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Review of Orange Pekoe Guesthouse

Last updated on June 17th, 2020 at 06:53 pm

A Review of Arange Pekoe Guesthouse Main Photo
Planning to travel and spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur? Here’s a full review of a gem we found in the busy area of the city – The Orange Pekoe Guesthouse. Read here how to get from Kuala Lumpur airport to city.

Now, before short story. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, in fact the whole Malaysia a couple of times. It’s one of the countries I really liked about Southeast Asia. Hence, my addiction to Nasi Lemak. (Well, addiction is hyperbole of course.) So before we started reviewing hotels and hostels around Southeast Asia, I know exactly how to go around the country really well, without spending a lot of money.

I also made a really good friend in Kuala Lumpur through Couchsurfing before, who always welcomes any Couchsurfer in the country who needs a free homestay. However, what we experienced with Orange Pekoe Guesthouse was amazing – heartwarming, relaxing. It totally changed the way I now looked at guest houses. So yes, even if we did have 2 nights of complimentary stay, there is nothing in the review below that is not honestly coming from experience and what I felt.

Cheesy moment done. Now the review 😉

Where is Orange Pekoe Guesthouse?

Location: 1-1 Jalan Angsoka, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. You can check this link, to have more information.

Prices: Starting from 80 Malaysian Ringgit to 140. It depends if you get a simple room or the family-type room.

Hostel Type: I would say it’s not a hostel for sure. It’s more like a home. You will find everything very clean. The staff is very helpful. Rooms and facilities are maintained to match hotel-room standard. There are no dorms and bunk-bed rooms. They have the budget, standard and superior room types.

How to get to Orange Pekoe Guesthouse

orange pekoe

Orange Pekoe is situated in Bukit Bitang. The surrounding place instantly gives you a vibe of a bar area and a noisy jungle. Full of tourists, Street markets and bars of all shapes and sizes. Orange Pekoe is like a jewel just right at the middle. It´s well comunicated with public transportation and close to restaurants and bars.

Getting Orange Pekoe from the Airport

From KLIA, take the KLIA Express Train (RM 35 one-way) which takes you to KL Sentral in 28 minutes. From KL Sentral you can take the Monorail to Raja Chulan Station or just go by taxi.

From KLIA, take the bus (RM 10 one way)which takes an hour to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral you can take the Monorail to Raja Chulan Station or going by taxi.

From Raja Chulan Station. You have to cross Raja Chulan Road and walk down Jalan Nagasari. After 100 meters you will reach Jalan Angsoka which is 3rd side-road to the left. Turn into Jalan Angsoka and you will see Orange Pekoe is the last building.

Here’s a map you can use to check out the surrounding areas and the route to Orange Pekoe Guesthouse. You can even try to go around yourself. Just drag the little guy on the bottom right corner to the location of Orange Pekoe Guesthouse on the map, and you should be able to see the vicinity, and have a short trip to the area, right from where you are right now. Now that’s rad! 

First impressions about Orange Pekoe Guesthouse

Now this is a funny memory. After going through the MRT rides and arriving at the guesthouse in the evening, we were a little surprised to find it at the middle of all the bars and the open food and night markets. We were like, “Oh, oh. Did we get ourselves into trouble, reviewing this hostel?”. haha! And that was actually the very interesting part.

When we rang the bell and finally went inside, it was a breath of fresh air. Feels like a quiet home in the middle of a street filled with Kuala Lumpur’s night life scene.  The place was once called, “The Nest”. You will still see old photos from TripAdvisor. We felt really welcomed, and at ease, and was actually really impressed when we finally got to see the area and our room.

We got there 11 pm and their friendly staff explained to us how everything in the hostel was working and answered all the questions that we have.


Facilities, Services and Staff

Orange Pekoe facilities are very clean, have I mentioned that before? ha! 😉  It is actually surprising, even with people around the guesthouse the whole day, they were able to maintain the cleanliness well. When you enter the guesthouse, you will see that there is a “no-shoe policy” that is followed in the whole guest house, and you can either leave your shoes on cabinets on the first and second floor, or bring them to your room, provided that you don’t use them in the guesthouse.

The living room is a perfect place for reading, working or watching TV. There are two computers where you can check internet 24 hours. Internet speed was also good – the guesthouse has a total of 3 floors.

You can use the kitchen/pantry where you can get free coffee, tea or hot water, 24/7, good when you want a quick drink or if you wanted to heat some food like noodles. There’s also a shared fridge where you can store your perishables, in case you are staying in the guest house for a longer time.  There is a small balcony where you can sit down and relax, and maybe have  a private conversation, if you want to be not stay in the living room area.

When you stay in Orange Pekoe Guesthouse, you will have free breakfast. You can have cereals ( two types) with milk. You can also have bread with jam. We tried the special local coconut jam from Malaysia, Kaya, which is very tasty and really fits well with a morning toast. There are also some fruits for breakfast and you can have coffee or tea. 

