On the way to Santiago de Chile

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On the way to  Santiago

On the way to Santiago
Hitchhiking ,  Chile .

On the way to Santiago from Mendoza , Argentina . It was a long day . I left Mendoza by bus . There was a problem with demonstrations , the road was closed . The bus driver , couldnt drive me  to the road for hitchhiking , as I planned  . But , he was a nice guy and he drove me until Uspallata , near the border , between Argentina and Chile . I couldnt get a ride ! I tried in petrol station , talking to people . But there was no way , they told me ,  a hundred different excuses.


Paisaje a la salida de Mendoza
Landscape ,  Mendoza .


Finallly , I went by bus until the border . The bus stopped before a tunnel . It was 5 kilometers and you werent allowed to go walking . It was between the mountains , landscape was amazing !! For me the most beautiful border check point that I have been overland ! Its 3 400 meters ! People who was working in the tunnel drove me until the exit . Once I was there  , I walked around 4 kilometers to the border on the way to Santiago . I got my stamp in the passport and I hitchhiked  to Santiago . It was easy to get a ride ! A truck driver , drove me until Andes , where truck drivers have a check point . At that time , there were excavation works on the road and it was closed ,  12 hours during the day for Chilean and 12 hours night for Argentina . It was difficult to drive the truck , downhill with the works . The truck driver told me , how to get a ride easily on my way back to Argentina . That information was very useful , on my way back .



Idilico paisaje .
Amazing landscape  .


In Andes check point , I got a truck . The truck driver drove me until Santiago !! This friendly truck driver on the way to Santiago trip stories … I was gonna meet him again in the road two times more !! Things that you cant imagine will happen ,  can  !! I met him again ,  hitchhiking to Argentina a couple weeks later  !! World is very small !! The truck driver conctacted with Miguel , a friend of mine , who I was traveling with ,  in Central America .



Camino de la frontera chilena .
On the way to chilean border  .




Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. He believes in travel without money. Recently, he finished a bicycle trip, 9500 km, from Madrid to North Cape.

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  • I did the same trip from Mendoza and before reaching Santiago de Chile, the busdriver would ask all the passengers to wear leather jackets. One over the border he would collect all the jackets back from the passengers. He was obviously smuggling those jackets. Everybody thought it was very funny.