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A Luxury Vacation in Thailand to Remember

What does a luxury vacation in Thailand look like?

For the latter part of our trip in Ao Nang, we partnered with Beach Terrace and Naga Pura Hotel Group for a luxury stay in the island. It’s definitely one of the most amazing days we had while staying in a beach and gave us another perspective to see: a luxury vacation in Thailand.

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Cocktails for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

Seafood and Thai food for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

You see, not everyone travels in the same way. Some travel with a very tight budget, some with almost no money but can travel for a long time, while other value short getaways with the full luxury comfort. If you have the chance, it’s always eye-opening and a good experience to travel in different ways. In the end, travel is all about gaining something new from every experience right? We were so honored to partner with a really nice hotel for the rest of our Ao Nang trip to discover the luxury side of Thailand Travel.

Why would you like to have a luxury vacation in Thailand?

Enjoying cocktails.

Cocktail with a view.

Enjoying our private villa in a luxury vacation in Thailand

Now, we are not talking about riding your own jet plane, and cruise ships and servants all around you the whole day. We’re talking about a real comfort and luxury that people value, save for and pay for, to getaway form their daily normal hustle and have a few days or weeks of vacation. Here are a few reasons why someone travels this way:

Romantic Celebrations

Romantic scenary in our luxury vacation in Thailand

Clearly, a wedding, an engagement, a special anniversary — these are still very special days that people tend to save up for and aspire to celebrate well. And for a reason of course. Celebrating a romantic and special milestone such as these is very important and definitely is a big cause for a celebration. Who wouldn’t want some exotic getaway, in a warm place, surrounded by nice palm trees, fresh food, the warm sun, and beautiful pristine beaches? Anyone would want that! We know we do. When was the last time you saved up for a quick romantic getaway?

A much needed timeout

Our room in a luxury vacation in Thailand.

Jacuzzi for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

Let’s face it. In this industrialized age, we’ve been trained to live in a life that glorifies staying busy. A lot of people celebrate career engagement, and really if you are genuinely happy with that, who are we to stop you? But there are really times (and like us all the time), that you’d wish you are out there, just lying down in the beach, relaxing, living slow, taking in all the natural beauty around you. It could be you alone, with family, or with a special someone. But yes, timeout to think things through, plan life better, and improve. It’s a much needed getaway.Exploring new places without leaving the usual comforts you have.

Where to have a luxury stay in Thailand

Beach Terrace

Since this is a part of our stay in Ao Nang, we stayed in Beach Terrace and Naga Pura. Beach Terrace is one of the oldest luxury hotels in the area. They have been established for 10 years now, and has recently undergone major renovation. The hotel is big with various choices of hotel rooms, from the simple hotel rooms, to luxury villas. There are also family rooms if in case you are having a getaway with the whole family.

Views from the room in our luxury vacation in Thailand.
Big and spacious roo.

The food is of authentic Thai cuisine, probably the best we have tried so far in Thailand. When dining with the views of the Ao Nang beach, the special ambiance just becomes heightened. Hard not to love a place that gives you amazing food, spectacular views and amazing people. We’ve had such a wonderful experience working and staying with the whole staff of the Beach Terrace hotel. The whole time we stayed there, we felt like family. Like a family welcomed when coming from another place. The service they’ve given us was more of friendship and familial service rather than a regular guest. We think that Thai is some of the nicest people in the world.

Thai food is amazing

Local dishes in our luxury vacation in Thailand.

Colorful dishes

Lunch with an amazing view

Romantic dinner in Thailand

Naga Pura

The Naga Pura Hotel Group is owned by the same owner of Beach Terrace. If you’ve been impressed by your experience with Beach Terrace, Naga Pura is different as it elevates the experience to a new level. It shows you full of luxury, perfect for romantic getaways, honeymoons and other luxury getaway.

Pool area in our luxury vacation in Thailand.

Relax in the pool

Pool chairs for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

We enjoyed their food, Western choices and local ones. Well the food was really good. And we really loved enjoying the food and cocktails with the pool view. The staff is super friendly as Thai people are. And the food is high quality too 🙂

Local food for lunch.

Fish and salad.

Western food in your luxury vacation in Thailand.

After enjoying a luxury vacation in Thailand, if you are looking for more luxury experiences, come to Subic in the Philippines. And enjoy Lighthouse Marina Resort facilities, food, comfort and luxury time.

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Tell us in the comments, where you will spend your next vacation 🙂

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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