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Golden Wedding Rings and Rare Talks

Golden wedding anniversary gifts – now that’s a fun game to think about. Ruben and I had a rare conversation today.

Weddings, relationships, love. They say that times nowadays, these things are never sure. People get separated easily. Ruben and I actually met and started with a long distance relationship. Because of our work setups, and we just live in two different cultures. But now, that we’re together, it’s fun to contemplate things such as “wedding” gifts.

And nope, not even planning anytime soon. Ha! Was just fun to look around.

It’s actually more fun to know that there are so many gifts related to long years of being married. That goes to mean there are still a lot of couples out there that stand the test of time! It is a very positive way of looking at things. And isn’t that the way things last?

So if you are passing by here, check out and see if there are any gifts you like. You will find not only 50th anniversary wedding gift ideas. There are actually a ton of gift ideas out there. And if you are fond of gold, you might just found one for you, even if it’s just a gift for yourself.

Better yet, if you are one of the lucky ones, give it as a gift to your parents. Let them know you have been so blessed to actually witness a long and solid relationship, and you can only hope yours will be the same. If that is your goal of course.

Well that’s it for today from us. Hope we casted some good vibes your way!

Til our next post! Cheers to more positivity and good dreams x

Any thoughts, make sure to drop them in the comments below. This is a really rare post, and a fun one at that.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!