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Sao Paulo


Parque Ibirapuera , en Sao Paulo .
Ibirapuera Park  ,  Sao Paulo .


From Ciudad del Este , I tried to hitchhike with the truck drivers . But , all of them were going to Fox Iguazu , near the border  . They told me that it was gonna take me around 2 days get Sao Paulo . Finally , I went by bus , 50 USD , 24 hours , to get Sao Paulo . Its a huge city !! Its the largest city in Btazil . Aproximately , 20 000 000 people . Skyscrapers in the city , slums at the outskirts . Many people , too much traffic . Many beggars and people sleeping in the street . There is metro , its only working around downtown .

Joao y Pablo , cocinando ...
Joao and  Pablo , cooking .
After 24 hours by bus . My host , Bia , who speaks perfect Spanish and Joao and Pablo , who speaks portuñol , a mix of Spanish and Portuguese . When I got there , we made  a party , we bought beers and we cooked dinner . They were living near downtown . As tourists, there are many plans to do in Sao Paulo . I visited , Avenida Paulista , the most famous place  . Financial Center , full of malls and skyscrapers . I was walking around downtown . At night , there were many people drinking and asking for money in the street .

Vistas desde la casa de Bia , en Sao Paulo .
Sao Paulo .
We went out for dinner , typical Brazilian food , tasty sandwiches . We went to a party at home . It was crazy !! 100 people at home and just one toilet !! We were run out of beer twice . Everytime that it happened . Someone collected some money and in 10 minutes fridge was full of beers .

Sao Paulo , en la noche .
Sao Paulo , at night  .
After party , next day , I visited Ibirapuera Park . Its very big and beautiful . There are lakes , green areas , people cycling . It wasnt very busy that afternoon , it was raining . I went to Avenida Paulista , where there were many people , it was Gay Pride weekend .

Ibirapuera , en el atardecer .
Ibirapuera , sunset  .
That weekend , they increased transportation rates in Sao Paulo . They started the famous  demonstrantions , which finally removed the increase fares . There are many social differents in Sao Paulo . About transportation , a person , who is earning minimum salary , who there are many of them . If you take a bus ,  return ticket , to go to Sao Paulo , its gonna be a third of your salary , just to get to your job . Thats really expensive for them !!

El trafico , en Sao Paulo .
Traffic  , Sao Paulo .
I spent a weekend in Sao Paulo . From Sao Paulo , I went to Belo Horizonte . I took the metro , to reach Bus Terminal . It took me half an hour to buy the metro ticket . It looks like modern Sao Paulo´s metro  , but its not very effetive . So weird , people dont have monthly ticket ?? The line was very big !! Just a few of them had some credit  in his card to go inside , whitout buying a ticket and waiting for the line  .

Muchos rascacielos .
Skyscrapers  .
Con Bia y la tortilla de papas .
With  Bia and the Spanish omelette  .

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