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Bring back the fun in travel planning

Tripsmash is the newest travel planning app which helps you plan your trip, and all parts that come with it - flights, activities, restaurants and hotels.

Want to know one reason why I travel alone? Probably because it can be a pain traveling with friends. Admit it.

If you’ve been an avid traveler in your young life, you’ve probably thought of traveling with your friends. It’s amazing, easily memorable, and yeah, just plain fun.

But what is one huge challenge when traveling with friends? You probably know what I’m hinting here – planning.

Why planning can easily become unbearable and how can you make it easier, so you can still get together and hang with the best people, without getting stressed with all the details of travel planning? Use an app that handles organization way better than you can.

Today, we are looking at Tripsmash, a travel app focused on bringing back the fun in travel planning with friends. Believe me. It can be done.

Everyone wants to rsvp to the plan, without really knowing every details. It’s messy, just too much information, and just a load of responsibility. So how can an app like Tripsmash help organize everything from sourcing information amongst friends, to finally having a real plan you can just follow smoothly during your trip.

First, go to the Tripsmash site, and sign up for a free account. Yes, free. Smashin!

Once you signup, you’ll get to the web app’s main dashboard which looks clean, yet trendy. We really loved this interface. Enough white space for all the planning, and just the right colors to keep it interesting. Your friends will actually be enticed to look at your plan. Ha!

Tripsmash allows you to setup every leg of your trip, schedule every activity, from planes and transportation, to restaurants, budget, hostels, hotels, and well, any other activity you might have.

Plans are arranged by day, like the screenshot above. For every day, you have the option to add flight and transport details, dates and schedule, activities, and restaurant arrangements.

Being able to show information like this helps every single member of the plan to easily visualize the whole trip. And when you visualize what can happen, you can visualize the fun better!

You get to invite collaborators. Planning is never fun when done in solitude. With Tripsmash, add everyone on the list, and attach their names based on itineraries they will be going. Collaborators can be added with specific editing capabilities – some can just be allowed to view the plans, while others allowed to add and edit.

Need to brainstorm? It’s also possible within the app. This is good especially if you for any member of that group have ideas that they want to pass along to everyone to see if people agree or not. Tripsmash comes with a chat on the side, where everyone can discuss the plan.

We’ve been tinkering around the web app, and Rachel and I have already used it to visualize and discuss the rest of our trip in Asia.

And whether you are viewing your plan on your computer, or mobile, everything is just aesthetically pleasing.

Travel Planning Features

Solo Travel tip

It’s easy to create itineraries. You can automatically import travel plans. Simply forward your travel confirmation e-mails (flights, hotels, rental car …) to [email protected] We will create or add to your itinerary. You can customize activities, restaurants, flights, hotels as needed.

Couple Travel tip

Looking for a 4 or 5 star meal? Concerned about the hotel you are considering? With reviews from Google and Yelp integrated you can be confident that the activities, meals, and hotels you choose are the perfect match. Tripadvisor is coming soon.

And if you travel your trip well with your special someone, you can have fun like the photo above. ha! We definitely say yes to fun.

Small Group Travel tip

You can invite friends and family to use Tripsmash in an automated e-mail. This enables you to begin dreaming or planning your next adventure. Now you can collaborate with this group. Your fellow travelers can add plans or suggestions to the group itinerary. All with access controlled by you (view only or view & edit). We also provide a chat within the app so you have a record of your brainstorming discussions.

Large Group Travel tip

Even in a large group, we can help with collaboration and communication. Update once and hundreds, even thousands of travelers automatically receive their updated itinerary. Travelers can View, edit (if you grant them access), and collaborate on itineraries from a computer, phone or mobile device. Our app is available for web, iOS, and Android.

Want to get started on your own travel planning with friends? Click here today and start to plan with ease!

There you go.

Hope this helps you bring back the fun in travel planning with friends. We definitely recommend that you give this a try.

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Til the next travel guide comrades!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

Ruben Arribas

Friday 6th of October 2017

Totally agree with you mate! I have so much fun travel planning.

Mike Pole

Saturday 5th of August 2017

Thanks, I'm giving TripSmash a go -maybe I won't miss any more flights! (oddly, it doesn't include bus travel). But nothing beats travelling alone. As soon as there's someone else involved, it's so much harder to meet other people.

Ruben Arribas

Monday 7th of August 2017

Hope it helps Mike! And yes! If you go with more people, it will help of not missing flights anymore.

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