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A Weekend at Mango Valley Hotel II: A Review

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 03:06 pm

Now that we are based in the Philippines, and while gearing up for the next trips that we will do, we are staying in Angeles City , Pampanga. This is located in the Central part of Luzon, around 70 kilometers far from Manila, the capital. As we are traveling around the Philippines, we picked Subic. Visiting Subic is a throw of stone, just a couple of hours and we are in the beach. We were very excited to do this trip! Why we were still excited when we have been in Subic a few times? Because it was our first time to travel with a child for a few days. And the experience was great! He enjoyed a lot and we also had an amazing time in Subic!

Now, let’s go and talk about more details about our stay. We were hosted by Mango Valley Hotel II while we were staying in Subic.

Where is Hotel Mango Valley II located?

Mango Valley is a mini hotel situated in Subic Bay Free Port Zone. At the hotel there are two storeys and you will feel very cozy. There are rooms with garage if you are coming by car. We weren’t traveling with a car, that’s why we chose a room with a garden. Across from Mango Valley II  you will find Mango Valley III, and a few blocks from there, literally 5 minutes walking, the Mango Valley I.

How to get to Subic?

Subic is located in the province of Zambales. If you are coming from Manila, there are buses (Victoria Liner Bus) going from Manila to Olongapo. The journey is around 3-4 hours. Once you are in Olongapo, you can get to Subic Bay by taxi, jeepney or tricycle. It will take you only 15-20 minutes to reach the Subic Bay Free Port Zone from Olangapo bus station.

First impressions about Hotel Mango Valley II

Mango Valley outdoors.

We were coming from Pampanga by public transportation and it took us 2 hours to reach Subic. It was really easy to find Mango Valley II, just by asking local people. We arrived there without any problem by ourselves. We had a very nice welcome at Mango Valley!

We got a couple of hours before the check-in. But it wasn’t a problem because the staff did their best to accommodate us in the room. As always, great Filipino hospitality. The staff offered us a welcome refreshments (which was great, since at noon time, Subic can be really warm) while we were waiting for our room to get tidy.

Traveling with kids at Mango Valley Hotel.

As we mentioned above Mango Valley  has three branches. We were staying at number 2 , which was just across the Mango Valley 3 Hotel. Our Hotel was very quiet and cozy. If you choose to stay in the first floor, you will enjoy the garden, which can give you a little bit more space outside to spend some quality time by yourself or with the people you are traveling with. A good open space to relax, surrounded by some greenery. For us, it was really convenient. We were able to stay a lot of hours in the hotel without our little one getting bored.

The rooms at Mango Valley follow a wood design, which gives it a strong vibe of locality, culture, and yet still classy. All the branches follow the same style, with varying spacious rooms and wide bathrooms.

Eating and Going Around

Mango Valley has a really good location. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay in Subic, this is definitely a great choice. What’s perfect is that the moment you choose to go around, you have super easy access to everything.  If you want to go around, you will find supermarkets and shops to buy whatever you need, just around the corner. Remember Subic is a Free Port Zone and you will find really good deals 🙂

If you want to visit the mall, Harbor Point is just 5-10 minutes walking distance from Mango Valley. Inside the mall, there are many choices for shopping and for food. If you want to spend time away from the hot weather but still enjoy Filipino local food, a visit to the Harbor Point will definitely suit you.

Another choice for dinner is by visiting Pier One which is 5-10 minutes walking distance from Mango Valley. You will see a local scene full of bars and restaurants where you can have a drink until late night. At night, this place is full of life.

At Mango Valley, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Hsin Cafe. This restaurant is famous for their shabu-shabu (hotpot) meals.
We enjoyed our shabu-shabu experience, cooking our food in the center of our table, and mixing our food with a variety of tasty sauces. Dumplings, meat, noodles, vegetables… So good!! We enjoyed our Chinese-oriental dinner with our mango shakes. Did we mention that Subic is famous for being the province with one of the best mangoes in the Philippines? If you feel like trying local food, ask the staff and they will recommend you something that you will like to eat. Hsin Cafe was very quiet, the staff really nice and the food very tasty. We definitely loved our hotpot experience!

