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Time Oak Hotel & Suites: A Review

Time Oak Hotel and Suites Dubai Travel Review by Gamintraveler - Facebook (2)

Time Oak Hotel was my second stop during my trip in Dubai. My first trip in the Middle East was in summer season where temperatures were reaching 50 ºC. I was enjoying luxury life in Dubai and Time Oak Hotel & Suites was great place for staying.

After a couple of days in the Middle East, little by little you get used to the life in Dubai. Not many people are walking around due to the heat. Air condition works everywhere. There are even bus stops that have air conditioned.

Time Grand Plaza gave me the amazing opportunity and also hosted me in Time Oak Hotel and Suites. Let me share to you the whole experience!

Where is Time Oak Hotel & Suites located?

Time Oak Hotel is located very close to Dubai Internet City metro station, just 10 minutes walking distance. And from there, you can reach Dubai International airport in 30 minutes, Dubai Mall for 15 minutes and Mall of Emirates for less than 10 minutes. Location is definitely great – easy access to everything you will need in Dubai.

Quick facts about Time Oak Hotel. There are 216 rooms and suites complimented by three food and beverage outlets. There are also meetings rooms, pool area, gym and even an organic garden.

First impressions at Time Oak Hotel & Suites

Coutyard at Time Oak Hotel.

I was coming from Time Grand Plaza Hotel after staying two days with them (check here if you want to read the review) before I moved to Time Oak. I had to ride a shuttle from Grand Plaza to the Time Oak and what they had for a shuttle? Fu*#! (haha!) We had to ride a Hummer H3! Now isn’t that an adventure in itself? ha! Too bad the travel was short. I love cars and it was my first time riding this car so that was definitely one of the highlights of my day. The driver welcomed me with a big smile plus cold water and towel for my face. That was a sweet gesture knowing that the temperature is really hot ( 50 degrees!). Nice touch.

The manager was ready to receive me in the next hotel, with a short introduction and with a focus on just saying hello and asking me if everything has been well for my trip (well it has!). A staff took my luggage to the room and after the check-in, I headed for lunch with the manager.

I really liked the design in Time Oak, it looked like very modern and classy but still with a personal touch. I think everything becomes better with all the warm people that surrounds you in these trips. I can’t describe how good the experience has been. Among all the luxury things that I experienced in this whole trip, the welcome that I felt from the team of Time definitely topped everything.

Eating and Going Around

If you go around for a walk around Time Oak, there are a few restaurants and supermarkets ready if you need to buy something. And the best thing, the metro station is less than 10 minutes walking. And once you go to the metro in Dubai, you can reach the places very fast since it works working efficiently.

Petals Restaurant at Time Oak Hotel.

Time Oak offers a complimentary breakfast buffet at Petals Restaurant. The breakfast and food was really good. For breakfast, you’ll find a wide range of food to choose from –  salad, yogurts, bakery, breads and fruit juices. You can make your order your own preference and the cook will prepare for you in a few minutes. For lunch and dinner the buffet has an even more wider variety of dishes. There are a lot of local dishes choices and Westerns too. I really loved the desserts. I also loved that there is the possibility to have your breakfast in the Petals Terrace with is next to the restaurant. Brilliant idea!

Great food at Time Oak Hotel.

A lot of options for dessert at Time Oak Hotel.

Vanilla Cafe & Lounge is in the courtyard. I liked the overall style and vibe of the courtyard with the tables, couches, TV and newspapers where you can order your coffee. It’s a perfect place for relaxing. You can watch TV or you can read the newspapers.

If you are in the pool area swimming and you feel like drinking or eating something, the Waves Pool Lounge can make sure that they cover all your needs. Or you can just order a smoothie while reading a book.

Buffet in Petals Restaurant at Time Oak Hotel.

And of course, there is room service which I tried and it definitely not disappointed! Just a phone call and your dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. So instead dressing for dinner, I decided to just have shower and the dinner came just the right time. The smoothies and pasta I ordered were delectable.

Facilities, Services and Staff at Time Oak Hotel & Suites

Pool at Time Oak Hotel.

And of course – the pools! I will definitely not forget to mention the pool area as I love to swim a lot. The area was great with the pool-chairs and there is a bar if you need refreshment. You can also enjoy and relax in the Jacuzzi with the warm water, bubbles and music. And well, I wouldn’t pass on that. Next to the pool area you can find the organic garden. This area is really nice. Because there is a small area for the kids with a small park fully equipped with all things fun and happy, just in case you are traveling with your kiddos. There are special classes for your kids if they want to learn how to swim. There are aqua fitness classes for adults too.

There is a gym, the Power Fitness Zone Center open 24 hours. If you want to exercise, the gym is fully equipped and with a monitor if you need help. After gym, you can enjoy the sauna and the steam room.

There is a salon for ladies and gents, if you need styling help while you are visiting Dubai. And why not? A massage is also available. A massage is now a must everywhere, especially as travelers of all kinds can always use the relaxation.

Organic Garden at Time Oak Hotel.

There is a terrace where you can have shisha. As you know, this is a must in Dubai to feel the real local experience. There are some well placed TV screens if you feel like watching. I was so interested in the Olympic Games and I loved the place. It looks like an open space and I liked staying in the area.

Shisha place at Time Oak Hotel.

If you want to spend time outside, Time Oak Hotel will make things easy for you. There are shuttles going to the airport, beach and Mall of Emirates, the second largest mall in Dubai. There are also tours if you feel like visiting around Dubai, just ask in information and the staff will guide you. Prices and schedules!

The room

The room at Time Oak Hotel.

I stayed in the Deluxe room at Time Oak and it was exquisite! The room was quite spacious – more than enough for myself. I enjoyed my welcome fruits, cold water and coffee. The bathroom is big and you will find all the complementary things that you need for your stay. I liked the small couch where you can relax enjoying coffee or just reading. I have my own desk with my chair which was a nice touch – I always love having a personal area for work since I work a lot even if I travel. When you work online sometimes there’s the assumption that you can work anywhere. And although there’s a truth to that. There are times that you can only focus in a dedicated and good space for work. The connection was very fast and I didn’t have any internet issues while I was working. One other favorite part was the balcony where I have the view to the pool, and which also makes the area cool during the evening.

Complimentary toiletries at Time Oak Hotel.

One great thing about Time Oak is that that it’s super convenient if you are staying longer as a family. There are suites with kitchens which are fully equipped with everything that you will need for cooking. I had the opportunity to take a look at the suites with kitchens and how well they are done.  The design of the hotel is very smart and efficient and they can join an extra room with your deluxe room if you require to have a much bigger space in cases you’re traveling with your family, or if you are spending time meeting more friends in the city. Real great if you travel with more people and you want to have more privacy is great!

Going Back to Time Oak Plaza Hotel & Suites?

Two thumbs up! I can recommend Time Oak to everyone based in my own experience – everything was great! I liked the design of the hotel and their friendly staff. It’s a perfect place for families, for business and for traveling purely for the experience and pleasure.Time Oak can adapt to all your needs. With a location accessible to every thing you will need in Dubai, you can have the city experience you want or stay and have your private time.

This is the second part of my amazing experience traveling in Dubai. I had an incredible time and I hope I was able to share even a part of that experience with you in this post! Tell us what you think in the comments below! 🙂

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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!


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Ruben Arribas

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Thanks Sonali, the experience was great :)