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Interview with Max from Max Around The Globe

Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 11:24 pm

Travel Interview with Max around the World - Facebook Feature

Today we are traveling with Max from Max around the globe.

I’m Max. I’m in the mid-twenties now and currently live and work in Vienna. A few years ago I felt this special rush while arriving in South America. A rush I felt while arriving in a new country and a continent I haven’t been to before, something I haven’t felt this way before.

I wanted to feel this rush of arriving in new places as often as possible everywhere. I started my quest to travel to all countries in the world and never looked back. then I started writing about my quest and my blog was born.

Max walking around.

What type of traveler would you say are you?

I’m an easy traveler. I usually use as less money as possible and try to keep the costs really low, as my budget is tight. Plus, I’m convinced, that staying in hostels and meeting people is fun. However, if the chance arises, I always prefer staying with locals to travel deeper in their culture.

What’s inside your backpack? What is that one thing that you ALWAYS have to carry.

Despite the obvious, I reckon the one special item in my backpack is my little black moleskine. I write down ideas, experiences and useful informations. I’m more old-fashioned and prefer the non-technical way of making notes.

Max in Cape Town.

Where do you usually sleep on your travels?

My favourites are beach bungalows. What’s better than hearing the sounds of the ocean at night or waking up and heading straight into the ocean. But usually, I sleep cheap and have no problem staying with 10 other people in a dorm. As long as nobody vomits on my stuff, like that French girl one night after partying in Bucharest, Romania.

Can you tell us your favorite adventure on your trips?

To this day, my climb of Kilimanjaro is really high on my list of my favourites adventures. My buddy Philip and me backpacked East Africa and more or less started the ascent without preparations. We instantly recognised, that climbing the highest mountain in Africa is not an easy thing to do and we learned it the hard way.

One night we came across the quote – pain won’t last, so suck it up! – That’s when we gathered all our spirit and energy to make our way to the top. One of the best moments of my life was standing on the edge of Kilimanjaro watching the sun rise on the highest point of Africa. Wow!

Are you usually traveling alone? Why?

It really depends. I think travelling is fun in anyway. When I travel alone I usually meet the most incredible people fast and have fun with them. However, I always enjoy company and love taking my girlfriend, family or friends with me as well. The only places I actually look for travel buddies are sketchy places like Somalia last year, where my roommate Marco came with me. this time, we’ll do Afghanistan.

Which country is your favorite so far? Why?

I love different countries for different reasons. The Philippines for the islands, Iran for the immense hospitality and gorgeous sights. But the one that stands out is South Africa. I’ve fallen for this amazing place a few years ago and returned again and again. I actually plan on moving to Cape Town next year for at least half a year. The diverse culture, the laid-back lifestyle and friendly craziness is something I want to experience in my daily life.

Max in Tehran.

Which country did you find the most hospitable people?

Without a doubt Iran. My girl Victoria and me traveled to Iran in February this year and met two amazing guys, Milad and Danial. They went out of their way to give us the most incredible experience of Persian culture. But it was not only them, who made us feel more than welcome. People walking past us on the streets of Tehran would stop and say hi, asking us where we are from and so on.  It was an amazing experience.

How is a day in your life when you aren’t traveling?

My life is very colourful. There is no schedule, no agenda. usually during summertime in Vienna I’m here working crazy hours to pile up the coins for future adventures. I’m lucky to be able to spend so much time with some of my best friends while working and living together. But during winter time I’m more or less only after my quest to visit all countries in the world.

What’s the big reason why you are traveling?

To experience ways of life I haven’t seen before and meet people. It’s that kind of stuff that enriches your life and broadens your horizons. I believe that real life experiences matter more than material possessions.

Max with the hyenas.

Can you tell us about your longest trip?

After high school I wanted to go abroad. I rented an apartment in phnom penh, the capital of Cambodia, for half a year. I worked as a volunteer in a slum school in the outskirts of the city and I met many people from all over the world and usually we would travel on the weekends or do trips in between. I’ve seen most of South East Asia on that long trip and that trip was the initial start of my somehow-nomadic lifestyle.

What’s your favorite gastronomy/food cuisine that you had in your travels?

My brothers and me were very fortunate that our parents took us to Thailand often at a young age. We loved the Thai food and my father actually runs a restaurant in Vienna with authentic thai cuisine. I also love fresh fish and I’m already majorly excited to overdose on seafood on my Latin America trip in August.

Has there been any challenging and bad moments?

Of course. bad things happen and most of the time they are really annoying. For example I hate getting sick on airplanes. It happened to me three or four times already. What is it with me and bad food on airports and airplanes. Argh! These are moments I hate. But real challenges on travels are usually the start to an adventure and I never think of unplanned events as somethings that ruins my trip. Some things are not meant to be controlled and therefore are simply to cope with.

Max in Oman.

What has been you favorite destination on all the trips you’ve done?

What a tough one. I reckon it’s Cape Town. I love this place. It’s the one place I could easily see myself living. the majestic table mountain, the beaches, the artsy vibes, the lovely people and there is so much more I cherish about this place.

What’s the worst place that you have stayed in for sleeping? What’s the best?

In the backroom of a restaurant in a small town called Gisenyi, near the Dr Congolese border, in Rwanda. There was no other places left to stay and we actually would have preferred to sleep on the streets than in this filthy room, if it hadn’t been too dangerous. The best is probably the apartment I had on Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island, Puerto Rico.

One of world’s finest beaches with zero hotels and restaurants on it. There are close to zero people and you have the whole beach to yourself in front of the door. Amazing!

Are you planning for a new trip or do you already have a new trip in mind?

I’m travelling from Mexico to Panama at the end of summer. I got Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia planned for october. New Zealand and California for November, then probably Eastern Europe again until December or if I can pull it off South Africa again 😉 And then Iceland for New Years. It will take my UN count up to hopefully 90.

Max with Iran.

Its easy to find love while you are traveling?

I don’t know. However I know that it’s easy to meet people and make friends on the road.

How do you finance your trips?

Writing as a freelancer, running my website and during summer working crazy hours in a restaurant, where I pile up most of my funds for the rest of the year.

How many hours do you spend blogging? How do you manage during your travels?

Not as many as I wish I would. I try to write more and more. As long as there is functional wifi on my travels there is always time for some work.

Which one is your favorite post?

The one where I write about eye-opening travel experiences. A post I am really proud of.

Do you have any recommendations which blogger/traveller should I interview next?

What about Michael Wasserman from He’s been to more than 70 countries and his son is probably the best travelled kid on the planet. What a story!

Max in Jordan.

Amazing travel stories from Max, thanks for your time!

Max won’t stop traveling until he visits all countries in the world. Great stories from Africa, volunteer days in Cambodia and great experience in Iran. Max shows us that you don’t need much for traveling. Everything starts with having a great passion.

To keep following Keef  Max’s travel stories, check out his blog. Make sure that you follow Max in his social media Facebook and Instagram, to get inspired with his travels.

Stay inspired dearest you and see you soon! x

Ruben Arribas is the co-founder of Gamintraveler and a Spanish traveler who has traveled to more than 100 countries around the world. He is now a full-time digital nomad.


Wednesday 14th of September 2016

Great interview! It sounds like he's been just about everywhere.

max leyerer

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

@B not yet , but I'm on it! ;)

Ruben Arribas

Wednesday 14th of September 2016

Thanks! Yeah, Max will visit all the countries soon :)


Wednesday 14th of September 2016

Lovely interview. Glad to read that I am not the only one still traveling with a note book along (not using moleskin tho :P). Looove to pen down some ideas and read it all later on :)

max leyerer

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

thanks norman! safe travels :)