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Review of O´Learys-Sports Restaurant

Restaurant and Food Review - O Learys Sports Dubai - Featured

Steak at O’Learys Sports  Photography: Khym Pasco Dizon


Something that you can’t really separate from travel is food. As you travel to different countries that have a culture different from yours, you get to discover new and exciting food. Today, I’ll give you a review of one of the restaurants I visited in Dubai  – the O´Learys-Sports Restaurant.

I found O´Learys-Sports Restaurant while I was traveling in Dubai for a week, after my trip around the Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. O´Learys- Sports Restaurant is located at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. O Learys is a  popular Swedish restaurant chain. The restaurant is focused in sports which is quite attractive for a traveler like me who likes to stay updated with the sports events even if I was moving to various places. At the restaurant, you can find screens everywhere for convenient viewing. There are video games and other recreation if you are staying in the restaurant with your friends, of if you’re a family traveling with kids. O´Learys- Sports restaurant is very new in Dubai and definitely a good food spot.

O´Learys restaurant.


What’s my experience eating in O’Learys-Sports?

I definitely dig the vibe! And no, it isn’t just because I’m a guy. I genuinely love sports and I even watch live games if I can. Of course when traveling, that’s not your top most priority, but I keep myself updated, especially with the Olympics on! In the restaurant, I was able to enjoy highlights of the game at the company of delicious food. And that’s a combo that I definitely enjoy!

O´Learys is perfect if you plan to eat as a group. Since there are games like basketball where you have the chance to start a small competition with your friends, it’s definitely a great place to stay and spend a fun afternoon or evening! There are pinballs and classic video games – it was a strike of nostalgia! I’m a big fan of  the Mario Brothers video games when I was young, so there was that feeling! There are a ton of entertainment choices so a lot to choose from, depending on who you will be eating with at that particular day. But if you are looking for some personal time, you can still enjoy a fine meal and get the privacy you need as there’s ample space between the eating area and the recreation space. You can definitely still have a nice time just sitting down and having conversation with friends.

Video Games O´Learys.


And now of course, for the food!


What to eat in O´Learys

I was at O’Leary’s scheduled to meet and eat with other people and I came first at the said time. The staff escorted me to a place appropriate for how big our group was and made sure I was comfortable while waiting – popcorn, drinks and WIFI. 😉 It’s pretty basic for sure, but when you are traveling, you’ll be surprised at how not all the restaurants are like this. So I was happy to have that feeling of welcome while I wait for more people to join me.

O´Learys tables.

One thing I really noticed was the well planned seating arrangement of the restaurant. I walked around, and all the TV screens were well positioned that wherever you seat in the restaurant, you will definitely be able to have a good view of the sports shows.

Chicken winds at O´Learys.

Fan of American dinner and meat? Well these doesn’t really go out of trend. And if you are a fan of meat and American dinner, you will love this place. Here is the full menu of O´Learys. We ordered some  chicken wings and Caesar salad for starters. There were four of us who ate together. There were also soups and nachos for starters in the menu.

Caesar sald at O´Learys.

I liked both of them, although if I need to choose one, salad was better! At O’Leary’s, no alcohol can be served. There are some non-alcoholic beers if you really need that for quench thirsting. I personally love beer but I was happy to taste a new drink and it tasted good. 🙂

Steak with corn at O´Learys.

The main course I ordered was the O’Leary’s steak – served with corn, tomato and lemon. The meat was cooked perfect – not too fried and not raw, and quite enough for me.  And if you don’t know me, I should tell you that I eat a lot!

Dessert at O´Learys.

And after a good meal, I love having coffee especially when I’m really having a great time and want to extend the conversation with the people I’m with. I tried O’Leary’s Mocha coffee which was great. And for dessert, I had cheesecake which was served with strawberries.


If I had to rate O’Leary’s, I would say 4.5 out of 5. I love sports and this is definitely my restaurant of choice! I’m a big foodie and I love to eat a lot 🙂 Everything was very clean, the staff very friendly. They served the food quite fast and warm. And about prices, quite affordable for the quantity of servings and the quality of cooking and service in the restaurant. I super recommend O’Leary’s, especially if you are feeling the sports vibe at any moment that you are staying in Dubai!


Want us to write more about food when traveling? (And yes, that means local food and lux – whatever the vibe is for the day). Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try our best to catch more food moments when traveling!

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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!