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Love during travel – Is it really possible

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 04:38 pm

This post is about us: love during travel. We’ve never thought of being too personal. But in order for you to understand why we do what we do, we got to start with the beginning.

Ruben and I started as a farfetched story. One you’ll never think possible. Ruben has been traveling the world for almost a year, when he sent a message in Couchsurfing for me to host him in our city.

He sent only 2 messages. And I happened to be the first one to respond.


We met. Got acquainted. It wasn’t in either of our plans to really maintain a relationship.

But we tried. One of us is a sucker for trying things and pushing to see if it will work out. Wanna guess who?

Love during travel in Bangkok

Ruben traveled and worked in Australia, traveled back in Asia, and then went to meet me in the Philippines. Over the course of two years, he kept on traveling. Back to Europe, East Asia, Dubai, Philippines, back to Europe again. Then Philippines.

I kept on working from home. Non of the travel bug wearing off me. Ha! Ruben continued. And we stayed in a long distance relationship. Things got hard. Then they got easier.

At one point of Ruben’s stay in Asia, I urged him to start a blog. Yes. baby. Free. As a past time. Until we felt we wanted to take it seriously.

Blogging is hard. Travel became a hobby. And while we love to travel together, and Ruben is hooked to travel as the main attraction of his life, it’s a whole different thing when you try to connect work with it.

Love during travel: Beinga a good couchsurfing guest traveling with your host.

That’s when things became tough. Travel became work. Blogging became us. And now the relationship, the work, the travel and the blogging all mixed up, and inseparable.

It’s funny. It makes things harder. But it also make things much more valuable.

In the world of blogging and social media, you see everyone’s flashy side of things. Same for us. Our main work is on Instagram, and we craft travel life to be as beautiful as it can be.

Love during travel in Thailand

Don’t get us wrong. A traveling lifestyle is very beautiful. We feel grateful, daily, that we can bring our work with us. I’m a young mum, so there’s nothing I like better than working when I need to work, and being where I want to be. Especially since I have a little one.

All this juggling, became our daily routine.

So to answer the first question. Yes it is possible to find love during travel.

It is possible to maintain long term relationships. It’s hard. Very challenging to be with someone who has a different upbringing and different cultural beliefs, but it’s what opens your eyes to a thousand new things that you might have not learned if you just stayed where you are.

Love during travel in Park Royal Penang

So if you are a traveler, or if you are about to embark in your own travel story, whether it be love, or just a new story of learning and discovery. Tes, it´s possible love during travel.

Take it. Go for it.

You’ll never know what on the other side.

Til our next travel story.

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Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Lovely article you wrote there. We have been a couple before we start traveling but I guess we face the same challenges and amazing experiences!

Ruben Arribas

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Glad to hear that you liked it and having similar experiences :)

Ruben Arribas

Monday 12th of June 2017

Thanks Brigitte for the nice wishes, glad to hear that you like it!