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Subic Adventure – Another one to Remember

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 12:41 pm

Who would’ve thought there are still things in Subic that we haven’t tried yet? We had an amazing Subic Adventure full of activities and it was really fun.

If you have been reading our blog, then you’ll know that Subic, Pampanga is the closest place from Angeles City if you want some beach time, water sports, or just some time away from the city.

Angeles is not that busy, compared to Manila, but you may want to be out from time to time.

This time, we stayed in a serviced apartment, instead of a quick day tour in the area.

Why stay in a serviced apartment?

Depending on the budget that you have, a serviced apartment might be reasonable enough if you are staying in Subic for a couple of days, and if you are staying with a few more people other than yourself. We were 3, but we could easily have been 6-7 people, as the place we stayed in at Forest View Leisure Park Residences has 3 rooms, with 2 rooms 2 bed each, and the master bedroom with its own bathroom.

Forest view offers places for short-term stays or long rentals, say for a year or two. They have their own pool, 24-hour security, and a main office. There is a small grocery shop nearby just in case you need something for emergency, but you can also packed food to your house, since you will have your own fridge, electric stoves, microwave — basically all you need to fully function in a house.

There wasn’t internet connection in our room, but fortunately the main office is open until 11 in the evening daily and has really good connection that allows us to do our work in the evenings. If we ever need to do more work, you can always sit outside the office, and use some chairs to continue accessing the internet.

Our favorite area in the apartment was the pool where you can relax swimming, taking nice pictures. Next to the pool, there is a basketball court if you want to exercise with your friends and also a trampoline if you are traveling with toddlers.

Subic Adventure Activities

We worked with Forest View to have our itinerary in Subic coordinated. We were able to visit the following places:

1. Network Jets

Subic adventure in the water

Subic adventure so much fun

Network Jetsports was easily one of the best places you can go to to enjoy water sports. I love the waters a lot, and with them you can do jet skis and Subic’s very first fly boarding. Let’s just say it was a pretty adventurous afternoon.

If you’re traveling with a kid, can be even more fun your Subic adventure!

2. Subic Tree Top Adventure

Subic adventure in the tree

Subic adventure: canopy

After the water activities, if you are also a lover of heights and nature, tree top adventure is one of the most visited activity laces in Subic. Here you can do canopy rides, Ziplines, Tree top falling and forest adventures.

3. Funtastic Park

Subic adventure in funtastic park

Trampoline in Subic adventure

If you’re traveling with a kid, this is an a definitely an activity that you need to do. You can choose from puzzles, top-to-down rooms, 3D photo frames, places to play with other kids, educational materials, garden mazes, a trampoline, and our favorite, the VR shows. Our little one whom we took with us had a lot of fun in Funtasticpark.

4. El Kabayo Waterfalls

waterfalls in our Subic adventure

Usually, when you to Subic adventure, you think about zoos, water parks and resorts. Luckily this tine around, we were able to discover that they actually have natural falls hidden inside!

Take care of native aetas, the El Kabayo falls has two falls, one 4-feet, and 1 15 fee where you can swim, and have a bath, while beating the summer heat. There are also accommodations available.

Dining in Subic

We pretty much have good experience when dining in restaurants in Subic. And one new restaurant to add to our dining list is Ralis Restaurant. They serve really good authentic mix of European gourmet food offered in a really good price. And well, with the views of the beautiful bay sunset.

Check out the food we tasted below:


Sunset and dinning in our subic adventure

Tuna Crostini

Croquetas de Pollo w/ Paprika Bilbao Aioli

tapas in your subic adventure

Blackened Tuna

Roghan Josh


We enjoyed tapas before the main courses. Tapas is the Spanish term for light food while drinking beeres. Tapas, beer and a beautiful sunset was the perfect environment. All the food served were very delicious, and we are happy to enjoy good conversation with new friends. In addition to the ones above, we also had Braised Beef in Red Wine and Meatball Spaghetti in Pomodoro.

Classy evening and great food.

Meeting Bloggers in our Subic Adventure

We loved this personal experience so much! We had an amazing dinner with Trisha’s mom, who we didn’t know was from Subic. Head of Forest View Residences, Jen is an amazing woman, and what every blogger would love to have as a mom. She writes too, and we hope to have her soon back in the blogging world!

Had enough time to catch up with some good home dinner, beer and the best coffee in town.

Overall, we can say that Subic is definitely a nice place to stay at. And actually live in! Not too many people, no huge traffic. There are a lot of cars and taxis, however, if you wanna ride local transportation, it is available. You just need to ask for the L300 vans schedule. If you are in the main Harbor Point mall, they have a van hub at the back.

There you go fam! A quick trip if you’re from the North, or in Luzon. Make sure you check it out.

Until our next travel escapades. Let us know in the comments below what you think.


Tuesday 6th of June 2017

Wow! Makes me wanna include Subic in my bucketlist...thanks to this!!! Very helpful and beautiful information!

Ruben Arribas

Tuesday 6th of June 2017

Subic is really amazing Danika! We have been many times and it´s one of our favorite places in the Philippines.

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