On the way to Buenos Aires


On the way to  Buenos Aires

Valparaiso .
Valparaiso .
After 4 days in Valparaiso . I left to Buenos Aires . I took a bus to leave Valparaiso , to Concon . From Concon , I hitchhiked until Buenos Aires . First I got Andes , check point for the trucks , after a few cars  . People were so friendly , at the end of the day , I ended with more food that I started the day . It was Sunday , trucks barely leave from the check point . I was waiting long time . But finally , Chilean guys drove until the place , where trucks were gonna cross the border .  I got a truck , who drove me until Mendoza , 1 000 kilometers left to Buenos Aires .


A dedo por Argentina .
Hitchhiking  Argentina .
An interesting thing !! In the border check point , I was getting my stamp . A truck driver asked me , how was my trip ? He was driving me to Santiago two weeks ago !! He had a good memorie !! I said goodbye , because my truck driver was in a hurry ! I got Mendoza 4 am , the truck driver dropped me in a park , where I put my tent and I slept until the morning . It was little bit cold ! I woke up and I realized , I cant ask for a rice over there . So , I asked information  to a policeman  . He was very friendly , he gave me the best information and he gave me money for the bus to go out Mendoza , I didnt want to accept the money , but he insisted me , I know perfectly you need to do what police want to … Some people say that policeman are corrupt in Argentina , I cant have a complain …


A dedo por Chile .
Hitchhiking  Chile .
 The bus lasted 4 hours , 200 kilometers . I did , as policeman told me . After the bus , I walked 3 kilometers to get the toll road . When I was about to get the toll road point to ask for a ride , a truck stopped in the road , without me asking for a ride yet ! Omg !! It was the same truck driver , who I met in the border and the one who drove me to Santiago two weeks ago !! What a surprise !!


A Buenos Aires en camion .
To  Buenos Aires , by truck  .
 It was my lucky day ! He drove me until 700 kilometers left to Buenos Aires . It was a hard place to ask for a ride . I was about to put the tent and rest . But , suddenly , a truck stopped !! He asked me where I was going ? When I said Buenos Aires , he told me . Come on !! Stay comfortable !! In a few hours we will get Buenos Aires !! He was getting married in 10 days , he was inviting me to the wedding , he told me I will pick you up and I will drive you back Buenos Aires . But , I had to refuse the invitation , sorrowfully !! We got Buenos Aires at 4 am . Where I was gonna visit Damian , a friend of mine , who I met traveling in Thailand .



Buenos Aires .
Buenos Aires .



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