Cycling around Angouleme and Chateauroux

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Cycling around Angouleme

Cycling around Angouleme .
Resting  , Angouleme .

Cycling around Angouleme after resting in Bordeaux we headed to Angouleme. It was a long and hard day cycling around Angouleme 140 kilometers. On the way to Angouleme. There were many vineyards cows and sheeps. We went cycling around Angouleme secondary roads with little traffic luckily and just a few persons.

Con Loic , Angouleme .
Having dinner with  Loic , Angouleme .

We spent three nights in Angouleme , we did hard stages days before  and we needed a small break . Our host Loic gave us a very good welcome . After a long day cycling  , he prepared tasty pasta shared with wine . With full stomach and wine effects , we slept so many hours .

Ayuntamiento , Angouleme .
City Hall , Angouleme .

Angouleme is small and quiet city . In the morning we walked around , where the most beautiful was the City Hall . Really nice Castle , I think is the most beautiful City Hall that I ´ve  ever seen until today . At night we went for beers with Loic and his friends . It was perfect place for resting !! Taking the advantage of the comfortable home , cooking , having beers … Loic was very busy in the mornings , he spent time with us at the evening . An interesting thing !! Loic didnt even lock the door , living in downtown , I cant imagine doing this in Spain !!

Tortilla española .
Spanish Omelette  .


Viñedos .
Vineyards .

Getting to Chateauroux took us two days cycling around Angouleme. The way was long , but easy it was very flat   , between vineyards and lost towns around countryside . We were practicing our French language when we were asking for water and buying food to local people  . At the end of the day , we pictched the tent close to the road . We slept so good , it was no traffic !!

Gonzalo , mirando el mapa .
Gonzalo , looking the map  .

Next day we got Chateauroux , where our host Marc was waiting for us . It was funny , we had to comunicate in our poor French and sign language . Marc was really nice and hospitable with us , he prepared dinner  and he joined us  for a walk around the city . Chateauroux is very small and quiet , despite of was Saturday night . The most beautiful was the Cathedral , it was great with the lights at night .

Catedral , Chateauroux .
Cathedral , Chateauroux .

Marc let us sleeping in his bed , to get a better rest . He slept  in the air mattress , which was flat and he almost slept on the floor , amazing hospitality !! After having breakfast with Marc , we left on the way to our next destination . It was amazing day , very sunny …

Pedaleando por Francia .
Cycling around  France .

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. He believes in travel without money. Recently, he finished a bicycle trip, 9500 km, from Madrid to North Cape.

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