Mango Valley restaurant.

Various shabushabu sauces, a Chinese cuisine dinner treat with Mango Hotel Valley Subic.

Enjoying our shabu-shabu at Mango Valley.

What about breakfast at Mango Valley? You will feel the simple but genuine Filipino breakfast. You will find juices served with traditional Filipino dishes. Pan de sal, arroz caldo, tocino and longaniza are some of them. Also, you will find Filipino spaghetti which is very typical for breakfast in the Philippines. If you are more inclined to eating a Western breakfast, you can have toast with eggs and omelette.

Breakfast at Mango Valley Hotel.

We have to say that the staff was really nice with us and especially with our child. He enjoyed the breakfast a lot, getting spoiled (getting extra attention) by the staff with Yakult (a typical sweet milk from the Philippines) everyday.

If you want more local scenes, one short ride with a jeepney or taxi and you’ll be in Olongapo. You will find the local market and many places to to eat local food.

Facilities, Services and Staff at Hotel Mango Valley

We already talked about the restaurant and food in Mango Valley. Now, it’s time for the other services you can find in Mango Valley.

We spent a few hours doing work online, and we have to say that the connection was incredibly fast with a high speed of 20 Mbps. This is already much higher than the average Filipino home, let alone many offices in the country. If we have to choose a favorite feature in the hotel, it would be this.

We definitely work a lot during our travels, and Rachel was able to make calls abroad which was a great PLUS for us. Also, we were able to take care of all work related to all content we’re making for us and clients – photos, videos. All work done related to uploading videos and pics. Wifi connection is always little bit tricky in the Philippines but it was NEVER a problem at Mango Valley. This is why Mango Valley II is usually the place where corporate staff and clients stay when they are visiting Subic. The work is definitely prioritized.

Garden at Mango Hotel.

At Mango Valley II, there aren’t many common areas since the place is small. But you can enjoy facilities in the other branches which are very close to the hotel. If you are traveling and you want to keep fit, you can do sport and exercise at the fully equipped gym in the branch across Mango Valley II. And if you want to have some more fun time, you will have the chance to enjoy one of the favorite sports of Filipino people: Badminton. Oh yeah! There is a Badminton court at Mango Valley. How crazy is that! It´s perfect way to exercise a little bit and for me to learn a new game.

If you want to have full relaxing time, there are also massage services available in Mango Valley. Just ask the staff and they will provide all the information that you need.



The Room

Room at Mango Valley.

Our room was definitely the best in Mango Valley. It was big and spacious with a king-sized bed, small couch, desktop with a chair for a dedicated space when working. There was a big TV screen (our child enjoyed a lot) and a huge bathroom. In the bathroom we got our complimentary toiletries and also coffee and water. A huge closet bigger enough to keep all our belongings. We spent quite a lot of time in the room working in the morning.

The room was comfortable for a kid, since we had a little garden in our room, how great is that! Our child could play around the garden with his toys and for a relaxing time, he was able to watch cartoons. We also enjoyed the garden in our breaks, having coffee and enjoying the small breeze and the open space in the garden. If there’s any small area for improvement, we’re guessing that little fact that we weren’t given fresh set of slippers. Luckily, we travel bringing everything we need for basic comfort (yes, and even with that, all our stuff weighs pretty little), so we can always use our own slippers.

Going Back Hotel Mango Valley?

We felt really comfortable in  Mango Valley. We were able to do our work online perfectly in the morning at the hotel. In the afternoon, we were visiting local beaches and enjoying the sunset. In the evening, we enjoyed going around for dinner and walking around the hotel which was very quiet and fun. The location has the sweet spot of being in a very quiet location but highly accessible to everything you will ever need. It was perfect for short and productive weekend in Subic free Port Zone.

Sunset while staying at Mango Valley.

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Til the next review! Send us ANY questions you might have about Mango hotel or traveling with hotels in the comments down below.

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