Get on a Quad and Buggy North Ubud Adventure

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Ubud, Bali can easily be considered one of the most serene areas of Bali. It is famous as a getaway location for anyone who wants to visit Bali, and want a getaway and immersed themselves either in a luxury away from the city, or to just be surrounded by luscious nature.

Ubud, Bali, like other parts of Bali also has a rich countryside life to it. People live simply in the country side. If you’re looking at discovering Ubud in another way, we partnered with EoAsia to, yet again, show you another great side of Bali – The Bali Quad adventures.

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We ventured on an off road adventure in North Ubud,Bali, riding quads and buggys.

Check out our full experience here with full shots.


How your day will begin

Watching videos of the activities and how to use the rides properly.

Your Ubud adventure day with Bali Quad begins really early, where you get picked up from your hotel. During this time, we are already staying in Canggu. That means we have about 2 hours ride until Ubud, where the area of the offroad adventure will be.

Once you reach Bali Quad, everything is pretty much systemized. Your day with them starts with some coffee or tea for early morning refreshments with some cookies, and you’ll need to fill out some forms to for the company to gauge your experience with the activities.

Rachel and Ruben ready to set off on an off the road Ubud adventure.
Rachel and I just starting the day – before training!

The Bali Quad adventure has 3 types of activities – the quad ride, the buggy ride and the tubing activities. For this one, we tried only the quad ride and the buggy ride.

You’ll be brief by watching a video on how to use the buggies properly. The rides are automatic, so you will mostly not need the guide.

You’ll have a chance to test in the training ground before you begin. Since we’re doing the land adventure, we have the choice to do the quad or buggy. We intended to do a tandem, meaning we’ll be together in the rides, although the training allowed us to do things separately for experience.

Ruben quite happy and confident!

It was an extremely fun Ubud adventure, however very important to take note that there “may be” an expectation that if you’re booking this activity, that you actually know how to ride them. We believe this is the case most of the time, however Rachel actually has almost no experience (her first was in Bintan), very little, when driving quads.

She fell two times while in training. It was quite an advance one. However, everyone else did fine, and Rachel was perfectly rescued on time, and luckily didn’t sustain any serious injury. After the time in the training tracks, we were advised to choose how we want to go through the day’s course, and we chose to do the buggy tandem.

I felt more comfortable doing the buggy!

Ruben with the quad while on the training track.
Rachel's Ubud adventure!
This was Rachel.ha! Bless her, she even tried two times.


Starting the adventure ride

Once we were ready, we set off in North Ubud’s country side track.

We passed by huge gardens, rice fields, muddy tracks, and basically everything not-the-main-road. It was definitely a really fun experience.

Going thru the outback, you will also pass by the area where the local buildings are. A lot of the structures in Ubud, go way back and have been preserved and are still used now. These are one of the few things that make the feeling of being in Ubud (or the whole Bali in general) really authentic and raw.


The Beautiful Views of North Ubud Adventure

These are some of the views you will see in your quad bike/buggy North Ubud adventure.

You immediately set out on a track off the main road, so you’ll see mostly ground, rugged roads and so much plants – sort of a little jungle. The terrain is definitely challenging so skills in driving the rides are really important.

You’ll have a guide watching you in the front – guiding your way, and someone riding in the back.


It’s a really nice view as you get to some small plantations where local people grow their plants. We even saw some working.

As you drive thru the tracks, you’ll see the local village, a very different view from the first one.

The guide during one of our breaks. A really good driver!


Next, was one of the most beautiful views, driving on the road to see the rice paddies!

Buggy tandem in North Ubud - an Ubud adventure that is a must try


You’ll get some time off the buggy and quad to explore the paddies.

The ride back was even much more challenging! And again, if you’re used to doing this, it’ll be extremely fun!

We definitely recommend this tour, especially if you want to visit North Ubud in a more active way.

After an adventurous ride in North Ubud, you’ll have lunch back in Bali quad’s headquarters. If you are not bringing your own camera, and are willing to spend a few more bucks, they also have their own photographer who followed you all around the trip to take your photos – so you can choose and have them either printed or saved.

It was a really great experience. So happy Rachel was safe, and that we get to try a different adventure apart from the usual seaside getaways we get.

We loved those too, but definitely not too bad to have new and adventurous ones.

As we eat our lunch, families were getting started to have their briefing for tubing. So yes, definitely a family adventure to try to!

We worked with eoAsia to arrange this Ubud adventure tour for us. Let us know if you want to book the same experience so we can arrange and introduce you, for you to get on this adventure. We promise it’ll be worth it.

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See you on our next adventure.

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And if you have any suggestion on what we should do next, don’t be afraid to share in the comments below. Make sure you also share this to the next person you think will have fun with this! x



Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. He believes in travel without money. Recently, he finished a bicycle trip, 9500 km, from Madrid to North Cape.

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