Paraguay : Ciudad Del Este

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Ciudad del Este



Con Alex y Ariel , en Ciudad del Este .
with  Alex and  Ariel ,  Ciudad del Este .


The second largest city , in Paraguay . My host , he was Silvio´s friend . I spent 3 days . From Asuncion , I got Ciudad del Este , by bus . It took me 6 hours . When they noticed that I was a foreigner , the bus driver tried to charge me extra money for my backpack . Ariel , my host , who was living with Alex , his son and his nephew Roland , 15 years old , they picked me up from bus station .



Alex , con una tortilla de patatas .
Alex , with a Spanish omelette  .


They were very busy during the day , specially Ariel , who was coming back at night . Guys went to school in the morning and free afternoon . Ciudad del Este is crazy !! Its a big market , where you can find everyrthing you need . It looks like Asia . Many Brazilian and Argentinan people come to Ciudad del Este to buy , specially clothes and gadgets , which are free of taxes .


Tomando terere .
Having  terere .

At home , I was playing videogames with Alex and Roland !! Ariel was also joining us at night . Kids were very hospitable , always providing me food and terere , a tea similar to mate , in Argentina . Terere , its a tea , which you need to have cold . I enjoyed having terere and talking about soccer .

Refran paraguayo .
Paraguayan saying  .


They offered me a room for me and they were sleeping all together . I told them that it wasnt neccesary . But they wanted that I get some privacy . Paraguayan people are amazing with their guests .

Alex , tomando terere .
Alex , having  terere .

I visited Iguazu Waterfalls . It was amazing !! I visited them from Argentinan side . Waterfalls are incredible !! You need to go first thing in the morning , if you want to see all of them . There is a train , which drives you around , but you need to walk a little bit . I was lucky with the weather . The day was very sunny !!


Bus a Iguazu .
Bus to  Iguazu .

Iguazu is very touristic place . Inside , landscape was amazing !! Pictures and more pictures !! Its like Machu Pichu , maybe little bit nice , you never get tired to take pictures !! Its wonderful !!

Garganta Ojo del Diablo , en Iguazu .
Garganta Ojo del Diablo ,  Iguazu .

 If I compare to Machu Pichu , for example . Its cheaper , not so touristic as Machu Pichu . 50 USD against 15 USD in Iguazu . Around Iguazu , it wasnt so expensive and touristic as Machu Pichu . When I came back home . I cooked a Spanish omelette , to say thanks to so amazing hospitality and good time spent  , in Ciudad del Este . We had dinner and played videogames !!

Cataratas de Iguazu .
Iguazu Waterfalls  .

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