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Bunc Hostel Singapore: Review

Traveling in Singapore can be pricey. To begin with, the country prides itself as a center of business and commerce, so it’s not really a haven for backpackers, off-beat travel destinations and other retreats. Well, not until you see the secret gems. 😉 Since Singapore is one of the most popular airport destinations when you are traveling in Asia (thanks to the very modern and classy Changi Airport), you will definitely have to pass Singapore.

We explored two of the popular budget hostels in Singapore to give you a view of what you can get when traveling the City of Lion, while traveling with a low budget. In this post, you’ll find out full details for the Bunc Hostel, in Little India, where we stayed for one night. Shortly, we’ll update you with our next hostel.

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The Bunc Hostel

Location: 15 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207372
Stay-in Price: Starts from $25 per Dorm to $120 SGD
Hostel type: Dorm Rooms, Bunk bedrooms

bunc hostel

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How to get to the Bunc Hostel

The Bunc Hostel is happily situated 5 minutes walk from Rochor Station, and inside Singapore’s Little India. The surrounding areas are full of buildings with vibrant color and a more upbeat local vibe compared to Singapore’s business center.

bunc hostel

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Getting to Bunc by MRT

If you are coming from Changi Airport, follow the steps below. It should take you around 40 minutes to reach the hostel by Metro.

– Board the train heading towards Tanah Merah Station (EW4)
– Transfer to platform B and board the train going towards Joo Koon
– Alight at Bugis Station (EW ) and transfer to the Downtown Line (Blue) heading towards Bukit Panjang Station
– Finally alight at Rochor Station ( )
– The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and costs SGD2.00 for a single trip ticket, exluding SGD1.00 refundable card deposit

Here’s an interactive map of your journey from Changi Airport to Bunc Hostel.

See a full view of the hostel and the surrounding areas, and use the interactive map to guide you through all your travel to the hostel and from the hostel. Want to see how the Bunc Hostel really looks like? If you want a complete feel of the place, just move the little man on the right side of the map and drag it to the pin location of the hostel inside the map. You will see a full view of the hostel, and the surrounding areas. You’ll feel that you are exactly in the Bunc hostel.

It was tricky for us to reach the destination since it is both Ruben and I’s first time to travel inside Singapore. However, Changi Airport is full of guides on which train to take and where each trains are going, plus everything is very modern and posed to serve you with what you need so Ruben had an easy time figuring everything. (Plus the fact that he’s good with maps and directions. I on the other hand was a good follower. Cough. ha!)

Recommended apps you can use to help you navigate a new area:

-You can use the dedicated interactive map that we have included in this post. See above.

-Alternatively, you can use a lot of offline maps that can help you move around the area, and the whole Singapore. In addition to Google Maps, we also use the Navigator App.

First Impressions

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When you reach the Bunc, the first thing you will notice is how it has differentiated itself from the places in Little India. It easily stands out amonth the colorful, old buildings as this while, minimal, and happy hostel. From the door, you’ll feel an ambience that Bunc is modern. When you enter the door, you’ll be greeted by Mac and Windows desktops, free for the guests to use.

Bunc’s first floor is composed of the receiving area, the waiting area with comfortable couch and chairs, plus a fully functional pantry with long tables where you can stay for eating or working. We immediately had the techy, modern vibes of the place and since we’ll be working a lot while staying in the hostel, we are happy to see many areas in the pantry accessible for working. We were very impressed with what we saw, knowing that the Bunc is a dorm and budget hostel, however we didn’t really expect less out of Singapore’s stay inns.

Facilities, Services, and Staff love

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We stayed at a 6-Bed Dorm Room while we were in the Bunc. Our room was in the 3rd floor and there were lifts available to take you to the different areas of the hostel. We were staying in the last floor, called “M” or mezzanine in the elevator.

Once you have secured a room through one of their perky staff, you’ll be handed a key card, which gives you access to your room door and to the bathroom doors (there are shared bathrooms, and male and female bathrooms are separate).

The Bunc has a separate wifi connection for staff and guests. And it was good to know that they have a quality connection (Yup, a whopping 30mpbs — 6 times faster that what we have at home!)

The Room

In the receiving area, you’ll have to pay $20 SGD per person for deposit which is refundable when you leave the hostel. Also, since we are bringing a couple of gadgets with us (2 laptops and 2 mobile phones), we also had to ask for adapters so we can connect to the SIngapore-style socket (they are using 3-pin sockets similar to the English plugs). We paid $2SGD deposit for each of the adapters we borrowed.

