Uruguay : Paysandu







Asado , en Montevideo .
barbecue   .


From Montevideo , I went to Paysandu , it was very close to Argentinan border . It was 400 kilometers . I tried to hitchhike , but I couldnt get a ride . I paid  20 USD , 3 hours trip by bus  , it was very expensive   . I was little bit in a hurry , someone was waiting for me , in Paysandu  . Carla , my host ,  was very friendly . She showed me her town .  We went out for dinner and beers . It was little bit cold . At night , we spent time with her family . It was really nice to meet all of them .


Carpincho .
 Carla´s family were very friendly with me . Her father made a barbecue for me . Carpincho , it was called the animal . It was endanger animal .  First time that I heard about this animal . It was very tasty . We had mate , Uruguayan tea . Mate was bitter , but I liked it ! Long time traveling around Argentina and Uruguay , so I have no problem with mate . Sometimes , they add some sugar and sometimes , people have bitter , I love both . It was a perfect way to say goodbye to Uruguay with this family . Next morning , Carla´s father drove me until the border by car . Where I put my stamp and I left on my way to Argentina hitchhiking again .


Carpincho .
Carpincho .





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