How to spend a weekend in Jakarta

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A beautiful weekend traveling in Jakarta Indonesia - Featured

Is visiting Jakarta in your bucket list? Then you’re in for a treat. Today we’ll tell you some amazing things you can do in Jakarta. Get ready for a thrilling 48 hour plan weekend in Jakarta!

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How to spend a weekend in Jakarta

Jakarta is located in the northwest coast of the island of Java. Jakarta has over 10, 000 000 million in population and has various languages, dialects, food and customs. For more information about Jakarta, click here.

Where to sleep in Jakarta

While visiting Jakarta during the weekend in Jakarta, there are some very good options for sleeping.  Go check simple online hotel booking to see ample information on how you can book a stay with them.

How to get to Jakarta

If you are traveling around Southeast Asia, there are many cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and Singapore to fly to Jakarta. There are flight companies where you will find the best deals.


If you are visiting Indonesia for a weekend, I’m sure that visa will not be an issue. There are 169 countries which have free visa ( 30 days) for visiting Indonesia.

What to eat in a weekend in Jakarta

For visiting Jakarta, there are many foods to try. Indonesian food is great and there are a lot of choices. For your weekend, you must try bakso and sate. Both are served in local restaurants and even as street food. Prices start from 1-2 USD.


Visiting Jakarta: Sate

It’s mainly cooked with beef, chicken or pork. It´s served in a bamboo stick and barbecue grilled. It’s served with sauce or rice. We personally recommend trying it with peanut sauce.


Bakso when visiting Jakarta
Bakso noodles  Photography: Jue Asna

Beef meatballs served in a flavoured broth with noodles, egg, tofu and vegetables. We can recommend this dish for lunch when spending a weekend in Jakarta. Follow the locals to try the best Bakso in Jakarta. They simply know the best place to find it!

What to do in Jakarta

Visit Pasar Baru

If you want to feel the local Jakarta, you can walk around Pasar Baru. In this market, you will find many locals and where local go, you will also find the best prices, especially for clothes and watches. Prices start from 1 USD. Visiting this market during the day will make you feel that you are visiting the real Jakarta.

Nightlife in Jakarta

If you are visiting Jakarta for the weekend, the nightlife definitely offers many plans. There are many bars and clubs in Jakarta. Take a look at the popular street Jalan Jaksa for the nightlife where you will find bars, clubs, cafe and food choices.

Visit National Museum

In Central Jakarta, you can find the National Museum to know more about the Indonesian history and culture. Close to the National Museum, you can head to Merdeka Square and see the National Monument. It´s a tower ( 132m called Monas) which symbolizes the fight for Indonesia. It’s open from 8 am to 3 pm.

Visit Istiqlal Mosque

Train and Istiqlal Mosque, a really great place to see in Jakarta.
Train and Istiqlal Mosque  Photography: Anthony Cramp

It´s a must in Jakarta visiting the National mosque, since in Indonesia more than 80% of the population are Muslims. The mosque was built to commemorate Indonesian Independence. The name Istiqlal, means “independence” in Arabic language. It´s the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and it´s located in Central Jakarta.

We are sure that with all these tips, you will have an amazing weekend visiting Jakarta! Other things to do in Indonesia, check this amazing list from my friend Dan.

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Happy Travels everyone! x

Tell us why you would like to visit Jakarta in the comments below. Have more places you want us to write about? Drop it in the comments and we’ll make it happen.

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