Chile : Valparaiso






Playa en Valparaiso
Beach  ,  Valparaiso .


I got by bus , from Santiago , 2 hours journey . Valparaiso , its one of the most touristic places for Chilean people , seaport , really nice . You can get amazing views at the top of the hills , you can see different colors in the houses and roofs . I spent 4 days in Valparaiso . The weather wasnt really nice at that time . It was windy and little bit cold . Its the third largest city in the country . Aproximately , 300 000 people . There are many parks , hills and beaches . Prices are cheaper than in Santiago , transportation , bars … There are many bars and party at Valparaiso . I really liked this place .


Haciendo amigos en Valpo
Making new friends  .

I was with Mauricio , my host . He was living with more people at home . They were really nice people . Mauricio was very friendly and nice . We had mate , Argentinan tea and we went to the movies  . It was very small cinema , I was surprised , how cheap was the cinema , around 2 USD . We usually had dinner at nome , with wine and beers .

Con Arturo y Jose
With  Arturo and  Jose .

I usually was walking around during the day , with Jose and Arturo , my Mexican friends . We were doing tourist thing in the morning  . Visiting the beaches , going up to the hills to get views from the city . Taking pictures , planning our next destinations , telling stories about our trip …

Arturo laburando
Arturo  .


 I met many local people in Valparaiso . Home , it  was always with people around having beers . My friends were always going out to cheap bars and cooking at home . I spent  4  days in Valparaiso . From Valparaiso , I hitchhiked , until Buenos Aires . It was a long trip …

Atardecer , en Valparaiso .
Sunset  ,  Valparaiso .



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