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Luxury Time at The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic

Subic is one of our favorite spots to visit in the Philippines. It´s very close to Angeles City in Pampanga. We find the place quite relaxing and we enjoy every time that we go there.

Swimming in the beach, visiting restaurants, in Subic, playing with the sand and walking around the beach are simple activities that you can only do when you are by the sea. At this time we went to Subic to stay in one the city’s most luxurious hotel: The Lighthouse Marina Resort.

When you visit places like Lighthouse, you fall in love the first minute of your stay. We will tell you all about our experience and how we got spoiled in the most lavish place in Subic.

Read here how to get to Subic

Where is The Lighthouse Marina Resort located?

The Lighthouse is located at Subic Free Port Zone. It´s the perfect place for relaxing. You will find The Lighthouse at the end of the Free Port Zone – definitely a quiet place to enjoy. If you want to go around, bars and restaurants are very close in Pier One to hang out.

If you want to go to the Mall, Harbor Point, the nearest mall, is just 10-15 minutes walking distance. Our recommendation is to staying in the Lighthouse Marina Resort. If you want to visit Olongapo and know more about local life, you can go by jeepney or taxi and it will take less than half an hour to reach the hotel.

The Lighthouse also hosts weddings and also has a port for sailing. It’s definitely an eco-friendly hotel.

First impressions about The Lighthouse Marina Resort

When we reached The Lighthouse, we got a great welcome. The staff served us juices while we were waiting for our room to be prepared. After less than 5 minutes of talking to the Lighthouse team, we went to our room.

What did we see when we got to our room? SURPRISE! They prepared an amazing romantic scene for us. A full romantic setup perfect for over the top romantic getaways, honeymoons and special romantic occasions!

And if we go on details – everything you will expect from a romantic scene is there. Welcome cards, fruits and a romantic bed setup and rose petals everywhere – the floor, the bathroom, the bed. Our bathtub (as well as the whole room) was filled with rose petals, and the whole room just oozing with all things romantic! We haven’t been married but boy, this welcome does feel like the perfect after wedding setup to remember!

Room at The Lighthouse.

Romantic scenary at The Lighthouse.

Welcome at The Lighthouse.

Bathtub in the room at The Lighthouse.

Eating and Going Around

The dining part was one of the many highlights of our stay in The Lighthouse Marine Resort. Starting with the breakfast where you will find different choices. There is Western breakfast with toast, cheese, ham and even salmon. You can also try local Filipino dishes for breakfast. Coffee, tea, milk and juices. And if you feel like ordering eggs, omelette and bacon, it’s also there. I love that omelette’s are actually cooked right when you ordered, because really, that’s the only way an omelette will taste the best. And the cooking in The Lighthouse Marina resort is definitely exquisite. The chef will be ready to serve you! Going with a child? Our child was totally spoiled by the staff, keeping sweet yogurts for dessert for him. They treated him like a special guest and for parents traveling, seeing their children getting all the care they need gives them a real sense of happiness!

Great food at Sands al Fresco in The Lighthouse.

In the afternoon, you can have complimentary snacks served to you from 4-6pm. This is the time that we are always by the pool, either working, or of course, swimming (our little one can’t be stopped!) so it was perfect – snacks and drinks by the pool that are so delectable. you can get ice tea, coffee, tea or water at the pool bar. At night, there are also, yet again, complimentary night cap drinks for all the guests! Desserts after dinner, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. They will actually call you by the phone in your room, and ask you what you prefer for your night cap drinks! Perfect to relax right before you sleep.

Dinning at Sands al Fresco at The Lighthouse.

