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Review of Ambassador Hotel in Kyrgyzstan

The Ambassador Hotel is the top most luxurious hotel in Bishkek, Kyrgyztan.

My stay in the Ambassador Hotel was at the end of my trip around the Baltic Countries, Russia and Kazakhstan. That was after two months of traveling in those countries. Kyrgyzstan was my last stop in Asia before leaving to explore Dubai in the Middle East.

Due to my plans changed, I could only stay in Bishkek during my visit to Kyrgyzstan. I fell in love with the country and the city of Bishkek, thanks in part to my visit to Ambassador Hotel. I love Asia and when I got to Kyrgyzstan, all the things reminded me of Asia like street food, street life and very welcoming people.

Where is Ambassador Hotel located?

Upon reaching Ambassador Hotel, you can feel how nice everything was. The building is sharing a facade with the French embassy. Once you go inside, you will realize why it is one of the best hotels in Bishkek and why they have so many rewards.

Ambassador Hotel is located in the business area of Bishkek. And less than 10 minutes walking distance to the city center. Where you can see the main landmarks Ala-Too Square, Government House and beautiful parks around there.

There are a few restaurants around the hotel. And it´s easy to find transportation nearby if you don’t feel like walking. Or just ask in the reception and the nice staff of Ambassador Hotel will fix for you. I love the location of the hotel. It is in a very quiet neighborhood but still very accessible in the touristic points of Bishkek.

First impressions at Ambassador Hotel

Reading at Ambassador Hotel.

I was very well received and welcomed by Ambassador Hotel´s staff. They showed me the room and gave me a small tour around the hotel. The staff were especially caring with me, making my visit to Bishkek very special. I have to say that the staff made me super welcome – one of the best staff that has ever welcomed me in a hotel.

Since I needed to work everyday online and I had a problem with my laptop during my stay at the hotel, the staff provided me with a laptop at the same moment so I was able to catch up with work. These small details made my stay incredibly comfortable.

Eating and going around

Breakfast at Ambassador Hotel.

I´ve already mentioned how close the Ambassador Hotel is with restaurants and the main landmarks, less than 10 minutes walking distance. You will love to try Kyrgyz local food. But I have to say that I loved breakfast at the Ambassador Restaurant. It was great to have so much variety of food. You can find local cuisine and combine them with some Western food. Oh yeah! You will always miss your cuisine wherever you go  and it’s great when you have the chance to try again.

You can find cereals and dried fruits which is very healthy for breakfast. There are various fruits and juices. At the same time you can find one of my favorites Kefir, a sour milk which is perfect for starting your day. There is a buffet service where you will find different choices. I mentioned cereals but there are also different breads and various incredible starters like salmon and cheese. There is also a la carte service where you can order eggs, omelette and other breakfast dishes.

Facilities, services and staff at the Ambassador Hotel

Bar inside at Ambassador Hotel

Bar outside at Ambassador Hotel.

There are other areas at the Ambaassador Hotel that you will definitely enjoy. I liked the bar on the top which is open from 5pm until midnight. In the bar, there are comfortable chairs where you can get a view of the city while having tea, coffee or beer. You can also enjoy the atmosphere inside the bar where they also are offer dinner service. In the bar, you can relax after walking around the city. I personally enjoyed the top roof views while reading one of my favorite books.

If you need to do business, you should know that there is a Conference Hall at the Ambassador Hotel. It looks like a perfect place to have a meeting or to organize an event.

Conference Hall at Ambassador Hotel.

My favorite place at the Ambassador Hotel was the sauna. The sauna is located in a building next to the hotel. You just need to inform the staff that you would like to use the sauna and they will prepare for you. The sauna is fully equipped and you will find towels, bath cloths and everything that you need for the sauna. It was great that I didn’t need to carry one from my room. Sauna is very spacious and there were a couple of showers outside to use, before and after the sauna.

There are two comfortable chairs where you can relax and enjoy while resting from the sauna and while watching TV for your entertainment.

sauna at Ambassador Hotel.

If you want to stay fit during your trip, Ambassador Hotel is a perfect place for that. There is a gym where you can exercise, and after exercising you can go direct to the sauna. There is even a chance for you to enjoy a massage. Just ask the staff and they will give you the details.

If you need to work, it’s also a perfect place to do it. You will find Wifi everywhere and the speed of the connection is fast. The rooms will provide you a comfy chair and table to keep up with your job.

If you need help with your transportation, Ambassador Hotel will help you to get a taxi or rent a car, if you want to go for long distances. Just ask the staff in the reception, and they will make everything easy for you.

The Room

Room at Ambassador Hotel.

I stayed in a standard room at the Ambassador Hotel. The room was fully equipped. A desktop with a chair to finish my work. There was also a small table with a chair to relax while watching TV or just drinking coffee or tea. A perfect king-sized-bed and TV ( if you prefer to choose your own entertainment, you will find international channels as well). There is a mini bar where you will find beers, drinks, sodas. – huge amount of choice. You will also be provided with complimentary coffee, tea and water.

View from the room.

The bathroom is big and it was fully equipped too. I was definitely not disappointed. You will get toiletries and everything that you need like bath cloths and even flip flops to stay comfortable in your room.

If you want to know more about room prices and booking, take a look here where you will find all of the available rates and different options when staying with the Ambassador Hotel.

Going Back to Ambassador Hotel?

For sure! My experience was great and I will undoubtedly visit them again, when I stay around this area of the world again (hopefully next time with Rachel!) The room, sauna, bar and the staff made my stay at the hotel wonderful. Before leaving, I had the chance to meet Eldar, the manager of the Ambassador Hotel. He explained to me about the hotel and all the rewards of the Ambassador Hotel and one of the key people who made sure that my stay was perfect and I was welcomed anytime to got there! If you are visiting Bishkek and looking for a hotel to stay, Ambassador Hotel has my strongest recommendation!

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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

charlotte Z

Monday 14th of November 2016

Thank you for the interesting posts on your blog!

I stumbled on this one when I was reading about Tagaytay. I am reminded of my trip to Kyrgyzstan a couple of years ago. And of course, did not get to stay at the majestic Ambassador hotel but at a charming little guest house called the Alpinist. My friends and I went on a hike in the mountains, and I was charmed by the raw country side of beautiful mountains and grand pine trees. Would love to return.

Ruben Arribas

Monday 14th of November 2016

I wanna return there too Charlotte! I spent just a few days in Bishkek but I didnt have time to explore the mountains and Issikul Lake.

Despite the short time I really liked the country :)