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Gallery Park Hotel & SPA, a Châteaux & Hôtels Collection: A Review

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My visit to Gallery Park Hotel & SPA, a Châteaux & Hôtels Collection was at the beginning of my Russian trip. Riga was my second stop for this trip, right after my stay in Vilnius.

My five- star Gallery Park experience made me see and experience Riga in a whole different level. Staying at the Gallery Park Hotel & Spa that day felt amazing. Read my experience and full review of the Gallery Park Hotel & Spa in Riga.

Gallery Park Hotel & SPA, a Châteaux & Hôtels Collection

Gallery Park definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s no wonder that it was awarded the Best Hotel in Latvia. The building was built first in 1875, over 100 years! A merchant Joan Joachim Fenger ordered to design a neo-classical style mansion for his family. That’s why Gallery Park has only 23 rooms, because it was designed for a family at that time. If you want to know more about all the rich history and stories behind the Gallery Park Hotel & Spa, read here and get full details and information.

Where is Gallery Park Hotel & Spa located?

It’s located in the heart of Riga, surrounded by beautiful parks and just 10 minutes walking distance from the Old City Town in Riga. All the landmarks are very close: the Black Head House, Riga Cathedral and St. Peter´s Church. Also, restaurants and bars are all within walking distance. This is why it’s very appealing to stay in Gallery Park as you’ll easily have access of the best things Riga has to offer.

First impressions at Gallery Park Hotel and Spa

Gallery Park Hotel & Spa living room.

I was well received and welcomed by the Gallery Park Hotel’s staff. They gave me a tour around the hotel and showed me to my room. Gallery Park made my stay in Riga EXTRA special. The staff was very accommodating and helpful with all my needs. And since I love details, little gestures like calling me immediately once I got settled in the room to make sure everything works well was something I loved – hands down Team Riga! 😉

Eating and Going Around

Gallery Park Hotel & Spa Restaurant.

Gallery Park is close to all landmarks, bars and restaurants in Riga. All about 10 minutes of walking distance. Imagine all the rich culture, and well, FOOD. But if you want to go for the five-start experience in Riga, Gallery Park has its onsite restaurant. The Renomme Restaurant has been included in the Top 5 Best Restaurants of Europe in 2014. Boom! In the restaurant, you can try Latvian cuisine in its finest. There are even private dinning rooms for smaller groups in case you prefer a cozy yet private dining time. Check out their new Latvian Classics Menu served at Renomme Restaurant! I highly recommend it.

Gallery Park Hotel & Spa Hall.
The Gallery Park bar with old classic design is open 24 hours. It´s a place when you can relax and enjoy your drink – great for personal times or even just enjoying with a partner or new friends. I especially loved the breakfast at the Gallery Park because it showed what Renomme Restaurant is best known for – serving a wide variety of food. You will find bread, fruits, juices and cereals. You can also order at your convenience and they will prepare in just a few minutes. Omelette, salmon, cheese – all of them DELICIOUS! I found local products and even products from different countries. A la carte service!

Also, as part of their all-around luxury service, Gallery Park can serve the scrumptious breakfast to your room. Just book the service and they’ll do the rest!

Facilities, Services and Staff at Gallery Park Hotel & Spa

Gallery Park Hotel & Spa Bar

There are lot of great areas in the hotel where you can stay at. The bar can be a good place to relax with coffee or tea before lunch. The grand hall has a big piano — making the common room very moody and artistic. You can just sit down on the sofas and enjoy a good book, an amazing conversation maybe with new people you’ve met or even just to look around. Gallery Park Hotel and Spa is definitely a collection by itself.

There are 4 floors in the building:

The first floor – includes the receiving area, dining hall, and the Gallery Park Hotel and Spa bar.

2nd-4th floor –  Where are the 23 rooms of the hotel are located

The hidden place in Gallery Park is the ground floor where you can enjoy the Spa, sauna, pool and the gym. It´s a cozy place, super relaxing and definitely luxurious. There are services for massages, pedicure and all types of relaxing services.

A small gym is very important for the luxurious lifestyle. If you want to stay fit during your travels, I’m sure you are constantly looking for options to maintain your physique, whether it’s healthy food options or gym halls. I love doing sport during my travels. And after the gym, you can go direct to the sauna and the pool. The pool looks great and exquisite – small and with the perfect temperature of 26 degrees. You can go inside the sauna, until 120 degrees maximum – it’s too much for me. I didn’t even stay over 80 degrees ha! And after that you can relax, swim in the pool or just lay down in the small lie beds.

Gallery Park Hotel & Spa

Which one was my favorite part at Gallery Park Hotel and Spa? Definitely the sauna and the pool where I spent a big part of my time here. The place, though very luxurious feels very personal. Small and  beautiful. It was perfect for a relaxed time in Riga, especially after spending the whole day going around the city. The hotel is also fully equipped. Another great thing is that the spa area is open from 6 am to 10 pm, so there’s a lot of freedom for you to come in when it’s comfortable for you. No need to feel like you’re rushed.

For convenience and other amenities, there is a parking area in the entrance of the hotel, if you are coming by car. There is a small garden where you can sit down and relax, if you like to admire the beauty of the historic building or if you fancy to just walk around the hotel – definitely a lot to see because the hotel itself and the building is full of the historical and classical feel.

The hotel offers a chauffeur service whenever you need it – definitely a must in luxury service. If you want to visit the Baltic countries in their Mercedes S-Class, going around Riga – that’s an option you can have. For complete convenience, you can also have them pick you up from the airport.

The Room

The room at Gallery Park Hotel & Spa

While I was at the Gallery Park Hotel and Spa, I stayed in the  Junior Suite Room. The room was fully equipped, and for a solo traveler like me, it was perfect. A king-size bed, TV (if you like to check local and international entertainment),  a desktop and small table with chairs where you can work with your laptop comfortably. That last part I loved since I work online even during my travels. I must say that wifi was actually pretty fast – impressed! There is a minibar where you will find a few drinks and also snacks — sodas, water, wine or beer, various options. You get to have a big bathroom, fully equipped.

I loved the personal welcome with  Olesja, the Marketing Manager of Gallery Park Hotel & Spa. Had an amazing time touring the hotel. A few cakes were waiting for me on my room table with a small letter wishing me a perfect stay – sweet and personal! The time they gave me for the tour, plus some historic stories about the hotel and the surrounding areas is definitely amazing as these historical stories and culture are one of the most valuable things you can gain when you travel.

Going Back to Gallery Park Hotel & Spa?

My experience was amazing and there’s not even a slight doubt that I would recommend you guys to stay here. Romantic celebrations, or just a personal time for you — the Gallery Park Hotel and Spa is definitely the place to stay in Riga. 5 Star experience assured!

Hope you had a great time reading this review! Now you don’t need to scour the internet for a 5-star Riga experience.

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