Chile : Santiago


Casa de Miguel .
Miguel´s home  .

The capital of Chile . Its a big city . Aproximately , 7 000 000 people . Too much traffic jam and pollution . Miguel drove me until his home . When I got there , their family  prepared  poroto for me  , a typical Chilean dish , stew with white beans . Its very similar to a Spanish stew . It was delicious ! House was really nice ! I was a week resting and eating very healthy . They were very hospitable with me !! Food was delicious and very healthy .

Vistas de Santiago , mucha contaminacion .
Views s from  Santiago , too much pollution  .

Miguel ´s home was little bit far from the city . It takes an hour by car . At public transportation almost two hours . Santiago , as tourist , there are  no many things to do . I visited the University , at that time , there was demonstrations . They were burning tires and police was trying to stop the demonstration with violence , of course . People were closing business around , just in case !!

Manifestaciones , en Santiago de Chile .
Demosntrations  ,  Santiago de Chile .

I hang out with Miguel and his sister Paloma . Chilean girls are a little bit conservative , totally different with their neighbors Argentina . There are more developed for tecnology but not for other things . I met Coni , a girl , who I met traveling in Miami . She showed me the city . We went out . It was really nice day . After a week , I moved 3 days to Jorge´s place , by couchsurfing . I met my Mexican friends , Jose and Arturo , who I was traveling with in South America . Our plans were walking around and having a beer . The weather was really nice !!

Con Arturo y Rocio , Santiago .
With  Arturo and  Rocio , Santiago .

I spent 10 days in Santiago . Jorge , my host , took me for dinner and having a beer . We couldnt spend too much time together . He was very busy working . From Santiago , I went to Valparaiso , by bus . The trip was very short , 2 hours …

Con Jose , el maestro .
With  Jose , the master  .

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