Cycling around Issoudun and Auxerre

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Cycling around Issoudun

Haciendo amigos por el camino .
Making friends on the way  .

Cycling around Issoudun the easiest day in our bicycle trip was the stage from Chateauroux to Issoudun . Cycling around Issoudun was sunny day and short distance , 40 km . Just a couple of hours took us to get Issoudun , where Camille and her family were waiting for us . It was very warm welcome , just got there , we got an amazing lunch !! Food was very tasty and we could try different French dishes and cheese .

Cycling around Issoudun
With Rene and Marie .

After eating we went to visit Issoudun ´s museum , where Camille was working . Her parents guided us in the small and quiet town . We visited a couple of friends of them and we came back home for resting . Before sleeping , we had an amazing barbecue !! We enjoyed a lot with Marie and Rene , Camille ´s parents , having nice talks about France and Spain  . They speak great Spanish !!

Barbacoa .

Cycling around Issoudun after breakfast and saying goodbye to the family . We left on the way to Auxerre , which took us a couple of days to cycle 200 kilometers . The day was long but easy in the bicycle , cycling around farms, animals , vineyards . At night , we pitched the tent in the side of the road , there was very little traffic . It was nice place without noise , where we had tables to have dinner , luckily we took the advantage , the weather was good during those days .

Con Marie , diciendo adiós .
With Marie , saying goodbye .

In the morning , we had breakfast , removing the tent , rode the bicycles to cycle until we got Auxerre . Its a small city , with great views from the river . Our host was Benoit , amazing guy , one of the best host during our bicycle trip . We only spent two days with him  , laughing and sharing travel stories . Benoit loves traveling and he was  telling us his travel experiences and listening ours .

Auxerre .
Auxerre .

Our resting day , we did touristic thing in the morning , walking around downtown and we visited Auxerre ´s Soccer Stadium , which is very famous in the city . At evening , we cooked Spanish omelette for Benoit and his family . Comunication was a mix of languages , Spanish , French and English . Great dinner with cold beer !! They enjoyed the Spanish omelette , luckily .  After dinner more travel stories and playing Playstation before sleeping .

Estadio del Auxerre .
Auxerre´s Stadium  .

Benoit was very happy guy , always smiling . Next morning , after breakfast , he joined us to our bicycle trip . he came with us until the next town just an hour cycling , guiding us the best way  to leave Auxerre .

Con Benoit , su hermana y Gonzalo .
With Benoit , her sister and  Gonzalo .

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