Brazil : Salvador Bahia



Salvador  Bahia

El animado barrio de Pelourinho .
Pelourinho .


It was supposed , 24 hours by bus to get Salvador from Belo Horizonte . Finally , it was 7 hours delayed ! I got Salvador 2 am . I asked a guy in the bus , when I asked him , my feeling was , he is gonna help me ! I asked him , for information , about transportation in Salvador  . He told me that it was dangerous going around at that time . I told him , I will sleep here in Bus Station .

Larguisimas  playas , en Salvador de Bahia .
Long beaches  ,  Salvador  Bahia .
Finally , my friend drove me until my host place . Camila and Nay were waiting for me at 3 am . They spoke Spanish ! I said sorry for the delayed . Nay was very polite and she told me that  they were worried . They were waiting  for me at 6 pm .

Con Camila , haciendo turismo .
With  Camila  .
Magnificas playas , en Salvador de Bahia .
Great views  , Salvador  Bahia .
It was an amazing place ! Near the beach ! You can see the sea and smell from the window . Salvador is a big city . Aproximately , 4 000 000 people . Most of them are black , around 80 % of population . Its famous because of the Capoira and Carnaval . I saw people practising Capoira in tourist place and beach . Many people having beers in the streets , really nice weather . Beaches are very long , kilometers and kilometers and very nice .

Con Nay , paseando , en Salvador de Bahia .
With  Nay  .


I stayed with Nay and Camila . They have been visiting Spain for studying  and traveling . They learnt Spanish . The routine was , in the morning . I usually had breakfast with Nay , pancakes . After that , she left for work or University and I went to the beach . Swimming , running , sunbathing !! In the evening , looking internet , talking to the girls and cooking at home .



Playa du Forte , en Salvador de Bahia .
Playa du Forte ,  Salvador  Bahia .
In the weekend , they drove me to tourist places  . Salvador Bahia is very beautiful . I saw a fort , which views were amazing ! Pelourinho , its located in downtown . It was always full of people walking around . Decoration was ready for San Joao , holiday bank in the city . We ate typical things from Salvador and at night we went out for beers .

Con Robi y su host , a Playa du Forte .
With  Robi and her  host ,  Playa du Forte .
I visited Playa di Forte , with Robi , a Brazilian girl . Beach were nice . But , it was so tourist place . Palms , coconuts , many restaurants , which were very expensive .

Playa du Forte .
Playa du Forte .
Last 3 days in Salvador , I spent with Axel and his mom , which they were living in a humble place , as favela , not very far from downtown . When I got his place , he showed me videos , porn with animals !! He was using internet in a bad way !!

Con Axel y su mama , en Salvador de Bahia .
With Axel and her mom   .
I usually went for a walk in the morning  , half an hour ,  to Pelourinho . When I got home after spending my day in downtown . I was chatting  to Axel and his mom . Watching series or a movie or cooking at home . From Salvador , I said goodbye to South America . I went by bus to the airport , wjhere a flight was waiting for me , to Europe again !!

Vistas desde Pelourinho .
Views from  Pelourinho .
En Pelourinho , Salvador de Bahia .
Pelourinho , Salvador  Bahia .



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