The dinner? We had our dinner at Sands al Fresco, which was so delightful. We are running out of superlatives really to describe the experience, but our expectations has been truly surpassed! (More of this later)  As prepared by The Lighthouse staff, we had a romantic dinner for three prepared for us in one of the perfect spots for dining in the hotel – right where you can admire all the beauty of the greens surrounding the hotel, with all the night lights from the lighthouse, plus the serene pool view. It was perfect. Our ever helpful and uber friendly waiter (search for his name!) suggested some of the top foods ordered in the hotel which we agreed to order for our dinner. An fof course, the food was absolutely exquisite.  We had Kare-kareng Bagnet (Kare kare is a dish cooked with beef meat and vegetables like egg plant and onions. It´s usually served with peanut sauce), plus Kebab (a big serving of it full with side dishes), mango juices (green and ripe yellow fresh mango  juices) and some pizza snacks for our little one. The dishes were really cooked to perfection, and the servings so big that we really didn’t need to order and have rice for dinner. But as typical Filipino diners (Ruben, honorary), we have rice! Everything was cooked to perfection. The Kebab is so delicious and even reminded me of the delicious local Kebab dishes in Turkey and Germany.

Dessert at Sands Al Fresco Restaurant at The Lighthouse.

While having dinner you can enjoy live music in the background. The singer for the night was also amazing, although I would say I’m not so surprised. There are actually many talented Filipinos who know how to sing well. The night was super perfect, and even if it rained right before our dinner was served, and we had to leave the open garden, that didn’t really bother us, because really, everything was just perfect. If you are up for a drink, you can enjoy 720º London Music bar next to the pool and have a drink before sleeping while enjoying the music.

If you are in the mood to go out of the hotel, Pier one is super close, a few minutes walk away from the hotel. It is highly recommended to go there to experience some of Subic’s best restaurants, with dancing and live band plus the coolness of they bay just around the Pier. If you’re not feeling any party, just walking around the beach is perfect!

Facilities, Services and Staff at The Lighthouse Marina Resort

The Lighthouse is a three-floor luxury Boutique Hotel. There are 34 rooms and the design is very modern. An attraction hightlight is of course, the Lighthouse, which is brightly colored at night. The view from the Lighthouse and under the Lighthouse with the pool is perfect. . The lobby area is very modern with different paintings. If you want to buy souvenirs from The Lighthouse, you will have some avalaible there.

The lobby at The Lighthouse.

At the first floor you will find the restaurant, lobby and the meeting room. And great surprise!! There are 3 rooms with a great view to the beach for disable people. We loved that detail in such a small place with 34 rooms having space for them is awesome. There is also a kids Club room where your children can enjoy during the day. There are many toys and everything that your child need to have fun.

Little Garden at The Lighthouse.

Next to the Lighthouse was the swimming pool. There are pool for children and adults. And also on the top of the pool you will find a Jacuzzi if you want some relax time. We have to say that we spend a lot of time in the pool. Since we were traveling with a child. He really liked the pool. And we felt very comfortable. The staff make you feel special. Just sitting down around the chair or pool chairs and the staff will provide you towel, water and even snacks. Small details like this make your staying very special. The staff were very careful also when children were swimming in the pool watching and entertaint them. So, it allows to have some relax time for yourself 🙂

At the pool in The Lighthouse.

View from the pool at The Lighthouse.

At The Lighthouse, there are sailing and scuba diving activities if you want to have some adventure inside your relax time. Also, there are wedding celebrations in the garden.

The Lighthouse at night.

The room

We already talked about the amazing romantic scenery that we found in the room. Our room was located on the third floor of the building and with an amazing sea views from the balcony. There were a couple of comfortable chairs to enjoy the views which we did before going to sleep everyday having direct contact with the beach.

Room at The Lighthouse.

There is a king-sized bed, big TV screen and a desktop to do our networking job. In the entrance we had a big cabinet to keep our belongings and it was modern style where the light went on everytime that you open the cabinet. Our sleepers and bathrope to feel more comfortable in the room were there. We really liked the bathroom very big and spacious with the transparent view to the room. There is a shower and a bathtub. You will find first quality complimentary toiletries inside the bathroom. You will find coffee, tea and water as a complimentary. There is a fridge too!

Going Back to The Lighthouse Marina Resort?

Omg! Who doesn´t want to spoil himself a lit bit? We had an amazing staying there. The place is really nice, the location is great and the views. The staff ws very friendly with us and our little child. And we had great memories at Lighthouse in Subic Bay Free Port Zone. The pool and the food were our favorite things at this luxury place. If you visit The Lighthouse you will wish staying forever!

If you want to book or have more information to stay at The Lighthouse Marina resort, click here to book your staying at Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic.



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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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