Philippines : Pagudpud





A dedo , a Pagudpud .
Hitchhiking to  Pagudpud .


After sleeping in the beach , coming from Vigan . On the way to Pagudpud , it was 30 kilometers , but finally it took us ,  5 hours to get Pagudpud . There wasnt traffic on the road and we walked a lot , to look for a good place to ask for a ride .



Sleeping in the beach  .


It was hard to get Pagudpud . But landscapes were amazing ! Rachel and me enjoyed an amazing ricefields . Not only rice fields but also before getting Pagudpud , two guys drove us to the windmills in the beach . Giant windmills , white sand and blue intense water . It was amazing beach , but it was very windy . It was full of tourists .



Visitando los molinos de viento .
With Rachel and our driver , Windmills  .


Once , we got Pagudpud , we rented a room ! We enjoyed the beach and the sunset . Pagudpud beach is very beautiful ! In the morning , we were walking around the beach . The weather was really bad , but landscape was amazing . We enjoyed the rainbow .



Molinos de Viento .
Windmills  .



Campos de arroz .
Rice fields .


Pagudpud is good place for resting . There is nothing to do ! There arent many places for sleeping , eating … The cheap acommodation and beach , it was an hour walking distance from the town . We were walking 30 minutes , to have dinner in a local place , with local prices ! We spent a day and a half in Pagudpud , the weather was really bad . We left , on the way to Baguio .



Pagudpud .
Pagudpud .


Atardecer .
Sunset .



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