Cycling Asturias on the way to Cantabria

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Cycling Asturias

Asturias .
Asturias .

From Foz  we were cycling Asturias headed to visit the amazing Cathedrals Beaches. Around the coast landscape is really nice. Cycling Asturias was perfect, not too much traffic. Once we left the road around the coast on the way to Aviles. The traffic was horrible a lot of trucks and cars were passing us very close to us. Cars  don’t respect security distance, 1.5 meters.

cycling Asturias
Fabada .

Cycling Asturias landscape was great. But the road was up and down all the time with the bicycle and the luggage is very hard. I could tell the difference, in my opinion. When we asked for an address Asturian people looked more friendly than Galician people. They were trying to make a conversation all the time. Cycling Asturias on the way to Aviles. We stayed overnight in Novellana. A small town where we pitched the tent in the church, under the roof. It was a perfect place to cover  from the wind and rain.

Escanciando sidra .
Cyder .

First thing in the morning we went on the way to Aviles. It wasnt the best day cycling Asturias. It was raining the whole morning. In Aviles were waiting for us Silvia and her husband. The experience was very positive. We went for a walk in downtown. They taught us how to drink cyder. We spent great a couple of days enjoying their company. Silvia cooks really good and we tried a delicious fabada!! Her husband was very talkative. Always telling us jokes and fun stories!!

Gijón .
Gijón .

From Aviles we were cycling Asturias until Ribadesella, visiting Gijon on the way. We were walking around the beach and downtown. The city is small and nice. It was full of bicycles ways. That’s not very common in Spain. Finally we reached Ribadesella where Bea and Marcos were waiting for us. A vegetarian couple who loves riding bicycle. They gave us interesting talks about eating healthy and politics. We only spent a night. But we managed to have great time in Ribadesella!!

Con Gonzalo y Bea , Ribadesella .
With  Gonzalo and  Bea , Ribadesella .

Next day we went cycling Asturias on the way to Cantabria. We cycled around the coast. Amazing beaches!! We stopped to take pictures and take a look to the views from the top. Especially Llanes was really nice!! The weather was sunny, we were so lucky cycling in Asturias.

cycling Asturias
Llanes .

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