Paraguay : Asuncion



Palacio de Gobierno , en Asuncion .
Palace of Government  ,  Asuncion .

 From Corrientes , Argentina , I went to Paraguay . I went to Asuncion , the capital . It was 300 kilometers . It was hard to hitchhike from North Argentina . I took a bus ,  to leave Corrientes . After that , the police helped me to get a ride by  public bus .  I got Formosa and I took a bus to Clorinda , in the border check point with Paraguay .

El cerdo pastando , frente al Palacio de Gobierno .
A pig , in front of Palace Government .


I exchanged some money and I took a bus to Asuncion . I got at night . Paraguay was totally different , you cant see exchange office . You need to exchange money in the street . Just I got Asuncion , I called Silvio , my host . Silvio and his family lived in the same house , with his sister , nephew , his friend Arny always around the house …


Haciendo turismo , en Asuncion .
Asuncion .

Hospitality in Paraguay was amazing , the best in South America . Silvio gave me his bed and he was sleeping on the floor ,  in a mattres . We were having mate , Argentinan tea . He was working during the day . But at night , we always spent time together .


Barrio , frente al Palacio de Gobierno .
In front of Place of Government .


I was walking around downtown . There were very little tourists . Palace of Government was nice from outside . You can see old houses in front of  . People told me , that before , there were many people living in very bad conditions .


Asado , en Asuncion .
Barbecue .


There was a big market , called Street 4 , a few minutes walking from downtown . They were selling clothes , food … In Asuncion , you can find a place ,  where it was full of malls , Mcdonalds , Office Buildings  . Everything was expensive around that place . You can see , different social classes in Paraguay .


Atardecer , en Asuncion .
Sunset , Asuncion .


I enjoyed having mate ,  with Silvio and Arny , his nephew Matias . In the mnornings , I used to have mate with his mom . She was telling me about her life and about Paraguay . She was really nice . With Silvio , I went to have beers and chipa , cheese bread , typical in Paraguay , which its very tasty . Gastronomy in Asuncion , it  was very similar to North Argentina . During the weekend , I spent time with Silvio´s family  . We watched Champions League Final Game  and they made a barbecue . I tried to help doing the dishes , but they didnt allow  me to do that . It was the best experience , spending a week with Silvio and his family in Asuncion  !


Tomando unas cervezas con Silvio
With  Silvio having beers ,  Asuncion .


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