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We were escorted to our room (whew) to explain to us how the facilities are working. Rooms have air-condition operating from 6pm-10am. You get your own towels, pillows, and blankets to sleep comfortably. There is one socket for every bed which means that I had to work on the top bunk while Ruben stayed in the bottom bunk. Per bed, you’ll get your own light, charger and a shelf to leave your belongings and a compartment to put in your luggage. There is one cabinet per room where you can hang clothes and store other items that might need better attention. For us, we didn’t have to use those since we are bringing backpacks. We stored all our stuff below the bed cabinets with locks.

Bathroom’s are communal, although it wasn’t short of quality. There were at least 4-5 separate toilet stalls, a long sink with mirror for when you are brushing your teeth, a separate area for drying hair, staying with your stuff (especially girls need time when applying makeup. There were also two shower bathrooms. For men —. So all in all, we never had to feel that we have to wait for anyone to finish before we are able to do our business. Which is a great thing.

Pantry is open the whole day for everyone to stay in. There is free breakfast (yay) offered from 6am to 1030am, with so much food to choose from. Cereals, coffee, milk, bread (with oven toasters), and 3 flavors of jam. There is also a sink section, and you are required to clean after yourself after you ate. Well, not required, but at least to help the hostel keep the place very clean. There is also a toilet in the pantry area which is good, since you might be staying in the lounge or in the pantry and you don’t have to go upstairs.

What we didn’t explore a lot was the terrace at the 2nd floor. There was a large area where you can really relax with friends, or have some alone time with you reading a book or using your computer if you didn’t want to stay at the busy and techy lounge and pantry area. There are washing machines and a separate long sink where you can wash your plates, and I’m guessing that’s for when you were feeling more zen and wanted to eat at the terrace one morning.

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Traveling around

I don’t think it is hard to travel around in Singapore since there are various buses and trains you can take, plus the whole country is really safe. To leave the Bunc hostel, you need to — MTR station in less than 5 minutes walking distance to communicate with transportation.

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Eating and going around

For lunch and dinner or for those days that you really just feel to stay around your hostel, you have various options. There are a lot of Indian canteens surrounding the area. There are also some Chinese food places for when you’re feeling you need that Chinese cuisine.

Place to visit around the Bunc

Bugis Mall – 15 minutes walk from Bunc
Marina Bay – 20 minutes walk from Bunc
Bugis Market – 15 minutes walk from Bunc


Bunc Hostel is a good place to stay in if you’re working on a particular budget, can stand hmm, sleeping separate with your partner (and whatever you can’t do in a dorm room. ha!). It is very accessible to a lot of the local scene Singapore has to offer, which we really appreciated and enjoyed. It’s a perfect place for meeting people in the lobby where you can relax and converse with like-minded travelers and other travel enthusiasts.

So, is it a yes?

Oh yes! If we’re traveling with a low budget in Singapore, we will definitely go back to Bunc Hostel. Affordable, without compromise on the quality. And close enough to all the fun of the city.

If you are headed to Singapore, let us know so we can give you details! You know how to reach us. 😉

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Happy Travels!


Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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Thursday 2nd of May 2019

[…] This is the most tricky part in Singapore – the accommodation prices. Prices start at around from 15 SGD (11 USD) for a shared dorm stay. We stayed in the Bunc hostel in Little India, which we highly recommend if you are traveling in a low budget and you want to meet people, especially travelers. It’s the perfect backpacker place. If you want to know more about this hostel check our review. […]

Isabel Leong

Monday 15th of August 2016

I'm in touch with them - seems like a decent place to stay!

Ruben Arribas

Monday 15th of August 2016

I´m glad to hear that! Our experience was great. And I really like the location in Little India and just a few minutes walking distance from Bugis :)

Ruben Arribas

Thursday 21st of July 2016

Thanks Psyche, we are glad that you liked it the reviews :)

There are no courtains!! You can make your own with a towel for example haha. But every bunk bed has their own light, and they are perfect for working with the laptop or reading! So it´s not a problem if you turn off the main light.

Let us know if you have more questions about the hostel or Singapore, we will be happy to help you :)


Thursday 21st of April 2016

A very informative blog ! :) Enjoyed reading it so much :) Me and my friends are planning the stay in Singapore for a month in the coming summer. Do you think Bunc is a good idea ? :) We wonder if the locker will be a big enough to keep all our stuff ? (considering that all of us are girls haha)

Ruben Arribas

Friday 22nd of April 2016

Chloe, I´m sure is a perfect place :) You can ask them for long staying!

About the locker? There are two lockers, one under your bed and one more in the closet!

Long ttime in Singapore, what´s your plans there? Enjoy :)

Alessandra Zecchini

Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Hi Ruben, cool blog, I also like to travel a lot (Italian living in New Zealand), and sometime I blog about it, if there is a place I like or is worth talking about it. As I am a vegetarian I talk about what Vegetarians and Vegans can eat too. Ciao Alessandra