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Next Trip: Traveling Lithuania to China Overland

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 01:41 pm

Traveling overland from Lithuania to Russia - Gamintraveler back on the Road - Featured

It’s been a while but I am FINALLY back on the road! So happy to be able to share all these stories to all of you. (Smile and heart emojis. You know it. I love you all! )

Gamintraveler with the world map.

Looove the map!!! Always feel excited when I look at a map.

After a few months working and staying in Spain (my home country), I decided to go hit the road again! So if anyone is traveling around Russia and the neighborhood countries in the coming few weeks, you should let me know so we can arrange a meetup! 🙂

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Traveling from Lithuania to Russia Overland

Vilnius, Lithuania was my first stop for this trip.

Vilnius is beautiful as always!!!

First leg of the trip was Vilnius!  I’ve already been in Vilnius and around the Baltic countries before, but since I wanted to travel to Russia, and the cheapest flight near Russia was from Vilnius, so I figured I can spend a few days in the city before heading to Russia. It’a s always great time, visiting the Baltic countries, especially in summer time. Read here how to get from Vilnius airport to city center

Trakai Lithuania is a very touristic spot in the country.

Trakai, Lithuania — Very touristic spot! Loved the ambiance, although it was a little bit chilly and rainy.

After Vilnius, I visited Riga for a couple of days, where I was happily hosted by the Gallery Park Hotel and Spa. It was a great stay, and from there, I headed to Estonia, then hitchhiked to  Russia where I plan to spend a few weeks.

The Gallery Park Hotel and Spa was filled with neo-classical style and vibe.

The Gallery Park Hotel and Spa was filled with neo-classical style and vibe.

Narva River separating Russia and Estonia

This river looks very beautiful, sitting in the Russian border.

The trip in Russia started from the amazing Saint Petersburg. After visiting Saint Petersburg, I will go down Novgorod. I´ll be stopping there for a couple of days on the way to visit the capital: Moscow for a few days. From the capital of Russia, I will go on the way to Kazakhstan visiting Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and on the way to Astana the capital of Kazakhstan.

Once I reach Kazakhstan, I will spend about 15 days there . Why only 15 days?? Well, I have a  15-day free visa, no money and no documents. I guess for my first time visiting Kazakhstan, it will be fine. And I hate spending time and waiting for visas when traveling. There is always time to go back to the country if I will really like, something I’ve done with a lot of the countries I’ve visited before —  like Philippines and Thailand. I packed very light for this trip like always — around 8-10 kilos all my luggage.

Traveling from Lithuania to Russia

One of my plans in this trip is to get to China overland, but I would also love to meet Rachel, my girlfriend and the other half of Gamintraveler as soon as I can. So until today, the plans are not set on stone yet, so you should see me updating you via email, Instagram or Snapchat.

There are two possibilities: from Kazakhstan –  keep traveling to Kyrgyzstan where I can get a free tourist visa for long time. And from there, I can stop for a while and apply for tourist visas to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. I guess they aren’t difficult to get, I just need money and some time to wait for all the processing so I can get the necessary documents and the visas.  I can also try to get a Chinese visa in Kyrgyzstan if it’s possible. So I can start traveling from Kyrgyzstan without being worried about any visa issue – which can be a pain for travellers. Plus it’s way to easier to make plans and travel itineraries if all the visas are prepared.

If I go to China, I will spend a month traveling around China and I will check if there is any chance to work there. I can then extend my visa or come back. It’s a great opportunity to work in China — you can get more knowledge about their culture which is very interesting to me, as it is very unique and can be quite different to that of European culture. And at the same time, you can get some money to keep traveling.

traveling with Rachel.

The alternative plan is to meet Rachel in the middle of the trip. Possibly in Dubai if we work out all the projects and collaborations there successfully. We’d have to update you on that soon, too. We can travel together a couple of months around Dubai and there are also other interesting countries like Georgia and Armenia, where both of us don’t need a visa to enter. So that part is easy, and doesn’t require a lot of planning in advance especially since all of our work right now is online, so we can pretty much travel and bring our work with us. Or we can also travel together around China, Indonesia, the Philippines and other neighboring countries, while we work together on the blog and a lot of social media and digital freelancing work, and of course, writing on the blog to share our stories with all of you.

We will stop in the Philippines for a few months (this is for sure!!!) while traveling around Southeast Asia. And who knows, this time around we might be able to prepare better and travel around the world, visit South America and stay in Europe together!

Our plans are pretty open and we are very lucky to be working online so right now, I’m just enjoying Russia, spending time with new and old friends. We’ll update you weekly again, and once some of the plans are more solid. You can always follow us on Instagram of add us on Snapchat (gamintraveler) as we are able to update those two platforms while we are on the road.

Let us know how you like this update in the comments below! I personally miss writing these real live stories while traveling on the road, so very very stoked to do this again. Have travel and packing related questions? Any questions about working online while traveling? Hit us up in the comments below, and we might plan to have a Q&A here or on Snapchat to answer all your questions live.

But enough about us! We love hearing your stories too. Introduce yourself in the comments, and tell us where you are traveling now!!! We’d love to see from where you are reading the blog, and what your travel plans are. Hopefully, you are also crossing some from your bucket list. I am totally loving visiting Russia for the fist time!!!

See you in the comments dearest wanderlusts!!! Please share to us what you think and what you’re doing now! x


Friday 15th of July 2016

Hola Ruben, por Donde te encuentras?

Ruben Arribas

Friday 15th of July 2016

Hola Nico, ahora mismo me encuentro por Kazajistan de camino a Astana!

Y tu por donde andas? en ruta?


Monday 4th of July 2016

Hi, Ruben and Rachel! Thank you for your exceptional, professional blog! You're really awesome! I nominate you for The Liebster Award! For further reading, I wrote about it, here:

Kelly Turpin

Sunday 26th of June 2016

Sound like an epic adventure. I look forward to reading more.

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 26th of June 2016

Thanks Kelly, I will try to update soon :)

Deepak Acharya

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Oh Moscow is really really beautiful. Just returned from this historic city. Enjoy !!!!

Ruben Arribas

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Thanks Deepak, I´m so excited to go there :)


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

great idea to make the ongoing trip accessible for followers (: enjoy!