Brazil : Belo Horizonte



Belo Horizonte

Colorido , Bello Horizonte .
Colorful ,  Belo Horizonte .
I got by bus , from Sao Paulo , 8 hours . It was a comfortable bus . The weather  was very warm ! The city is very beautiful , the largest in the Province of Minas Gerais . Aproximately , 2 500 000 people . Its famous because there are a lot of cheese . Prices are cheaper than Sao Paulo , transportation , food … There was many street food and very cheap . Pasteis , like a pie with cheese , meat or chicken . Coxinhas , small balls with cheese or chicken . oil fried .

Comida callejera , en Bello Horizonte .
Street food  ,  Bello Horizonte .
Belo Horizonte is really nice and beautiful . Downtown is colorful and full of people . People were very friendly . When they see you as  a tourist , they try to talk to you . So , you can learn Portuguese language practising with local people .

Muy animado por el Centro .
Downtown , Belo Horizonte  .
Girls are very pretty !! I spent 2 days . My host was Karol . She told me that Brazil is very unsecure and she wanted to live in another country .

Plaza centrica , en Bello Horizonte .
Central Square  ,  Bello Horizonte .
In the morning , I went to the city for tourist thing . After that , I spent time with Karol . I told her about my trip and my experience in Belo Horizonte . I usually cooked dinner . So we enjoyed time  together ! Belo Horizonte looked like much poor than Sao Paulo . I was going to downtown walking . It took me an hour everyday .

´Paseando por el Parque .
Walking around Belo Horizonte  .
I really liked  parks ,  in Belo Horizonte , with the fountains , which were very beautiful . The weather was really nice and people were very friendly . Sometimes it reminded me to Colombia , about friendly people . I ate a lot of street food during the day , while I was visiting the city .

Lago a las afueras , en Bello Horizonte .
Lake ,  Bello Horizonte .

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