A Romantic vacation in Bohol: Bluewater Panglao

Last updated on April 21st, 2020 at 12:02 pm

What does a romantic vacation in Bohol look like? For our stay in Bohol, we partnered with Bluewater Panglao and we had the opportunity to enjoy a romantic vacation in Bohol. This place is located in Panglao Island and you can read our favorite Bohol tourist spots!

We tried their comfort in the room and villas of the hotel, enjoying the common areas like the swimming pool and doing the activities around the island. And of course, our favorite thing traveling eating local food and meeting locals!

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Swimming pool romantic vacation in Bohol

Villa in a romantic vacation in Bohol

Relax in Romantic vacation in Bohol

Why would you like to have a romantic vacation in Bohol?

It´s great having a couple of days relaxing and not worrying about anything. We did many plans in these days in Panglao and we loved experimenting Island luxury life. Check out our reasons for enjoying luxury vacation in Bohol for an affordable price:

Romantic Dinner

Dinner romantic vacation in Bohol

Is there something better than a romantic set up dinner next to the beach? All surrounded with candles, romantic decoration, music, a waiter attending us and the best part of this the food!

It´s great enjoying delicious food with wine, candles and low music. It´s the perfect enviroment to have a great talk about new plans, how great is the day and how good will be tomorrow.


Massage in a romantic vacation in Bohol

The best way to start your day is with a light breakfast and after that getting a massage. We tried Amuma Spa, a relaxing Hilot masage. During an hour you will forget about your problems and you will feel in paradise while your body is treating so good!

Swimming in the pools

We love pools for swimming, enjoying a cocktail or just sunbathing. In Bluewater Panglao we enjoyed three of them: a very nice big pool area full equipment, infinity pool and our own pool in the villa.

Local Food

We are living in North Philippines and traveling to the South is a must trying different specialties. Bohol is famous for their desserts with the original ube and coconuts. Check here all the local food that we enjoyed, isn’t Filipino food delicious?

Local food romantic vacation in Bohol

Afternoon Tea

Such a romantic plan, we enjoy having tea with a great set up and with a nice view to the garden. Having tea with sandwiches, sweets is the perfect way to have a nice conversation in the afternoon.

Dinner with band and traditional dances

Dancing in a romantic vacation in Bohol

In your romantic vacation in Bohol, the day is great: swimming, eating, relaxing with massages. But at night, there is entertainment with bands on live and traditional Filipino dances where they invite people to join them! Wearing traditional costumes and playing instruments made a great plan at Bluewater Panglao.

Where to have a romantic vacation in in Bohol?

Bluewater Panglao

In Bluewater Panglao you will enjoy the comfort of the rooms. There are rooms around the pool area very spacious, big bathroom and they are full equipped with all the needs for your staying. There are villas where you can enjoy amazing views with the first light in the morning or relaxing in your own pool if you prefer having more privacy.

The staff at Bluewater Panglao is very friendly, helpful and they will be great memory in your staying!

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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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