Tips when traveling with Kids

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Traveling with kids is can be something you have to do at one point or another when you’re a parent. It is just not possible to have a long term trip or vacation. Especially not without them.

If you are a parent, and has a work you absolutely love at home, then this article today is for you.

So here are a few things that traveling with your kids entail. They can be less flexible than you are. They follow routines that have been purposely set to teach them balance as they grow up. They need you to safeguard them. And they need you to be always with them.

That’s not to say a holiday as parents can’t be fun, for child friendly holidays. We have taken our little one to various trips in the Philippines, and I can attest to the great fun of travel with a young kid with you. It is of course a different kind of fun. But not less, for sure.

Here’s top tips we can give you on what to consider and do when traveling with a toddler:

1. Plan what clothes to pack.

As basic as this seems, it is actually very critical that you pack the very important things that matter when traveling with kids. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to overpack. We travel like locals, so we say no to taxis everywhere, especially when there’s a great public transport system.

When traveling with a kid, pack light. They might be repeating pajamas for 2-3 nights, which can be very normal. Or repeating some shorts or pants. Check the weather, and don’t overpack. They can be flexible with these things. Special weather clothing like raincoats and jackets are important, so make sure you have those ready and prioritized when packing clothes.

If flying, we pack only hand luggage for 3. That’s very manageable even up to 2 weeks. No need to pack food (unless you’re traveling with very young children, whom require special food), especially if you’re traveling domestic. You need to enjoy, so if you’ll move around a lot, make sure your stuff is the less worry you’ll have.

One extra tip: If you’re traveling with someone who can get sea or car sick, pack that extra paper bag. Have it handy with you, because you never know when you’ll need it!

2. Make sure you pack your gadgets completely.

Traveling with kids can easily make you forget things. Trust us. It can be chaotic when you don’t plan in advance. Having lists in advance helps a lot. We work a lot in the road, and since we always need to stay connected, having all of our gadgets is very important for us. Make sure you have all your cables and chargers prepared. Place them in an area of your luggage where you can easily access them. For starters, we have mobile phones, laptops and a camera with us, so we make sure we have all chargers and power banks together. And make sure they are all full charged before you leave your home. That way, during the travel, you need not worry about finding a charger in airports or any hubs and stations.

3. Bring all necessary travel documents and clear up any travel arrangement you need to do beforehand.

Make sure that when flying, you have proper identification with you. Since we’ve only traveled domestic with a kid, we need only to bring his IDs. Also, make sure that anything you need to arrange is properly handled before the date of the flight, when traveling with kids. This is something you actually need to prepare for in advance. Domestic flights when booked together usually are seated together in our experience, but make sure you check with your airlines with this. We are 3, so if one has to be separate, our little one will always be with one adult, so it won’t be a problem.

4. Pack toys or something your kid loves to bring with him.

Traveling with kids can be fun so make sure you make the most out of it.

This should be small enough to be brought anywhere. Our little kid has one small bag with him that contains a small phone he uses to (imaginary) snap things for himself, and a small airplane or animal toy to play with. Kids get distracted or bored a lot. This is an important thing to keep in mind when traveling with kids. They have lesser attention span than adults, so if they are with their favorite toy, they can easily play when the adults are doing something important.

5. When traveling with kids, have some ground rules.

Make sure the kids understand that they always need to be with you, and they don’t go with strangers without your permission. Something very essential your kid needs to understand.

6. Teach them to have a mind for exploration.

It's been proven that traveling with kids strengthen parent-kid relationship, plus helps them more with their early child development.

Travel is fun and they need to know that you can be tasting new food, and doing a new experience. Children are usually up for fun, but if they are not, make sure they understand how trying something new can actually be very beneficial for them.

7. Lastly, enjoy.

Have fun. Take travel lightly. Your kids are never kids forever. One day, they will want to create adventures with their friends, or adventures of their own. Relish in the fact that now, the adventure they want is with you.

Hope you learned a lot! Check out the video above for even more tips on how to travel with kids.

Read here to see one of the trips we had with our little one in the Philippines. Here’s also another guest blog post on more tips traveling with kids.

Have fun and till our next travel guide!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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