Staff SUPER friendly – all of them. They gave us full information whatever plan or questions we ask about. If you want to go around by bus, metro, walking or taxi, they will help you, and give you all the directions that you need with a big smile. We chose to out on an evening when it was raining, so they provided us an umbrella.

We really love small details like these. That feeling that the staff is there for you to sincerely help you with the needs you have, is actually a really good feeling. The ambiance is set to not make you feel that the staff relationship that you have with the people is about work and serving you. There’s the informality and the feeling that you are actually talking to real, local friends.

One other detail that we loved in Orange Pekoe Guesthouse was they didn’t ask us for a deposit, for everything that we have to use. In fact, no deposit at all. We SUPER appreciated that. Or at least, not having to feel that at the first second of meeting them, which sometimes happen with a lot of backpacker places. Hostels usually take $10 deposit for the key, just in case you lose it. Not here! We are responsible enough anyway




Eating and Going Around



Orange Pekoe is well situated for going around, whether you are the type that loves local places or if you love the bars and the more luxurious ones. It is right in the middle of downtown KL. If you want to eat Indian food, you will find places in the same street, open 24 hours. There are supermarkets where you can buy all that you need.

There are Chinese and Malay food just 5 minutes walking distance from Orange Pekoe. Prices are cheap for these local places where you can find a meal starting for $1 and no more than $3. So, make your choice which food do you prefer? We love Malay and Chinese food 🙂

If you want to hang out, you are lucky. There are bars very close to Orange Pekoe where you can have a beer or dance before sleeping. If not you can always have coffee or tea, 24 hours available  in the Guesthouse.

The Room 

Deluxe Room Photo, courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Our room, which was the deluxe room, was quite comfy, and we were really happy to have stayed in the room for two nights. It was quite big for us, with an area where you can place your luggage, and hang other things, like clothes, bags and jackets.

There is a bathroom inside the room which is fully equipped with hot water and with a sprinkler.  The room also comes with air condition. There is a table where we can work, with various lights and plug areas around the room.

They let people staying around the Guesthouse after doing Check out. And they will keep your luggage if you are leaving late in the afternoon.

Our experience

What we love about them. It’s SUPER peaceful and friendly inside. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good city, with a place to drink and have fun every now and then, and the vibe of the noisy local city, but going “home” for an evening of comfort and quiet, was really the best part.

We also had the priveledge to have a a long talk with the co-owner and co-founder of Orange Pekoe Guesthouse, Lupo (His special nickname!)  We had a good long talk about the history of how Orange Pekoe started, how and why they changed from the previous name, the Nest, how it evolved, how they take care of branding, the colors, why everything is the way they are, of representation, how they take care of the people working with them, and the people staying with them – really everything was planned, personalized, and made so that each one of the visitors, the staff, everyone will feel the comfort of being in a home, of being with family.




We can recommend Orange Pekoe Guesthouse 100%. Great location, staff and very clean and comfortable guesthouse – good for any type of budget you have! Accessible to KL’s downtown life, good place to rest, has access to good internet, or food and supermarkets 24 hours.

Staying again?

Without any doubt, we will definitely stay with Orange Pekoe Guesthouse again, if we are ever back in the area.  With thee positive and happy energy that we felt all the time we were staying there, and for a very reasonable budget, there’s no way you wouldn’t love staying here.  That´s very important in a Guesthouse.

We loved sharing time with Lupo, another detail that we really liked. Despite him being busy, he jumped on the first chance he had to be able to talk to us, and really spend a lot of time talking to us – a value that we truly appreciate.

So if you are ever going to downtown KL, make sure you give this little gem a chance, and you will never regret it. If you have questions, drop them in the comments down below, and we are here to answer them. Also, make sure you follow Orange Pekoe on Facebook and check more of the awesome reviews of other people on Tripadvisor.

Hope this review has been helpful for you. If you want to read more reviews, check this amazing place PARKROYAL In Penang and a great place in Singapore like 5 Footway Inn Hostel.

If you are traveling in Malaysia, check our guide to get full information.

And as always, we are here for you. We hope you travel and do what you are passionate about. x

Ruben Arribas is the co-founder of Gamintraveler and a Spanish traveler who has traveled to more than 100 countries around the world. He is now a full-time digital nomad.


Friday 8th of April 2016

Will have to look it up if we're ever out that way! Thanks!

Ruben Arribas

Friday 8th of April 2016

You are welcome Cindy :)


Friday 8th of April 2016

We had two completely different stays here, the first time was great but on the second we had a room right next to an extremely noisy water pump! When we tried to move, the staff accused us of wanting to stay for free and were extremely rude! Shame really, as other than that the rooms and location are perfect.

Ruben Arribas

Friday 8th of April 2016

Thanks Carrie! Our experience was great :) It´s a pity about the water pump problem :(

Rooms are location are perfect :)

Ruben Arribas

Friday 8th of April 2016

Such a coincidence Bernard :)


Friday 8th of April 2016

Sounds good :)

Ruben Arribas

Friday 8th of April 2016

Thanks Serra, it´s great palce for staying :)