with spinachs, tomatoes, greens, onions and mixed with pepper, garlic and ginger. It was really delicious and we were surprised that we could make space in our stomach.

After the main course, we tried yummy desserts. The desserts were good but we loved the preparation with the blue flames as Sebastien poured rum on the desserts and light them up. It was our first experience and after so much food, it was the perfect way to finish the dinner.

Hope you enjoyed reading one of the unique activities we did in Siem Reap. Looking for a full guide on what to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia, then read on here. If you are heading to Phnom Penh, click here to read our experience in the capital of Cambodia.

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