10 Amazing Things to do in Boracay

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Boracay is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines, especially for people living in Manila. Getting to Boracay from Manila will take an hour by plane or 9 hours by night ferry (the option we chose). Boracay is considered by many as too crowded and too touristy, so we made it a point to visit the popular island to see why many people still travel here and we will share to you what things to do in Boracay.

1. Enjoy the sunrise scenes from the ferry

Sunrise in the list of things to do in Boracay

Just right before reaching Boracay Island (and if you are coming by ship), you will have the chance to enjoy amazing sunrise views. All sunrises are not created equal so you really have to chase these wonderful natural views. During our 9-hour ship ride, we made it a point to wake up early to see how the skies change color as we approach the beautiful island. And alas! We were not disappointed! A recommended must-see if you can!

2. Boracay Oceanarium

Scuba diving one of the things to do in Boracay

Feeding fishes things to do in Boracay

Enjoying the Oceanarium in Boracay was one of our best memories in the island. We did the scuba walk and scuba dive in the biggest oceanarium of the Visayas Region of the Philippines. We saw sharks, turtles and various breeds of fishes. What made this experience even much cooler? It was Rachel’s first time diving – definitely exciting! We are sure to try again really soon. We took many pictures of the fishes and we saw the Pearl of the King, which is one of the world´s largest pearl. It’s around 9 kilograms. If you don’t like diving, you can also walk around the Oceanarium, and watch the fishes from the outside. There is even a restaurant where you can see the whole oceanarium surrounding you – having lunch or dinner “under the sea” in the Ocean Restaurant.

3. The Wave Rider

Wave rides inside things to do in Boracay

We had so much fun trying to surf in The Wade Rider, the only one in Boracay. We have to say that we never tried surfing or anything similar before. It was difficult at the beginning to learn the technique. But with the help of the instructor, we were able to catch a couple of waves – made us really interested to learn more about surfing. The activity is very intense and it required full attention and energy. Definitely for someone who’s up for some adventure but not yet ready to go for the full swing surfing!

4. Paraw Sailing at Sunset time

Sailing also in the list things to do in Boracay

Ready for more adventure and to really experience the Boracay and its picturesque beaches? Try the local sailing experience, the Paraw Sailing. Paraw Sailing is a local sail boat activity. The boats use two outriggers and two sails. Since there is good wind throughout the whole day, the White Beach is really good for this activity. You can discover various scenes that are perfect for photography, or really, just perfect for you to take it all in. There are of course other water activities available, like the kite sailing. Whatever your jive is, there is something that will keep you active and having fun in the island. Not too hard with the beautiful views!

5. Enjoy a romantic dinner in the beach

Roamntic dinner things to do in Boracay

If you are traveling as a couple, or lucky enough to meet someone special in the island, you can’t miss a romantic dinner by the beach. We had dinner under the palm trees and the twinkling stars, with our feet touching the sand, while hearing the nearby waves of the sea! Perfect surroundings for an evening of sumptuous food and excellent conversation. Not a moment to miss!

6. The Wave Pool is a must of things to do in Boracay

Wave pool in the list of things to do in Boracay

A Wave Pool in Boracay? There is only one wave pool in the whole island, and we are so happy to have stayed where we can enjoy the pool! Sometimes, with us working we really have to stay in the hotel, so having access to great activities while in the hotel is super convenient! It wasn’t only us having great fun, as there were so many children and families enjoying the swim in the wave pool. If you’re traveling with kids, or the kids at heart, a must-try while in Boracay.

7. Meeting Locals for a beer

Beers in the beach things to do in Boracay

After the sunset, things get even much more cheerful in Boracay. The beauty of touristy islands! Bars and restaurants are crowded and meeting new people or going out with friends will be a lot of fun. There are actually a lot of Filipino locals traveling in Boracay, and there are some foreigners. There are many choices for activities like singing the Karaoke (a very popular Filipino pasttime), dancing with music, or dining and drinking in restaurants and bars – both local and international cuisine. There is definitely in the list of things to do in Boracay.

8. Luxury Island Stay

Luxury staying things to do in Boracay

For our trip in Boracay, we stayed in Crown Regency Convention Centre, where we had a sublime time. Staying with Crown Regency Hotel, you can get picked up by the hotel’s car right when you arrive from the ferry which is a total convenience. The hotel has various restaurants to choose from, all with top of the line dining experience. If you choose to spend your time in the hotel, there are already various amenities and activities that you can enjoy. The hotel is also walking distance to 2 beaches, about 20 minutes walk to Bolabog Beach, and 5 minutes walk to the White Beach, super well located so you can easily get to all the party and beach areas of the island. The hotel is also located just 15 minutes driving from the port, easy access for travel.

9. Visit the night market

If you think Boracay us just all about all things tourist, then you should visit the local night market. Never miss a chance to discover the local side of every place you’re visiting. There is always a beauty in discovering local life and everyday activities of locals living in the place you are visiting. In the market, you can buy souvenirs, fruits or just eat some local food. Filipinos are extrememly friendly and they can speak English really well, so it’s very easy to communicate with them everywhere, making travel in the country really easy.

10. An authentic Chinese food experience

Chinese dinner things to do in Boracay

Can’t really separate food with travel! During our first few days of stay in the island, we had an amazing Chinese lunch. Rachel and I are fond of Chinese cuisine all the time. We enjoyed noodle soups, desserts, rice and authentic Chinese dishes. The Chinese decoration is also very inviting, something they really know how to do, what with all their beliefs surrounding design and architecture. Loved the Chinese food in
Wang Shan Lo Restaurant. Highly recommended!

Hope you got well informed about the things to do in Boracay. After our visit, we now understand why people love traveling here. Yes, it can be really touristy, and if you’re in the sole retreat, there may be some areas not suitable for you, but we had an excellent time in all the places we visited. The beaches were warm and clear, the place is always surrounded with music and happy people, and there are activities to do everywhere – we are definitely coming back!

How about you? Will you be adding Boracay to your Philippine travel itinerary? Let us know in the comments below!

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